Am I allowed to promote my Patreon and/or commissions on Wattpad?

I have done some digging, and I’m honestly still not sure whether or not I can promote my commissions &/or patreon on my Wattpad profile.

I’ve uncovered that posting links to a business that is not Wattpad is strictly prohibited, and that causes me to assume that my Patreon would be a no-go. However, I have yet to uncover anything stating that promoting my literary commissions is not allowed.

I could desperately use some more information to help guide me on this topic. As of now, my Wattpad does not contain any mention of either my Patreon or commission offers. I wanted to be absolutely sure first.

With all of the information I have gathered I assume that I would not be allowed to do either, but since doing so would greatly benefit me I thought it worth to at least ask.

I’ve seen plenty of people do it, but I haven’t done it myself so I’m not quite sure of the answer. A lot of people tend to link their Ko-fi etc. on their profile or talk about commissions by putting in their profile “if you want a commission, please send to [email] to discuss.” Sorry I couldn’t be of more help :slight_smile:

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What’s a literary commission?

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Going to follow this because I’m looking to do the same in the far, far future since my following is growing.


It’s like an art commission, except writing.

What I do is I write stories for people for money.

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I didn’t even know that was a thing you could DO!


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Well, I have a much larger Discord following than I do on Wattpad, so I mostly promote my work there - trying to see if Wattpad is also a viable place to plug my work. I already know I’d get in trouble if I started randomly messaging people about it so I’m trying to see if I can at the very least plug it into my profile for other people to message me about it* xD (on Discord you’d get in trouble for that too if it were unsolicited, which is why I always make sure I have their consent first)

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I used to use discord when I was big into gaming. I am tripped out how much it is used here and in acadamia.


I would think both putting a check out my whatever site at the end of a chapter and responding to anyone who votes on your works or follows you with a check out my site personal message would be ok. Though to be honest I have no idea what rules Wattpad has about this.

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That’s a very good idea! (assuming it is allowed haha)


Patreon links are allowed under certain circumstances. You’re allowed the link on the main site as long as you’re not demanding people donate, but rather suggesting it.

So having it on the side and not as a main thing is probably okay, as long as you’re not locking chapters and forcing people to pay for said chapters. Although it’s a grey area. Probably better to go for some kind of tipping system if you’re going the Patreon route.

In terms of the forums, Patreon links can’t be promoted here and would be removed by moderators.

Hope this helps :heart:


This helps a ton, thank you so so much!

I will pay attention to this topic on the forums, and continue to educate myself. The last thing I want to do is go against the policies of a platform that already helps me so much at zero cost :slight_smile:

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No problem! Best of luck with it :smile:

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