Ambient Horror Music Archive

I was reading a topic by @ihateurnamelol where they asked for quality music to listen to while writing horror.

This gave me an idea. I’ve been writing horror for 15 years now, and this is something I’ve done for a long time. So here’s a list of horror tracks I’ve come across. I’ll try to divide them up into sub-genres since horror is nuanced.

Before I begin, I want to give links to two freaking massive treasure troves of ambient horror tracks.

This YouTube Channel, Cryo Chamber, is a label that specializes in ambient horror, and has over 1,000 videos up. You can listen to everything they’ve produced directly through YouTube for free. So go there and start hunting.

And this tracklist is a compilation of ambient horror tracks created entirely for public use by a man named Kevin MacLeod, it has a lot of great stuff on it. (I used, and plan to use, some of his stuff in my Halo horror machinima.)

All of these will link to YouTube videos unless otherwise indicated. (i.e., if it’s not on YouTube.)

I’ll expand this when I have more time.

Self Esteem Fund by Kelly Bailey (Portal OST) [One of my absolute personal favorites]
Never Forget Me, Never Forget Me by Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill 3 OST)
Love is an Infection by Lzn02
A Warm Place by Nine Inch Nails
Burning Man from World of Goo OST
Screamer from World of Goo OST
Cog in the Machine from World of Goo OST
What Have We Done To Each Other? by Atticus Ross & NIN
In This Twilight by Nine Inch Nails
Lonely by Andreas Rönnberg (Cry of Fear OST)
The Emotional Instability of the End Credits by Lzn02 (I actually can’t find this anywhere. I think you might only get it as a bonus track if you buy the album from bandcamp.)

Convoy (Remix) by Charlie Clouser
CUT. by AES Dana feat. MIKTEK
Evenfall by AES Dana feat. MIKTEK
Half the Man by Methodic Doubt
(When) Danger is Your Middle Name by Trocadero (Meta Theme from RVB, so amazing)
If I Was Your Vampire (Instrumental) by Marilyn Manson
No Peace by Sourze Music
On the Edge by Erik McClure

SCP-087-B Ambience (A part of Gathering Darkness by Kevin MacLeod)
Blue Sizzle by Kevin MacLeod

Eadgyth by SYNC24
Central Plains by Carbon Based Lifeforms
Rain Geometries by H.U.V.A. Network

In the House, In a Heartbeat by John Murphy (28 Days Later song that everyone knows)
Solomon’s Theme by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki
Hello Zepp by Charlie Clouser (The infamous SAW reveal theme)
Arby ‘n’ the Chief Season 07 Track 11 by JonCJG

Requiem For A Lily by Solar Quest
The Sun’s Gone Dim by Johan Johannsson
Room of Angel by Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill 4 OST)

Here is another link to a YouTube channel, belonging to dark music composer Myuu, who appears to be a good wealth of horror music as well.


seeing Silent Hill on here has brighten up my mood.

Most of Myuu’s songs fit the bill.

My first real introduction to Silent Hill was through SH4 back in 2004. I remember renting it from Blockbuster, playing through the prologue in the apartment, and then, upon reaching the end of the prologue, turning off my Xbox and going for a walk, because that was just too much for me.

That soundtrack, especially Room of Angel, I think, changed me in some way. It’s still some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

Thanks! I listened to a few tracks, they’re quite good. I’ve updated the list to reflect this.

It really is a wonderfully haunting song. SH4 The Room was also my first introduction to Silent Hill as well, been a fan ever since.

I was really peeved when Konami cancelled Silent Hills.

Oh man, Konami is just evil now. And stupid. Like, shocking stupid. It’s been so surreal to watch them intentionally run their juggernaut and beloved franchises into the damned ground. But man, Silent Hills was a particularly wounding experience. After playing PT I was looking forward to that with such intensity.

I’m hoping Death Stranding will make up for it. It sure seems like it’s going to shake the video game industry. It and Cyberpunk 2077.

I actually found a full-length version of the American Horror Story (not a huge fan of the show) opening theme. It’s about five minutes long, and I listen to it on the regular.

Same. I just wish Konami would sell Silent Hill to a company that would actually do something with it worth wild. It’s a disgrace to see it turned into a gambling machine…

Yeah, before I’d be reluctant for them to sell it off, just because I feel like most companies would butcher the franchise but…at this point, man, ANYONE would do a better job.