Am I falling for a scam? Ace Entertainment

I only have 3 chapters of a story up (hence why I don’t believe it) and was contacted by a “Executive” from Ace Entertainment wanting to talk about my concept and have a phone call. She sent her linkedin page to me to show “legitimacy.” She is trying to set up a phone call which is definitely really confusing!

I am definitely new to this and very skeptical, can anyone share some wisdom and experience?

Thank you so much in advance.

A novice

From what I’ve heard (a quick google search) gave me Ace Entertainment, which is a Hollywood organization known for buying up the rights to YA novels and adapting them into films and TV shows. They’re mostly known for the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It would make sense that they’re here on Wattpad, seeing as it’s the birthplace of quite a few successful YA Novels and new authors.

I have no idea how legitimate Ace Entertainment is as a business, nor do I know how well they treat their authors / writers. Wattpad (and other creative services) are known for working with certain companies that like to mistreat or rob authors of their rights. There is also the great possibility that the person you spoke with is not actually part of Ace Entertainment and are simply people pretending to be to eat up the rights of up and coming writers.

If that really is one of your first writing projects, it seems a bit suspect, but it might have been a lucky draw or something. Your story seems like it has a really good premise, and the writing seems solid, what little I could read while writing this. Maybe you knocked it out of the park.

In the end, I’d ask for more proof and information, and then you can make a clearer decision. I can’t say if they’re legit or not, nor can I make the decision for you. I hope you the best in this situation.


This is really great guidance and I appreciate it. I totally agree is seems suspicious, at the same time you don’t want to discount if somehow (miraculously) it is legitimate. It’s the Linkedin page that add some legitimacy but again, all things can be constructed.

Thanks again for your two cents.

Do your digging and make wise decisions!

Being 100% honest… it seems suspicious because you are on Wattpad since only 6 days, your story has only 3 chapters, 21 reads and 2 votes… chances that a compagny notices you at this stade is… well… very, very, very small.
So be suspicious.


I’d definitely be wary. It could be legitimate, but the fact it’s a new story and they’ve contacted you out of the blue is sending up warning flags for me.

Is the phone number they’re trying to phone you on listed on the verifiable LinkedIn page? That’d be the first thing I’d check, as there’s a possibility they could be claiming a LinkedIn page is theirs, whereas in reality it belongs to someone else.

If it is theirs and it’s possible to verify that they’re from a reputable, legitimate company, ask more questions to get a feel for what they’re looking for from you before committing to anything. If they continue to communicate via Wattpad rather than another form of social media, that in itself is fishy.

Wattpad also has a support page for explaining in greater detail the steps to take if you’re contacted by a publisher: What If I’m Contacted by a Publisher?, which you may find useful to look over.

Hopefully it is for real. But it seems really suspicious, and while it can be exciting at first, it’s always best to do your research before jumping into anything (and it’s good you’re doing so with this thread).

Hopefully this helps a little :heart:


Totally agree! I 100% with you on that.

As I am new I don’t know my way around so well yet, but this post is really helpful to get some wisdom from those that know it much better.

As a scam it’s a clever one. I googled her, she is all over the internet (not famously so, just regular). Normally I would disregard straight away, believe me.

Yeah but the fact that the story is still unpopular and unknown, the fact that you are on Wattpad since only 6 days and the fact that your story has only 3 chapters… I mean… maybe… maybe you are incredibly lucky, but I don’t believe it :sweat_smile:

I’m on Wattpad since 4 years now… and publishers, editors or other things are reaching you when you get a certain amount of reads/followers. Just because… well… you get visibility from it which allows you to be found.

It seems like the girl is maybe checking the new accounts and sending the same scam message to everyone. Have you try to check if she has read your story ? Ask her her favorite character, what you should improve…


Great idea!

I completely agree seems totally unlikely. I think you may be spot on she is targeting new writers, that’s plausible. As I don’t know this community so well I just had no idea why any one would bother which is what made me look twice and seek other wisdom. Appreciate your input!

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Thanks for this! Brilliant advice. I am looking forward to testing some of your ideas out.

I am by no means holding my breath. I very much doubt it’s for real but it was the personal touches and legitimate google searching that had me asking the forums for their advice. Thank you again!


I think you’ve gotten your answer by now. As for me, I’m interested in this story of yours hehe.

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No problem, glad I could help. Hopefully it works out for you, but if not, remember there’s going to be other opportunities available - perhaps not now, but in the future :blush:

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Ha thank you! Can I assure you this was not an attempt to gain readers for my story but that is sweet of you. I’ll post more, it’s all written anyway.

I don’t even think I am looking for opportunity TBH, I just wanted to write and thought I would post for fun. I like to write for me, I really enjoy it :slight_smile:


That’s definitely a good way to be, best of luck with your writing :smile: :heart:


I would be very leery about this. People working in the industry know that the proper way to contact you would be through a rep in WP HQ who in turn would initiate a dialogue with the author after entering into something called shopping agreement. I doubt that a legitimate company (especially on an executive level) would cut corners and contact you directly (which is again WP T&Cs, by the way) to save a few bucks on commission.

However, I took a peek at your first chapters and really liked what I saw. I usually don’t read romance, but your MC’s voice was capturing and I loved the concept. It’s definitely something I believe will do well on WP. My suggestion would be to report the account since they really shouldn’t spam you and keep at it by finishing your story, get feedback and then try to get into the door the legitimate route through the Wattys or Paid Story.


Second what everyone is saying that it’s probably a scam. The fact you haven’t been here for very long and someone is approaching you makes my spidey sense tingle. Let’s just ignore the fact that the legit publishers lurking on the site who partner with Wattpad would contact you through Wattpad, not directly, but they certainly would want to see more proof of viability in your product. You could show amazing potential, but that doesn’t mean the potential will sell. So approaching someone who has only been on a site for a couple days and has a handful of reads really isn’t logical at all. They would wait and see how your potential paid off before trying to offer you a deal.


Looks like you’re not the only one they’re reaching to. Another thread was just created for the same thing.