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Hi, if you’re interested I wouldn’t mind some feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll add a little bit of info:
Title: The Last Philosopher
Genre: Fantasy/Attempted Comedy
And I will say that I don’t have much in the way of sexuality in the book, but there’s a whole society of asexuals that I call sorcerers :smile:

Also, thanks and sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


If you would like I can also take a look


If you would like I can take a look at it? If so is there anything particularly you are wanting me to look at?


I take every opinion I get :slight_smile: just be warned it’s marked ‘mature’ for a reason. So if you have time and feel like it, very much appreciated!


Oh wow that’d be really nice! There’s only the one chapter (it’s a prologue). Mostly I’m looking for feedback to improve on it and whether it acts well as a hook. Thanks!


Hi there!

I’d love for you to check out my first chapter of Radioactive. I need a little help with the title and blurb, so if you can think of anything I’d be very appreciative!


For future reference, it’s easier if you leave a link to the story. Noted, I’ll take a read and leave a detailed critique in a bit.


Oh my goodness you guys! You’re all flooding my reading list with too many good stories! Now I’ll never be able to focus at work. No, but seriously I’m amazed and a little scared at just how massive my reading list has gotten. I made this thread so I’d have more entertaining stories to read and boy did you guys over-deliver. Thank you everyone.


@serabill Aces unite! No but seriously I usually don’t advertise it that much but I figured for the sake of being a reader, authors should know I really have a hard time feeling any emotional investment in romances, even if they’re well written. Oftentimes I’ll have beta readers comment on the chemistry between two characters and I’ll be left scratching my head.


I would love for you to read The Core of Us. It is a short read because all I have is a prologue, but I would love to hear your thoughts to see if it is the best shape it can be in. Here is the link if you are interested.


Ha, I write dark fantasy. I think I will be


Hi there!
I’d really appreciate if you could take a look at chapter one of my story Unpredictable if you’re still open to doing this.
Here’s the link:


I just wanted to thank you, because this was awesome and very resourceful to see my weak points and strong suits. Thank you so much!


Okay, sorry about that. It’s called Crazy Love Crazy Pain.
I will try and resend the link
Thanks again


Hello :relaxed: Thank you very much for offering this critique service! Here’s the link to my story if you’re interested:
Title: The Transcendent Vindicator

Because the first chapter of this story serves as the hook, I desperately need feedback on whether or not it’s interesting enough for the reader to want to continue reading it. If you see any reason why Chapter 1 simply ins’t enough to draw the reader in, please don’t hesitate to tell me; constructive criticism is vital for me to improve this story after all.

Thank you :grin:


I think you put the wrong link down. It just takes me to the download mobile app. But yes, I’d be happy to look at your chapter. Just tell me which story and I’ll get to it within 24 hours.


Story Link

Two sisters ripped apart by the confines of their kingdom
Two souls seeking freedom from invisible cages
One given a power to shape shift, one who was forgotten by the Gods…
Or so she thought

Lina was stripped of her title in order to fight for her future as a Warrior
Grace was given an opportunity to advance herself as a Lady in waiting
Neither wants what their Empire offers them.

Lina fears her soul and her body will break in her attempt to become a rare female Warrior and conquer her shape shifting ability
Grace fears that life in the Mantiva Court will break her spirit and her mind in her attempt to please her people.

But a prophecy lingers in the shadows between the two sisters, one that neither thinks will come to light. One that states a new evil is about to be unleashed, and one of the girls is it’s ideal host.


Hey guys, so right now I’ve been putting my reports on your story comments sections unless told otherwise. Does that work or would it be better if it were, say a story where I compile a bunch of reports so people can quickly access it from their reading list?



I don’t mind comments section. comments are powerful in gaining reads.


Agreed, comments are good for readers to see your thoughts on the story too.