An idea for a new Wattpad feature?

I’m not sure if this has been suggested, but I think having music attached to profiles would be cool! So like, when someone goes to your profile, a song starts playing.

I know Tumblr did it for a bit (if they aren’t still doing it).

To implement it, it would probably have to be a premium feature, but it would give more incentive to sign up for premium.

Then there is the issue with copyright, so Wattpad would have to pay for the rights to certain songs to be used. Or they’d have to see how Tumblr was able to implement it.

I think it would just be a cool feature, but if it’s not do-able/realistic, oh well :slight_smile:

I had an idea for Wattpad that I think people will like, and that was the option to add images such as book covers to profile notice boards. I run a writing group on here and it would be nice to put a picture such as their house logo on the notice board when I announce new group projects and things. It would also be a nice way for people to show off book covers.


The people who don’t remember my space hehe. It’s a feature I miss! Would be fun for setting the mood for your style of writing too


What if the song someone picks has language rated M? What if the song is racist or sexist or promotes views that go against Wattpad guidelines? If the song has to load, and loads automatically, that could drain people’s data when they just want to see what else the person writes.

There’s also, like you said, copyright issues.

Some official Wattpad profiles have videos in the bio, I’m not sure if other accounts can do that, but it would be probably be better to allow that and have playing it optional than forcing people to suddenly have music blare out of their device when they click on someone’s profile.


I just had a horrific flashback to 2005 MySpace.

I do not miss trying to frantically find out where the screeching country music is coming from.


I have an idea!!! I actually want this to get implemented for the Greater Good^tm , though.
When you look at a story, there is only a feature to check if it is in your library, not your archive. This gets very annoying when adding something to your library, because I sometimes end up adding some story that I read a few years/months ago that I already placed in my archive, but since it doesn’t show that it was in your archive, you end up moving something that was hidden to your library, where you read it and halfway through and a few hours later, you realize, “oh wait, I’ve read this story. I flipppin know how it ends too. curses”.
So yeah I totally think that a story’s page should contain an indicator as to whether or not a story is in your archive or not. This issue has been bothering me for years.
uwu sorry for being so negative, thanks for reading, and if you agree with me p l e a s e help spread this message so that it gets implemented?? @Wattpad please and thanks <3


That’s why it also says that Wattpad would have to pay for the rights to certain songs. In my head, it would be light the color pallette that wattpad has for premium right now, so a selection of songs. Not just random stuff that anyone uploads

But yeah, fair point on the data issue. Also, I like the idea of making it optional to play, like the videos in the bio.


Tumblr did not do it; people coded it into custom themes. It’s definitely not something Wattpad can implement on that level because it was always amateur coders who did it, never the site itself (which to my knowledge does not sanction these playlists to this day.)

It also caused a major issue of autoplaying songs whenever you clicked the link. Not everyone wants to have to check all their audio settings before visiting a profile. It’s a nice idea in theory, but I’m not sure how one could execute it given all the above!

Great point. In general I just immediately soured when I saw this because oh my God the autoplay days… I’ve never enjoyed that. Please, please don’t force me to listen to your tunes just because I visited your page!

Make a new post! Please don’t derail this one, which is talking about a different feature. You can easily make a new topic on the site in the same section and ask for what you’d like.

It would be impossible to get enough that people would be satisfied. It’d likely end up like the list of copyright-free songs YouTube has. And why would they spend the money? I don’t know… it just seems like something that’s not worth working for when it’s been tried and failed on other sites and would be so hard to implement and is not at all something important on the site (compared to tag rankings, harassment, mod shortages, support glitches, etc.)


Ah, well, thank you for your very in-depth response :grin: You brought up points I was not aware of or hadn’t even really thought about it. While I still like the idea, I think you’re right that it would be extremely hard to implement and it’s not important on the site.

I think there should be a way to filter books by highest all-time readings, or highest number of votes!

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Oh no. Please no. I can’t think of anything less appealing than music auto-playing when I visit someone’s profile. It’s one of my most hated web-things ever and I despised it on Tumblr and MySpace. It would heavily put me off using Wattpad.



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I remember back in the Myspace days or when people would have coded it into their Tumbler profiles. I always frantically went to close the profile because I’d usually have my own music going on in the background!

I remember Wattpad once had Soundcloud integration for story parts, which was cool, but I don’t think it autoplayed.

The site could use a “progress” status to show how far into a story we have already read. Everytime I click a story I get thrown to the first page regardless of how far I have read. It then doesn’t tell me at all how far I have gone and I have to dig through the story to find my place.