An open discussion on the unfinished/abandoned works



Readers gets dissapointed when some of their favorite writers dissapear from the face of the earth, come back to update then dissapear again for whole months or years so I agree on adding the on hold or discontinued button. It’s worse when you think its an update but nope, it just they’re announcing why there hasn’t been an update or that they publishing it into the real writing world.


Yeah, I understand, that’s why I only go for completed books for the most part, unless I really love the writer’s work. I think books undergoing rewriting piss me off the most. :joy: A story is 30 chapters in… then you pull down everything and I’m supposed to wait until it reaches where I stopped before? No thanks.

Or books were chapters 1 - 10 are rewritten and they’re vastly different plot-wise to chapters 10+

Having a filter for that would be useful to me.


This is why I have trust issues with writers that doesn’t update their book recently, as soon I see nothing update in the year 2019, it get dropped period.


Yup, I’m someone who has an anthology book on their account that I update whenever. Every chapter is a completed story itself but the actual “book” will never be complete, technically.


You know I’m in!


That’s what I had in my original comment on another thread.

How it could work is after one year of a member being inactive, the site would send out an automatic message notifying them that any books marked as incomplete will get moved to drafts in 30 days, giving them time to return to the site if they desire.

I do not believe this should go into effect with writer’s who are still active on this site. It would not erase comments, votes or reads if they should decide to return to the site and republish.


My favorite books are usually unfinished ones. I don’t prefer reading completed works on wattpad because I enjoy the thrill of waking up to the note that a new chapter has been released, and something about starting complete works always put me off. Probably has something with the fact that I’m not a very huge fan of reading on any screens.


This I can support.


Authors can add such terms as - (On Hold) or (Abandoned) or (Editing) - to their titles by typing it in.

I don’t think adding a button will make a huge difference. :woman_shrugging:

Personally, I have a completed novel that I haven’t uploaded all of the chapters for yet.

And another novel (that is getting a lot more traffic recently) which I’ve been working offline on, but haven’t added new chapters to in a loooong time because I just don’t feel ready to at the moment.

Basically I operate (reading and writing) under the impression that if the unfinished thing bothers you, then you search for completed books only.


Yes, and they already do, but it would look much neater with tags, and it’ll help anyone who sorts with the search.


Yes, some readers do like following a story update to update. :smiley:


I suppose.

I guess I just don’t find it too hard to look at the completed status, or the # of chapters, or the “last updated” info to decide whether to invest my time in reading.

Also so many authors are looking for feedback while writing is in progress and I don’t have a problem with that.




Sometimes it’s a different experience for the reader than it is for the writer. I’ve had certain stories that I thought were absolute trash and didn’t show my range as a writer, but people loved it and were asking for updates. But you should write a story that moves you and pushes you to be a better writer, not just because it’s what works.


It wouldn’t necessarily be there to look at while searching, but serve more of a purpose to add as an actual filter before searching. Or just in general. Like in your recommendations page, you can have options that select wether you only want to see completed stories, mature stories, or maybe uncompleted stories that don’t have an (on-hold) flag. Essentially, it further customizes what stories you see in lists.

It’s less of “is this incomplete?” and more “was this last updated in 2016?”


That’s why I think any engagement with the story, from the author, should allow the flag to not pop up. Like if you just go and comment on the first chapter, it counts as not being abandoned. Or even a simple button on the book in the editing section that you hit to say you’ve still got eyes on it. Like a little timer starts to go down every month you don’t touch the book, but you can easily hit a “reset” button.

It’s mostly an option to get rid of the books that are totally and completely thrown away from search engines. But the key is I want it to be an option that we elect into.


I agree.

As for this. Each and every WP user has access to the story and can see how it is marked (complete or incomplete). The writer is giving their work for free, so I don’t think it is rude at all.

I have read a few unfinished stories and would have loved an ending. However, I enjoyed what there was and I’m glad I did read them. Even if not knowing the ending can be frustrating.

@AWFrasier good point Fray (about say cover books or random thought books)


And your point about it all being free and very openly not marked “complete” is good too. We’re not obligated to do anything for readers - just like the readers are not obligated to read our works.

There’s nothing rude to be done - except for bashing readers or asking for votes before you’ll write another chapter. Now that’s rude.


XP yah! I mean, if I’m obligated to finish a story even if I start to not enjoy writing it, I want all the obligated votes for that.

Ohhh the “goals”… now that’s rude, (only if you won’t post). I think it’s okay if you say, “here is my goal, I would like to reach this, but even if we don’t I’ll still post.” I think that’s okay.


You deserve them at that point.

And with the goals and stuff… I don’t know. I’m very much a “Don’t mention the war” kind of gal when it comes to that stuff. If I see people starting to be all like “Guys I really wanna reach 100 followers/reads/votes/goats! Help me out!” I’m immediately turned off. It’s probably super childish and I’ll definitely acknowledge that. But I kind of don’t like people asking for something they really don’t have a right to ask for.

I do like when people are all excited about reaching a goal though and use that approach instead. Like “Thank you for the 300 followers guys! You’re amazing!” or something like that. I think it’s more tactful than “Guys I’m so close to 300 followers! Follow me plz!”