an idea for replacing "covers and graphics" underneath the story services!


ahhh okay so!! this is just another idea for the “covers and graphics” section underneath the story services!

i think it would be helpful for new users who aren’t aware of that mdc to have that link “covers and graphics” redirect to a page that sort of explains what the mdc is/ how to access shops/ how to request/ and then providing like just a link to the general mdc or the “share your shop” thread that the requesters can access? or maybe that can be one of the pinned topics in covers and graphics? because the way that i’m sorting of seeing it, is that a lot of requesters might just immediately go to covers and graphics without really knowing about the mdc? which might redirect flow away from our club? just throwing some ideas around!! let me know what you think!


look at you
just signed up and already a+ v helpful thank you!


LMAOO no problem!! <3