An ARMY Story



I scramble for the faint memory in my head, where I’m 17 again at a stupid party and stupidly drunk: I remember noticing an older, stunningly beautiful man come in and grab a boy, throwing a violent punch in his face before dragging him out- I think it was his brother, but I don’t understand how someone so violent can be a doctor when they are so compassionate.

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“Yes, me.” His nonchalant yet somehow amused reply brought me back from my trance; my face twisted seeing his sickly coy smile.


You don’t know if he remembers you, but you watch with fearful eyes as he gathers Yoongi into his arms, gently, almost as if Yoongi was a sheet of gold foil, and he was afraid of crumpling it; Your conflicted emotions disorient you, while you try to match up this man with the man you saw all those years ago, the one you guiltily remember at odd times of the night, wondering if you should’ve said something, maybe stopped him.
He doesn’t look at you, but his voice is gentle when he tells you to follow him into the depths of his home, while he swiftly walks inside, cradling yoongi who hangs limply in his arms.

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“I want you to stop treating me like fucking baby,” Yoongi grunted out in his arms and tried to wiggle out of his hold, but since he wasn’t in his best condition right now, he was unsuccessful. “Just treat the damn wound and get over with it already!”


He barely makes out those words, lips moving gently as the sweet, relieving darkness pulls him under: He doesn’t move after that.


Just before he could slip into the lull of sweet, sweet eternal sleep, he felt a burning sensation travel through him and he woke up with a jerk.

Hi guys, thought maybe I could join in. It’s going amazing


Sitting across from him in a huge armchair, is Jimin: His eyebags are so dark, they look like bruises, but his eyelashes rest on them, eyes shut tight, mouth parted as he breathes gently, his hand resting near Yoongi’s own.

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