An ARMY Story



I do as he says because I really would like to keep my head intact.

And the next second an onslaught of firing begins.


I do as he says, taking the turns, twists and circling back round, eventually getting back on the road towards my house when suddenly hes yanking the door open and getting out; I throw my car in the parking spot and run towards him while he yells some orders “DO you WANT them to see your car on your driveway, because if you dont, sprint the rest with me and help me with my fucking shoulder.”

OKAY, FIRSTLY, she didn’t live that far from the park, and also didnt bring her car, but hey lets roll with it :slight_smile:<3


I quickly get out remembering to lock the car even in my haste, thanks dad, and run after him.
Despite te fact that he told me to help him with his shoulder i was pretty sure I was the one who needed more help. I was literally shaking with the shock of what is happening around me. Nevertheless I held him.

“Tell me Yoongi, who are you?” I asked.

He looks at me and says, “You don’t want to know Jimin. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

Lol! I keep forgetting their names.


He goes straight to the cupboard under the stairs, where my dad keeps the tools, and fishes out the duct tape: He orders me with an authority I find myself appreciating, “Jimin cut long strips, I’m gonna hold my shoulder together like this- no questions,” he hastily adds in as he sees my mouth part, shocked hes using duct tape


“Shouldn’t you at least clean that out first?” I ask, thinking that if he didn’t do that right now, he’d get sepsis and die. I ran to my cupboard, full of half finished bottles of liquor, and grabbed the vodka. I ran back to him, and didn’t give him any time to process before I poured it all over his shoulder.



He hissed and clamped his hand over his mouth, shooting a glare at me.

“Atleast warn” he complained.

“I wasn’t warned about a car chase.”


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

With some vodka wasted on Yoongi’s arm, I take my own pull from the bottle, grimacing as it burns down my throat.


“That was to calm my nerves and not to mention, you still have poison coursing through your veins,” I mutter back, but he ignores me and turns to face the hallway mirror, flinging on cotton from the first aid box and sealing the wound with BLOODY DUCT TAPE: I’m surprised to see that it holds firm, the cotton staining but at a slower pace- “Stop staring,go on my phone and call a dr.seokjin here,” he snaps.



“That seems sketchy, but whatever,” I told Yoongi as I did as he asked, calling Dr. Seokjin and surprised when he answers.

“Worldwide handsome,” Dr. Seokjin answers into the phone, and I looked at Yoongi, complexed.

“Yoongi, I’m going to ask you once. Are you sure you don’t want to go to the emergency room?”


“You doing the explaining?” He asks.


After explaining what just happened to an absolute stranger, I pass on his instructions to an alert Yoongi.

“He has asked you to go to the centre, wherever that is.”

By the way, where is the story talking place?


Remembering that I had left my car down the street, I called my neighbor, Taehyung, so he could rush us to Dr. Seokjin in his own car.

“But that’s on the other side of Busan,” Yoongi groaned.


“I won’t join you in your stupid expedition. This isn’t a movie.” I said annoyed at the situation I was stuck in.

He looked at me as we walked and sighed, “And yet you have to”

I glared at him, “What do you mean?”

His answer swept the floor of my feet, “They think I love to Yoongi”


Okay just to clear this up.
I have interpreted the above as Taehyung expecting Jimin to go with Yoongi and him. He then seems to say he wants jimin to go with him because jin thinks Tae likes yoongi. Or they think this. (the they being whoever has hurt yoongi)

Taehyung was red in the face, but all I could feel was a little prickle of irritation and something else…something that I never had expected to feel over a boy- I was so flustered that I scrambled into the car, Yoongi sliding into the backseat with me; As we drove, it suddenly hit me: Taehyung knew more thani ever had and once again I felt that feeling realising Yoongi had revealed his secret that I still didn’t know to the boy driving this flashy car

So the I has become a Jimin
Yoongi is the injured person.
Taehyung and the two above are in Tae’s flashy car driving to seokjin who is a doctor while Yoongi is slowly suffering from blood poisoning. And somehow, Taehyung isn’t fazed.


I am sorry. This was supposed to be They think I love you Jimin.

Can we perhaps retrace the last change? Imo there re are suddenly too many characters to keep track of, since different people are writing the story.

I’ll put together how far the story has come.:point_down:

Sounds like a nice story, doesn’t it?

Also, they as in those who were following Yoongi.


I curse under my breath, curse Yoongi, curse the gods, curse the they who think they know more about my life than I do; I curse them all.


We drive im silence, but now its filled with occasional moans from Yoongi who is beggining to feel the effects of the poison.


I tell my neighbour to hurry up. But my eyes keep flicking back to see if any of yoongi’s friends are following us.


We finally arrive at Dr. Seokjin’s flat: My eyes must deceive me because its a fucking PENTHOUSE, why is Yoongi dabbling with these strange people, I don’t know, but I scramble over to him anyway. He’s worse.


When the door opened, a man steps out and as my brain registered what my eyes were seeing, I gasped, " You? "