Amazon Islands Book Club [OPEN]

The Amazon Islands Book Club is looking for members! This club hosted by the @WonderWritersTeam is a book club with the purpose of supporting members with constructive critique and detailed reading.

How We Work:

  • An assignment will be given every two weeks.
  • One book will be read by all members in the genre category.
  • No minimum number of chapters to be read each week.
  • Rewards for the accumulative number of chapters read, including stickers, reviews, shout-outs, etc.

There is a signing up process, which involves filling out a form and commenting on a story excerpt in the book, but nothing too strenuous. However, there are limited spaces and genres available at the moment. There are 10 slots to fill in Fantasy, Paranormal (including Vampire and Werewolf), Romance, Sci-Fi, and Teen Fiction. We hope to expand in the future once the club gains traction.

If you’re interested, please follow this link: AMAZON ISLANDS BOOK CLUB

Any questions, please contact myself, @lionobsession (Manager), or @DianaTheThird (General Manager)

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Thanks for opening a thread for the club. I’m hoping to see new faces in the club :blush:

To those who might be interested, don’t be shy to join us.

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