An open discussion on the unfinished/abandoned works



I so like that idea. I just hate getting into to reading a book that is really good and then nothing. I think they should be delated.


i hate reading a good story that someone starts but never finishes or they haven’t added to it in over a year or few months. Than they start writing a new one. Please update at least twice a month or delete the story.


If I have a work that is unfinished, and hasn’t been updated, because I’m focusing on another work, what sort of notice should I put on it?

I mean I think it’s unfair to unpublish them if the author is active – just not active on that work.


That is interesting. However, before I give my say, why a time period of one year?


This idea could have great potential!


I feel that you should create a category of “stories not completed” which can be discarded through the search filters. Stories that are not updated for more than a year and are not placed as complete; they will have to move automatically to this new section and thus avoid that new readers are faced with the problem of starting to read a good story, to be half-hearted and disappointed in the application. :blush: :blush: :blush:


The search filter already does have an option for “only show completed”.

So, is the problem that readers aren’t using this?

Or is the complaint that somehow readers are finding stories marked complete that are not actually complete??

Because there is a filter for completed stories.

Or is this a complaint about “ongoing” not adequately representing how infrequently updates may be posted?

Like, as a writer, tell me what terms to use.

If I absolutely abandon a work, I usually unpublish it on my own. If it’s still on my profile, I do plan to update it. It may happen far in the future, because I just have too many ongoing works, but it isn’t really abandoned. I understand that updates are annoyingly slow when it’s just that work someone likes and not all my other ones. :frowning:


I am not sure about this,as long as you can still access it and it just goes into draft that is fine but there are lots of reasons why people cannot finish a work. Myself included so I think you need to speak to people about this before you go ahead with this


I have a work that’s ongoing but I may have to put it on hold because of lack of interest (as well as low reads and reader interaction). I’m approaching 1,000 reads for it but still…


Not a bad idea!


My issue is these works are being promoted and recommended despite the author having abandoned the work AND their account for over 3 years now.


I support what you’re saying. I would like to see works that languish beyond a certain point - without further significant edits or new content added - returned to “draft” status.

The writer wouldn’t lose their work, but then their “paused” project wouldn’t be drifting like a derelict vessel. A hazard to navigation, I think they call it : )