An open discussion on the unfinished/abandoned works



I really appreciate your thought out answer and I think I’m on board with what you’ve said.


I don’t have a right to be disappointed.

I have a right to feel however I want to feel. I put time into reading their work. Just saying.

I will never read unfinished works if they haven’t been very recently updated because I have been disappointed.


I would be neautral on this, but the other day I found myself reading a story that has been unfinished since 2016 so…fine with me.


if a writer has two unfinished works, it’s safe to say that I won’t be reading anything they post again. I don’t like unfinished work, and writers used to put their books on hold before but now they just leave it hanging. I’m with @LostNeverland4 on this. The part that gets me surprised is that those with unfinished works just up and start a new one without giving an explanation.


I’ve read so many books that I enjoyed but hadn’t been updated in years. That’s why I feel this way. I just feel cheated and that’s why I always made a goal to finish every work of mine no matter how bad it was.


Ikr. I was starting to post my first chapter on wattpad but remembered that I would resume soon and I didnt want to get swept off with school activities. I’m doing ten chapters before I post, so I’ll feel more connection to the book and not abandon it. Reading unfinished books for me is like watching TV shows that get cancelled just as they have reached best parts.


That’s exactly how it is. Thank you. I’ve seen some amazing shows of mine get canceled and it really does suck. Glad someone understands.


What about people like me that are active but have one or to books that have not been updated in a while sitting around?

I don’t want them in my drafts. Seeing them and having readers interact with them helps me decide to update them later on.

A book of mine was abandoned for close to two years, and now it’s finished because seeing it sitting on my profile unfinished and getting readers ask me about it constantly made me go back to it eventually.


I don’t think it’s a good idea. Even if a work isn’t finished, that doesn’t mean readers aren’t enjoying it.

I also have a premade covers book that I don’t regularly update and it could very well not be updated for a year. I update when I feel like it. But I’d be super annoyed if it was moved to drafts, just because I hadn’t updated it. There are still covers in it that people can choose.

So nah, personally I don’t think it’s a good idea.


A lot of my favourite writers on this site have a habit off vanishing off the face of Wattpad. Abandoning the site for one year, then coming back and being super active for 5 months, then leaving again. etc. I would still love to reread books while the writers are not active.


:arrow_double_up: THIS :arrow_double_up:

I know people like that too. I’d be super sad if their books disappeared.


That’s why I think just having a story flagged (on hold) would be a good option. It only gets triggered if the story hasn’t been updated in a year - as in, completely abandoned. They could do things like authors can comment on their own story, and that prevents the (on hold) from coming up. Just any interaction turns the trigger off.

And if a story got the (on hold) flag, then you could filter stories out that have that tag so when you search for stories, you know the list is all updated within a year or completed.

  • One-shot books, blogs etc are almost never marked as completed as well.



Not to mention, sometimes my books get marked “not complete” for some reason without me touching them. So… :neutral_face:


Honestly, I’m just not really sure what any of this will do?

If readers are actively choosing to read incomplete books (which they can see are incomplete) why limit them by taking them away?

It’s not like the books are pretending to be complete and luring readers in.


I do like the on hold flag idea. Adding to it, I’d like a discontinued flag as well. A lot neater than the bold warnings on titles and descriptions.


I don’t advocate for them being ub-published at all. Like I said, I just think an (on hold) flag (like the [Completed] or [Mature]) would be a nice way for readers to further filter their story searches.

I just cannot read stories that haven’t been updated in a long time. Even if they are amazing. It kills my soul to reach the last chapter that isn’t actually the last chapter :sob:. But, I don’t think they should be un-published at all! I think it’s just I would love more filters in the search, and one of the biggest things I always look for is - has this been touched in a year? So the (on-hold) wouldn’t do anything to the story. And they can gauge what time frame would be best. A year, year and a half, two years, etc.


Yeah a discontinued would be fun too! Basically just more ways for Wattpad to help filter their stories.


I think making filter use more obvious and in your face would help. You can filter books based on completion but it seems some people don’t know how to do this? Things like ‘On hold’, ‘slow updates’, ‘discontinued’, ‘rewriting’ as options apart from ‘complete/ongoing’ could help, I agree.


I really love the ‘rewriting’ one too! And you can even have a ‘re-written’ so if someone saw a book titled ‘How to Tie Your Shoes’ and thought it was terrible, but saw a ‘re-written’ flag on it, that might help with getting readers back to stories.

I also like the ‘slow updates’ one as well. I am way more interested in something like that, where a story doesn’t get unpublished, but there’s also ways to help filter out those stories that are abandoned.