An open discussion on the unfinished/abandoned works



Ahaha, agreed.

I agree with that, I don’t like it. But I’d much prefer that they say, “I’d like to reach this many”, rather then, “I’m holding the chapter hostage!” XD


Oh yeah if it’s either or, then defo “I’d like to get here” rather than “I will not be posting before I get here!”


If I see messages like this I stop reading. I think it’s actually a huge turn-off for a lot of readers, but the good news is that I feel like I’ve seen it a lot less nowadays.


Very true.


I’ll admit, I am the world’s WORST at starting books and never finishing them. :frowning: It’s usually because things outside of my control pull me away. (Work, kid, etc)


Let’s clear something up. I have never and WILL NEVER bash an author for not writing an ending. It just hurts not having an ending. When I first started this site, I didn’t know about checking update times or if it was completed. I just read it. Now because of how much I’ve been disappointed and hurt be unfinished LOVELY stories, I refuse to read stories that haven’t been updated within a month at least.

As the OP said, it’s just very disheartening to get attached to a story you can never finish. I cannot enjoy a story without an ending. I just can’t do it. It ruins the story for me. Endings exist and I need closure. Sorry if that’s offensive but that’s just how I work. I cannot enjoy a story without an ending. It ruins it for me.


I can respect and agree, but there are some very good points that @AWFrasier had. Like, writing prompts, book covers, art, RPG, character info, random thoughts, poetry, short story anthologies, etc. That might not be updated for a year. Then the book gets put into the drafts even when there is all the content.

Also, there is the function now where you can sort stories from how long it has been since they were updated, as well as complete and incomplete. So I think with all those functions, plus the ability to see if a story is complete, incomplete, the authors activity, and when it was last updated, that this function of putting stories back into drafts isn’t something that should be implemented.

My opinion, of course :calmwolf:


Yes but while the OP is talking about stories from a year, Im talking stories from years beyond. The stories I read hadn’t been updated in years. Not just a year but years. the accounts were completely inactive too. Years.


Honestly, I don’t mind reading abandoned works. If the writing’s good and I enjoy it to that point, it was worth reading even without the ending (besides, I just imagine my own ending for it).

Now, I don’t think it would hurt if Wattpad put a system in place to where abandoned books are pushed down on the tags list and not actively promoted by whatever picks the books to promote. But I think removing them, even drafting them is wrong. Not only would it keep people who enjoyed the book from being able to go back and rereading what was published, but (as others have said) it would also remove all the non-stories or short story collections that haven’t been updated in a while. I have a oneshot collection I haven’t updated in a months, but each section is a completed story. I wouldn’t want it drafted just because I haven’t been inspired/had time to write something for it in a while.


I am totally for this just because of the reason that it will help more active authors with exposure. :slightly_smiling_face:


@smaoineamh @AWFrasier @calmwolf

What do you think about meme/zodiac sign books that “recycle” chapters? They keep going til they hit 200 parts, then unpublish the 20 with the least votes. The content and title of those twenty is replaced, and they are then republished – with the old read/vote/comment count as starting point.


I don’t care, to be honest. If they wanna do that, that’s fine. It’s not like we’re competing for readers with books like that. Or that they’re hurting anyone.

I think it’d be different if there was a certain limit to the amount of books you could read a day/month/year. But there isn’t. So I don’t see the point in unpublishing books, if it’s to get more exposure on ongoing/active books.


I meant unpublishing chapters/story parts

I think it’s kind of dirty and messed up. You can keep stacking up your read count like this


I mean, if they wanna scam their way to reads then they can do that. I just don’t really see the point. It’s not like they’ll gain anything beyond… A larger number. So I don’t really see the issue.

If they got something out of it - like a spot in Next, got published through WattbadBooks or a Watty by scamming like that, I’d be more indignant. But as of now, they’re not really harming anyone in doing this.

I mean, it’s sad to do. But that’s all I really feel about it.


I used to get disappointed by becoming involved in a story and then the author abandons their work. From now on, before I start reading, I always check the “updated” date. If it’s more than a month old, I don’t start reading.

As an author, I would never do this to a reader. It’s just bad etiquette. I always completely finish my work before I start posting to Wattpad, and then I update regularly and always announce when readers can expect the next post.

Here’s one other thing to consider. If a writer is hoping to attract prospective agents and editors, it raises a red flag when work is abandoned. It indicates the author isn’t responsible enough to finish what they started.


It’s always so sad to see an abandoned work. It means the author lost inspiration to keep writing.


Not necessarily. You can have inspiration and a desire to write and life just gets in the way. You could have to take in a second job, or care for a family member, or get sick (and not in a “I have a cold” kind of way), have a child, etc.

I dropped off all writing websites for over a year becasue I was incredibly ill. I still was creating stories in my head in that time but there was no physical way I could actually write.


I don’t see it making a difference to be honest :/. Don’t see the point.


Yeah, I think this is a better option.


I can understand, and I can sympathise with your feelings, but I still think reverting stories back to draft is too much. Maybe add an ON HOLD categorization like the COMPLETE one so that others who feel like you would avoid these books, and those who don’t, well, each on their own I guess. I feel like that’s the best option.