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I’ll take on your fantasy story (sorry, only one story per request please)


FYI, it’s kind of hard to review a story if it’s not published and you haven’t shared a link of some sorts so… I can’t guarantee a 24 hour response without that.


Hello! Hoping you will want to check out my first chapter (and only chapter so far) to a new book I am writing. It is paranormal/fantasy. (:

Title: Alfar Bound
Genre: Paranormal
Blurb: A world where women are utmost respected. A soul caught between two kingdoms at war. Twenty-five-year-old Freya Zaeric, a strong-willed fairy, and shapeshifter, is known as an abomination. Freya and her twin brother are constantly on the run until she turns the tables. Will she be the key to peace? Or will she meet her death at a young age?

Thank you so much! (:


Hello @Andyjo1 are you still analysing people’s stories? I would love to have your feedback :relaxed:

And i would prefer a pm if that’s ok


I would love to have some feedback from you.
A full length report if it’s not too much :slight_smile:


So uhm what should i do then so that you may have an access?? Should i publish it first, then give you the link of my story?? It ain’t a problem tho, I’m just too anxious and embarrassed to publish my new stories, that I don’t know if it is worth publishing or not hehehehe


And may I contact you through PM???


Just PM me the link if you’re not ready to publish. I’ll PM you my analysis 24 hours from then.


Oh my goodness. I don’t know how or why but somehow your request slipped through the cracks. As such… a guarantee isn’t worth much if there are lapses so just cause it’s my bad I’ll take a second story request with no strings attached. Or I’ll read 2 extra chapters and give out a second analysis.


No problem! :slight_smile: Could you please do the first chapter of Wings Of Flame as well? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


No problem! And again, sorry about that. Occasionally I post on this thread asking if I missed anyone precisely because sometimes I get a lot of traffic.


It`s fine. I know how that feels. Could you please send me the feedback in a private message?


Of course!


I’d be ecstatic if you could read the first chapter of mine + the blurb… they aren’t too long and it’s an urban fantasy, probably characterized as new adult:

if you could pm me about your thoughts, I’d be grateful.

Great initiative BTW!


Hello! I would really love to get some feedback to my story The Truths That We Hide! The genre is romance and here is the link:

I would write the summary here but you can easily read it from there so…

Thank you so much if you do mine, I really appreciate it!


I love your original post, hehe… Very engaging and it made me want your thoughts! I will definitely follow and check out your works. :slight_smile:

Edit: yes, it is a little bit romance-oriented but I don’t think it’s going to be impacted by your asexualness, particularly not in the first chapter. :smiley: It’s more a mystery than anything.


I just realized that you do this! NICE :smiley:


Hi, me again after your first review of my first chapter I made changes thanks to your review, I now have chapter 2 up, if you get any free time would appreciate if your happy with the changes of chapter 1 and maybe a quick check of chapter 2 would really be appreciate if you could.

Thanks again


Alright… I already had one slip up but have I missed anyone else’s request here on this thread? If it’s been over 24 hours and I haven’t gotten back to you, you must have slipped through my records so please let me know.