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I dont think its too long. You can just check it out:


Oh, well, why not?

A space-opera, no romance for the main characters. No real deep dive science though, more like ‘it moves at the speed of the plot’


Works for me. Not all sci fi has to be strictly “Hard science” (see star wars, star trek, and basically every other sci fi film in hollywood)


Yup, but some folks prefer harder science Fi, so I always warn them it is not me, heh.


Hi, I’m not sure if you are interested in poetry? If you are I would be so grateful if you could check mine out?
Please pick and choose because I obviously don’t expect you to read all of them. (Unless you like them of course!) Thank you so much! x

The Lines We Write has around 50 (albeit some are very short):✔
Cascade has three:


I should make a note that I’ll give all feedback within a 24 hour period. I’ll be happy to look through both poems, though as I mentioned earlier I can’t guarantee too much expertise when it comes to poetry.


I’d be glad if you had the time to take a look at the first chapter of my fantasy book Ichayval. Don’t be worried about the romance, since my MCs are young, there is no sexual element whatsoever.

Hope you will enjoy!


Hi there!

First of all, wow, that’s a really nice thing you’re doing. Secondly, holy biochem quantum mechanics good job wow I’m impressed (I considered it as a major then changed decided against, rip).

Thirdly, I would love it if you could help me out with my story. A Minute In Infinity is a dystopian sci-fi that I’ve been working on for a while … except I unpublished what I’d written to get a fresh start and have recently put up the prologue. I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me!


Honestly don’t worry about expertise. Pretty sure I’m an amateur myself! Any feedback is warmly appreciated. x


I’m not sure you’d like to read vampire stories but started to wonder if it would make sense to skip my actual first chapter and start with the second. Would you give me the honor to read this one and send me your feedback?

As much as I like comments, I’d like to have this in a PM please :slight_smile:


Alright, I’ll have it in your inbox in 24 hours.
I’ll read your 2nd chapter if that’s what you really want, but I’d be hesitant in requesting it as there might be context or details I’ll be unaware of that renders chapter 2 confusing. Let me know what you think about that.


I’m fully aware that my first two sentences will maybe make no sense to you, but otherwise, I think it will be fine. I also don’t mind getting the feedback that context is missing. It would really help me to figure if this could work getting faster into the story.

I have a thick skin, if you tell me that all of that actually doesn’t work at all and it’s just plain weird to you, I’ll be able to handle it. :slight_smile: thank you so much for doing this at all.


Alright then. I might even skim parts of your 1st chapter for context if I’m really lost cause it wouldn’t be fair to hold that against you in chapter 2.

As well, I’ll make note of whether I think chapter 2 can stand alone as an introduction or not.


Thank you. :slight_smile: Especially because it’s not your main area of interest (as far as I could see)


Hi, can you check out my book, Escaping from them?



My story is entitled Finding Darkness, if you’re interested in a good scifi, action, adventure story.


I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my YA Fantasy story!


Hi, there. I am in dire need of a constructive criticism for the opening of my book “P.S I Need You”

I appreciate any feeback :slight_smile:


Hello fellow Ace person : D

I’d appreciate your feedback on my prologue, here

Thank you :cherry_blossom:


Hello @Andyjo1 thank you for posting this awesome offer up. I would like to throw my story in the ring. It is about 6K words in a dark fantasy setting. I would love to hear any feedback that you have, if you select to read my tale. Thank you for even posting this up whether you read mine or not.