An open discussion on the unfinished/abandoned works



This idea is from another thread, but I thought it was so interesting I wanted to bring it up here in Feedback and see what other people thought of it.

A large amount of works on Wattpad are unfinished and abandoned. An option was posed to possibly move the works that are not marked ‘complete’ and have not been updated in a year to ‘unpublished’. It doesn’t get rid of the book, and if the author ever came back to Wattpad they could easily re-publish the book if they wanted to.

This might make it easier for active members to be noticed. I thought it was a good point and wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on it.


YES. THIS IS WHAT I WANT. I actually made a thread on this before.

Sorry my stupid phone is screwing up as usual.


Why though? That a story isn’t a will never be finished doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy reading whatever the author managed to write before disappearing. Some stories can be good and unfinished.


It’s rude to do to a reader. Not giving a reader an ending to a story they really liked is just


And like the OP said, these stories still get promoted and recommended. It’s not fair to those of us who do work on our books and finish them and have to hide behind the unfinished writers who still get more views than us.


For me, it’s disheartening to get into a story and then realize I’m not going to get an ending for it. I got several of those in a row when I was new to Wattpad and it put me off reading for a while.


Rude? I don’t think anyone could be blamed for leaving their work unfinished when they’re doing it for free. Writing is a big effort. And if while that person was writing he or she managed to get a good amount of reads and it keeps paying off even after they stopped writing, then good for them. It means they managed to achieve what most of us are just unable to.


This might work, but the consequence could be that authors market unfinished work as completed to ensure their work staying up? Maybe we should instead look at whether the author themselves are active or not and whether they’ve been logged in for the past 12 months.

I think it should also be an option to choose “on hold” or “abandoned” as the status of the story, rather than just completed or ongoing. On hold and abandoned would mean it doesn’t get advertised, but if you click on the users’ page, the book would still be available to those readers that enjoyed them.


Gonna have to be with Fluffy here, considering I have a really hard time finishing stories as well, but I put my heart and soul in what I do manage to get written


I understand this feeling. When I was younger I was an avid fanfiction reader and these stories were, more often than not, unfinished. But I learned to deal with it. I knew what type of stories they were, and I knew I couldn’t trust online writers. In the end, I learned to enjoy starting new stories every time and trying new people’s writing styles. C:


You have to really fall in love with unfinished works to understand how much this sucks.


as long as it is unfinished works, there’s always a chance that people may return. and even if you do present a solution to that, what or who really decide that a work is abandoned? algorithms surely may make huge mistakes on this that really can affect the writer unfortunate. how long time does it have to take before it is considered abandoned? an will it affect stories where the user is still active but also have unfinished without intention to be finished yet published? - stories that people still can enjoy, unfinished. there’s a lot of differences in peoples reading taste and habits. And what about works that aren’t marked complete yet finished? not everyone uses the tools right.

I don’t really have the problem so my first reaction is why? and then it was no, because stories can still be enjoyed while the author is away, and since people still can return at any time, possibly at the motivation of maybe finally having their story discovered it would be really sad to return and figure your work have been unpublished because you weren’t active on wattpad for a while. I’ve been back and forth for years so “abandoned works” really need quite a bit of years on the back before that is a term can be considered.

I understand that it makes it easier for readers to find stories or writers to get their stories shown.
It just doesn’t hit me all fine.


I really like this idea. They already have a system to filter with mature works, so adding one for abandoned/unfinished works might be nice. Then the people who don’t want to see them don’t, and the people who don’t mind them still can!


And I think most of us authors wouldn’t mind more options and nuance in general.


It may be that I actually enjoy the adventure that is reading more than the ending itself. I’ve had my fair share of stories I loved with disappointing endings that I regretted having read. I like to imagine my own ending. I know it’s strange, but when I really like a story I’m never eager to know how it ends. But I, of course, understand that it may not be the same case with everybody else.


I think this would be the perfect solution. C:


Nope. I definitely hate reading stories with no endings, which is why I rarely ever read. I write because reading disappoints me and with writing, I control the story and I already know the ending. (I also imagined the ending, so I guess that’s an extra bonus). I guess I just need endings. My best friend won’t even read ongoing works at all. Lots of people just prefer to have an ending or it makes me feel cheated.


That’s perfectly understandable when you’re paying to read a book. But when you’re reading something that someone did for free, I believe you don’t have the right to be disappointed.


Alright so I am totally onboard with some kind of idea like this! I think with a few tweeks, it could be a really good feature.

This is more up my alley. I love the idea of after a year, a story is autmoatically labeled (on hold) and you can even filter out if they show up in your hot list/search/etc. Kind of like Mature. That way your list is pretty fresh, or filled with completed works.

I think it’s more to help filter out the abandoned stories that are clogging up the tags and search engine. I don’t mind unfinished, but I don’t want one that’s been left behind. It’s just a waste of time to me, since I know it won’t be completed. But I think instead of unpublishing, Kales had a good point that they get flagged as (on hold) and you can then filter them out of your search engines, sort of like with Mature.

I think OP said a year, which I think would be a good time frame.

So again, I think adding an (on hold) filter, along with [COMPLETED] and [Mature] would be awesome, and it gets triggered after the story has been un-updated for a year. And you can set your search/find settings to include or exclude those stories. I have no idea if this would prove to work well in practice, but in theory I think it’s a great way to organize the stories on here, since so many are abandoned.


Emotions rarely react according to logic, though. I get disappointed when I find a book ending abruptly too, and will often try to avoid books that are ongoing or haven’t been updated in a while. We don’t have a right to lash out at the author – but being disappointed is well within the realm of reason.