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I have edited my chapters multiple times to make them good enough for at least random reading. yet i feel something is a miss. Keep in mind that i am a complete novice with english being my 3rd language , so my tenses , grammar and narration goes for the toss every next sentence .



Hey there! I’m Joo (^o^)/

This is my first attempt at writing fanfic. It’s a BTS Mafia!au called ‘Art of Stealing’. Still a work in progress, so I’m in desperate need of feedback. I would really appreciate it if you came and checked it out!

Thanks you <3



Hmm, so you lucked out cause I speak and read Korean but I’d recommend maybe adding English subtitles to your chapter headers so other readers don’t end up confused.


I’d really appreciate some feedback on my story “The Adventures of the Vagabond and the Social Rogue.” It’s very new to me and I’m not sure how well I’m pulling it off. Any and all comments are welcome.


Hey, would you mind checking out my story Wonderland? It’s a bit different from my usual fare so I’m kind of nervous.



Hi there! Would you take a look at my story? Would really appreciate feedback.
Title: The Minerva Prophecy
Genre: Science fantasy
Chapters: 3

Thank you in advance!


I realize I’m reply to a very old question, but usually the community username is the same as the wattpad username, right? So what I do is just remove “writers” from the url and change ‘u’ to ‘user’, so =

It’d really just be easier if everyone included the link to their wattpad in their profile, but ya know.


Can you check out my first chapter, please? It’s Sci-Fi military. I’ve been working on it for a while, but I edit by rewriting the entire thing so… hopefully it’s not too iffy.
Titled: Overshot
Chapters: 6


I would love it if you gave me your analysis of my 1st Chapter!

Thank you!


Hello Andyjo1
I would be very grateful if you give me feedback on Chapter 1 of my story titled: A Lonesome Night.
Here is the link:

Description: A terrifying and sadistic killer is on the loose and the police are desperate to catch him. Disguised as a wonderful worker and friend, Anthony continues to act on his urges despite the risk and wrongfulness of his actions. The public is terrified and those who enforce the law are getting more and more desperate to catch the maniac. What happens when the wolf in sheep’s clothing experiences something he never felt, love?

Thank you very much for offering this service.


Hi there. I was hoping you could have a look at my first chapter A SCRIPTED MEETING from my book Guns and Cigarettes. Do your thing and tear my writing to pieces if you have to -I need feedback to guide my writing. Or if you would like a representation of my most recent writing, CHAPTER 15: TROUBLES IN PARADISE would be more accurate.

Thank you so much. Here’s the link.


I don’t know if I put my book on your feed, so here it is again.

Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

Word of warning, my chapters are fairly long. I hope you continue reading even if they seem really long, because I think my story is worth the read. I hope you enjoy it!


I’m pretty sure I already did this one…


If you still have some free time, would you be so kind to read my first chapter and review it? It would be nice to have some feedback!

It’s about a 25 year old woman who has experencied some very traumatizing events in the past 2,5 years. these events will be uncovered during the duration of the story. She has left her hometown in the hope she will be able to put everything that happened behind her. She accidentally meets up with with an someone who was there during 1 one of those events. Back then they had spent a few days together hanging out but after they lost contact.

This will happen against a backdrop of a magical world where the mc is a rare werecat.

That’s a short summary. here’s the link.
Igniting Sparks


Hi, I would love to get some feedback on my first chapter of my story: The Art of Loving.
Here’s the link:
Thank you so much!!


Question: is it okay if the chapter is on Google Docs (because it hasn’t been published yet)? If so, I’ll send the link via PM.


Sure! I can just send my comments back to you as a PM 24 hours after receiving the link.


The link has been sent. Thanks!


Hey everyone! I’ve updated the terms of this thread and expanded my services. Check out the changes here:



I’d like to get feedback on the first three chapters of my story, Broken Souls. I’ll do the payment ASAP and let you kno here.