AMA tomorrow at 2p EST with @ivanyuen!



Did you know?

He’s not only co-founder/creator of Wattpad–he’s also a writer!.

And he’s helping to make Wattpad a truly global platform for writers–from orchestrating contests for wuxia stories (where you can get your story featured, btw) to thinking about how we can better reach writers and audiences anywhere.



This one I sadly won’t make. Wed is the busiest day at the office so there’s no way I’ll be able to sneak away for an hour this time :sob: It’ll be my usual check in for a few minutes here, a few minutes there. But hopefully I can at least think of some questions to post ahead of time!


I should be able to make it. I just need to wake up earlier… and try to go to sleep eariler :confused:


ooh, exciting!


I’ll be there. Yay. I’ll try and draft up some questions today if I get time.


I’ll be there too! Love how all these times are so Euro-friendly!


I hope I’ll be able to make it this time! As long as I get ready for work early and don’t have to deal with any more car crashes, I should be good.


oh cool!