Am I experiencing an odd wattpad glitch?

So, I joined Wattpad a while back and, in the beginning, never had this issue. Until, sort of of recently, I couldn’t center my words or put them to the right of the screen.

Like, I’d want to center my words to the middle of the page but then when I save and I left to check on a different chapter, I’d go back to it and see it reset to the very left of the screen. Is this because I’m not doing something to keep it centered? Or is my wattpad glitchy… Sorry if this isn’t clear enough!

Hello !

If you copy/paste your text from Word, you need to de-center it and then center it again. Then, it will work :wink:

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Exactly! I can’t do this or apply, literally any other editing option through Edge browser. I thought it’s my laptop or the browser, but, well, glad to know that I’m not the only one. :joy:

It’s a glitch. It’s been around as long as I have. I’ve found that with certain browsers/programs, the center will work. With others, it won’t. On my macbook from scrivener to wattpad on safari, it works. On my old windows computer it worked in chrome for a while and then it broke. If you can access Wattpad on a different computer or browser or the app, you might be able to find one that works to edit the centered text in.


Oh, thanks!