Already have a fan base, or successful in another industry.

Maybe a strange topic, anyways to the point, I’m successful in two other lines of work, the film business, and the education sector. A small example is that I have starred in cinema releases, and hit tv series, etc, and am considered a leading expert in education. I happen to be part of a handpicked team reforming a particular countries education. I have a fan base though for obvious reasons use a nom de plume to write. I thought maybe this site is a good way for potential authors and publishers to get in contact with each other.

I have written a Sci Fi military series, and looking to get published. If you would like to get in contact, then please feel free to contact me. If you can let me know the company you are with, and interest, then I will do the same, thanks. For admin, I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to include this.


It’s not. The only publishers you would find here would be straight up scammers.

If you want to traditionally publish, then I recommend starting at the top with an agent. Use to curate a list of agents to approach. You’ll need a query letter, a synopsis, and your polished manuscript.

For the query letter, I STRONGLY recommend that you search out the Query Shark blog, and read it from 2008 to the present.


Check out this thread, wherein you may find some of the information you seek:

Thanks, I’ll check them out.


No problem.

Any fanbase you’ve established under your real name is useless when you write under a pen name. Richard Bachman’s books didn’t sell until people found out he was Stephen King.

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You may find this list of SF agents useful, this was posted by a member of Absolutewrite who was querying a SF novel.

There are a lot of highly successful indie authors who write miltary sci-fi. I suggest networking with them. Doug Dandridge, Daniel Arenson, etc. You can find them by looking through best-seller lists on Amazon.

And I would suggest going indie for military sci-fi. :slight_smile: The trad pub industry favors YA and more experimental sci-fi, these days.


Thanks, will check out

Thanks, will check them out. My sci-fi is futurist, a bit like star trek or so with various alien races and several large scale battles, etc. I mostly wrote it for the young adult’s age range.