An ARMY Story



Okay Guys!
So, This is basically going to be written by each contributor. I’ll have an opening paragraph, and you all can contribute lines :joy: You can only write one line and this cannot be consecutive, so you must wait for someone else to write a new line and then you can add yours. Make what you want happen. We shall see what we get :joy:

The wind cut through the willows, shaking them violently, the long, spindly branches lash out at your face, and you cringe away. It’s an odd spot for him to tell you to come to; the area under the willow tree conceals you from anything outside. It’s almost midnight. He said he would be there by then. Your hands shake, clutching the phone as the cold knives you, slashing into your shirt. You didn’t even wear your jacket in your haste. You remember his text: i need to tell you something. Wait under the willows. I’ll find you. Please be quick.

Sooo… over to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No matter how much you wanted to push away the pessimistic thoughts that started clouding in your mind after seeing that text, you couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy inside.


You wonder if he’s coming anytime soon, if you should wait a bit longer, if you should just go home; you wonder a lot of things.


Suddenly his bruised face breaks through the tangle of curtains as he chokes out a painful “Jimin” and blood begins to trickle out his mouth as he collapses in front of you

LOL WHAT ARE U GONNA DO? Who did that? Is the person who attacked him there? Was he EVEN attacked? Did he just clumsily impale himself?
Leave him there because he pissed you off or freak out and collapse yourself or maybe even give a lil mouth to mouth. Sorry LOL ill stop now :joy:


Damn, you realize you should have finished medical school when you had the chance, because you sure as hell don’t know how to help him now.


Now, looking at his motionless, unconscious body lying in front of you on the cold road, you felt utterly helpless for the first time in your life.


“Yoongi” you whisper while he tugs his face closer to you, and you belatedly realise hes whispering something, over and over again, lips minutely moving: “Get it out…”


@Queenfireblade EXCUSE ME?!?!

You jump backwards, uncertain as to what he could possibly have, and damn certain you don’t want to find out.



Just that second you change your mind, rushing forward to try help him-Out of his shoulder, a small, heavy silver dagger protrudes and Yoongi begins to writhe, wailing out two dreaded words: It’s poisoned.


You look at your hands knowing it’ll take both of them to pull the dagger out, but do you want to?



You yank it out anyway, and a torrent of blood begins to gush from the wound: you reach out to staunch it, but he pulls away muttering, “Let it bleed out slightly, the poison is what hurts more than the cut-I-I need to let it flow out.”


You try to think back to your Grey’s Anatomy days; you don’t remember them letting people bleed out but you’d rather not touch blood anyways.


He grabs your hand, as he yanks of the shirt he’s wearing, bundling it up and holding it to his shoulders: “Filthy backstabbers” He mutters as he yanks you along back towards home

can we please stop killing the poor dude


As you are driving back home you cannot help but keep looking back to see if someone is following you. And then you suddenly spot a red beam of light on your windshield.

“Shits, they are going to shoot.”

Whom did you piss off Yoongi?


Yoogi is a childhood friend, always known for making the wrong enemies, but this is the first time I’ve ever had to wonder if I would die in a gunfight.


I am not sure if I am willing to risk my life, old friend or not. However one thing is clear, we have to get out of here before we get hurt. And so I pressed the accelerator and the car shot forward.


Father once told me I drive like a maniac, all quick corners and sudden braking, but that sort of driving was certainly coming in handy as I tried to evade Yoongi’s new friends.


I see Yoongi sit up and pull out something from his pocket.

Gods, he has a gun!


“tuck your head in your shoulder and don’t stop driving, take the left and circle back round,” He commands:
Then he Shoots.


I feel like I’m in some James Bond movie, thrust into an action adventure without even really recognizing the signs until it’s too late.