Alpha readers and where to find them?



Well, I just wanted to know how many writers (both young and old) utilize alpha readers.

If you don’t know who they are, they’re readers who offer feedback as your book is being written.

So, if you do utilize them, who are they? Where do you find them? How do you communicate with them? Just a general discussion regarding all things “alpha reader”. I’m all ears and willing to learn.

P.S. The reason I’m posting this in the Pub is because I want lengthy discussions with content rather than floating thoughts. Hope it’s okay. If not, Gavin have mercy! :stuck_out_tongue:


Question what’s the difference between alpha and beta readers?


Beta readers read your story and offer feedback AFTER your book has been completed. Alpha readers


Ooo Thanks for explaining ^-^


I guess I do,… in that if readers point out an error eg wrong name used, a paragraph that’s doubled up accidently, or something that doesn’t make sense, I check what they’ve said, correct it and then thank them for pointing it out.
I can’t remember using an alpha reader for changes to the actual plot though…


So basically you’re using Wattpad as a platform for finding the alphas?


That’s one of the side benefits :slight_smile: I used to be a member of Authonomy (run by HarperCollins) which was very useful for alphas but it was closed a couple of years ago and I haven’t found another useful platform since. Tapas, for example gives minimal feedback other than heart symbols (in my experience)


Interesting, Alpha readers would bother me. Betas are vital but while I’m getting this mess out of my head I don’t need people telling me it is a mess…:rofl:


I don’t generally use Alpha readers, especially since Alpha Readers are only a shade different from publishing comics to magazines. The only real difference is creative differences wont risk outright unnecessary cancellation of a project.

Also one of the reasons I’ll never write for television.


A lot of Authonomy members joined us on WriteOn during the year or so between HarperCollins pulling their plug and Amazon pulling the WriteOn plug. I’m aware of a few hundred from those two great sites for alpha readers who have migrated here. Many of us still offer mutual alpha reading.


I’m posting to Wattpad as I write, so I guess technically anybody who reads it is an alpha reader.


I post as I write the story (kind of a redundant statement) so I don’t mind having someone there to read along with me and point things out. Obviously, I’ve got a predetermined plot in mind and outlines already going, but yeah, I like when people read along as I post chapters and offer feedback.


I want to know how I can become an Alpha reader!!! I love the idea of helping you talented people with your work.
Thank you FetchingPenumbra for explaining the difference between Alpha and Beta readers.


Well, I guess a lot of writers here on Wattpad are posting alphas so you can just read their works and offer feedback. Alternatively, if there’s a writer that you like, you can contact them offering your services as an alpha. This will do the following for you:

  1. You’d be able to develop relations with a writer than inspired you.
  2. You’d be able to learn from their mentorship.
  3. You’d be among the few to read their stories first.
  4. You may get an acknowledgment in their book.
  5. You may get a free copy if they publish.
  6. You might be able to influence the plot indirectly.
  7. You’ll get exposure to various methods of writing.
  8. You might end up learning different tools employed in writing.

I’m sure there are more benefits but I’m sleep deprived at the moment so forgive my tired brain cells.

Of course the deal has drawbacks.

  1. You’d have to set aside time to read.
  2. You’d be required to offer feedback.
  3. You’d have to be careful with writers who cannot handle criticism.

I think someone else should add more to this. Oh well…


Poof you are an alpha reader!
Now, go set up a critique thread in improve your writing…

Seriously tho, I’ve used the critique services offered on Wattpad with good results. Sometimes the feedback is simple or unhelpful. It’s the blunt, honest feedback that have helped make my story better.

In one scene the action was mainly between two people in a group.

“What is happening with the other people?” was asked of me.

Now, every time I write a scene, I think about what’s happening around my main characters.

I’d love feedback on my current story. I’m actually doing four connected stories at one time, because some scenes overlap as the characters encounter each other. Making sure each story is cohesive in its own right is hard. What takes two chapters in one book might be summed up in a sentence or two in another book as I focus on each character in their book.

I usually write 20-30 chapters ahead, roughly half the book, before I start posting so I can make regular updates.


Good tip. :slight_smile:


I was on Authonomy too. It was a great place to get Alpha reads. There were some very helpful people there.