Am I too feminine


I’m a Libra male. My partner was a hot headed passionate Scorpion. I asked her if I could paint her toes, and comb her thick long hair.

She flipped and called me a sissy!

What are your thoughts…?


Too feminine?? No such thing if you’re happy with yourself.


Thank you, and I do agree. Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aquarian women see it as gesture of love. They would love to engage in this activity…

You’re into horoscopes, I see. Fun fact, I’m a Gemini and I would absolutely love to have someone offer to paint my toes! Rock on, my dude

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You’re very welcome, anytime. We have a 78% compatibility, dear…

ghost her

Oh, good to know! We’d be great friends, then. Best of luck!

We prefer the phrase “go to buy some milk”

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I’m sorry, but as a 55 year old, I’m not familiar with this terminology…

They mean “leave her in the dust with no excuse or reason why”, just disappearing on them without a trace. Now, it’s not a very nice thing to do…

Thanks, I did…

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Thanks, I did so…

You ghosted her?

I would really like that. That’s if you don’t mind being friends with an oldie…

Yes, we’re not together anymore…

lol i’m a Scorpio. i don’t see why she flipped. that’s a nice thing to offer

Well, if you don’t mind being friends with a youngin’ like me, it’s all good

Thanks, hun. Maybe it’s a personal preference. Her passion was out of this world, but I feel that I was definitely more feminine than her. People described her a man trapped in a woman’s body.

Linda Goodman says so too, about Scorpion females…

You’ve made my day hun…thanks.

Anytime, dear, anytime