An internal error occured?

I’ve been trying since Thursday to upload multimedia to my draft as my current WIP is mostly multimedia.But the images are not uploading. I’ve tried updating my Wattpad app and even tried uploading on desktop but nothing gives. Instead everytime I receive a message that tells me that it’s an internal error, and that I should try again. This problem stops me from updating my book. Is there anything that I could be helped with? Is there anything else that I should do? Please I need help!

Uploading media can be really glitchy. Try doing one (wait until it shows), then saving the draft by going back to My Works, then going back in and doing the next. I have the same issue when I’m uploading to my art book.

Also, app or website?

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I got that as well a few weeks ago, but only with loading pages. Whenever I was trying to click on a different section, it would load the page just fine but the internal error message would still show up. I’d send a ticket to WP support if the problem continues.

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i’ve tried both app and website. this problem has set everything back for me.

Yeah I think it’s an issue with the server synchronising (I also get the error when trying to view my Inbox and the site tried to tell me I need to log in again) so you might make more progress by attempting to upload in increments. Painful, but it should hopefully get the job done.

Submitting a support ticket might help too.

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how do I send the ticket? Earlier, I had visited the HOW WATTPAD WORKS PROFILE to leave a message on their board but no response

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Method varies based on what device you’re using.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try

Thanks so much! I’ll give it a try.

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Have you gotten yours fixed at all? I have had a similar issue with uploading gifs. Every time I attempt to upload a gif on any of my stories, I get this message: “There was a problem uploading your image. An internal error occurred. Please try again.” And this has been going on for two weeks now.

I sent a ticket about a week ago and no one has responded. I see a few others have been having this issue.

Have you tried checking the status of your support ticket? You can go to the help centre and log in and from there check the activity on your support tickets.