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I don’t know where to put this. There is a typo in February in this chapter-

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Unless the AmbassadorsIN were mentioning the ambassadors that helped with the profile, I think that they missed a couple of names like ashutoshmoru, @iliveintheclouds, thatadrenalinejunkie in this list-

Here’s the chapter link-

These names are from memory. My apologies if I missed any.


Hi, I’d like an ambassador to take this into consideration. Thank you for your time.


I believe @stpolishook is looking into that one and has already spoken with the OP of the thread. Cheers, Gav


Gavin- I had tagged you regarding a typo in the ONC first round submission form which a user kindly pointed out to me. Contacted Dan and he took care of it. That’s why I deleted my post.


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This one perhaps - About the App/Site Feedback category - seems more directed at the folks at HQ


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Thanks Gav this has been a huge helped for me. Makes it easier to refer whenever I’ve questions regarding the do’s and don’t’s :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


most of my queries are answered here thank you!!!


Happy to answer additional queries if you have any


I would like to take you up on that offer, actually.

Hello, Mr. @TheOrangutan!

My name is Niyeban, and I have been watching a lot of Community threads from a distance (as far as I can be away from the screen and still make out the words, I suppose :giggle: ). Recently, I have become more active in directly responding to posts.

I now apologize for the following hail of questions (all quotes are from The Ambassador Program):

  1. How do Content Ambassadors reach the stories they review? Do they search Wattpad’s seas of stories just as the rest of us, do they monitor the genre categories specifically (using the ranking systems and “Hot&Rising” and the such) on Discover, or are they directed by Wattpad to a list of stories to review?
  1. How do Data Ambassadors create “annotated data” for the “machine” of Wattpad? (I understand if this material is restricted for Wattpad privacy - I find that there is not much on the Ambassador page or the Community threads for this).

  2. How do Outreach Ambassadors “help guide [fledgling writers] in the early stages of their Wattpad journey,” and how do they connect with these new Wattpadders?

I apologize if any of these questions have already been answered - it can be difficult to sift through the threads for the information that is pertinent to one’s queries, at times. If you have suggestions for any other threads I should read, or any other individuals I should contact (not that I believe you are in anyway lacking in knowledge on these subjects!), please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!

With high hopes for the future,


All of the above really. They monitor the hot and rising lists, but also go looking for stuff too, and quite often our Community will report stuff in to them too. Occasionally a staff member might say “There’s some content here that could do with a check” and one (or more) of the team will go and have a look.

Data stuff varies considerably task to task, but sometimes it’s as simple as just filling in a spreadsheet with additional information once some data has been reviewed

They connect by sending them a message saying “hi” and offering help should they require it. Often the new user is content and happy with how things are going, but if they reply and ask questions or want information then the Outreach team can provide that and guide them to useful resources to help them get going

Hope that helps a little.

Cheers, Gav


Thank you for the response!

It helps a lot!

Is this information based on votes, comments, and views? or is it based on certain words that may be often used in successful stories? or perhaps sentence structure, amount of sentences in a paragraph, word count of chapters/stories, etc.? I suppose that I am attempting to discern whether the process of filling a “spreadsheet” involves more of a literary approach or a mathematical one.

Again, I am sorry for the many questions. The Data branch of the Ambassador Program is shrouded in a veil of mystery.

Thank you again for all of your help!


There have been a fair few different tasks set for the Data team, but most tend to be more literary in approach I’d suggest and geared towards help the computer ‘learn’ more about the content we have one Wattpad.


Interesting… It seems complicated, though I am sure it isn’t for those that know what they are doing. I’m certainly a curious cat, but I won’t let that get me today. :giggle:

Thank you for being patient with me and answering my questions! You and your team are an endless source of assistance - I don’t know what we would do without any of you.