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Brill, can’t wait to get started, I may be a bit slow so plz take your time with reading it.


I know the thread says its open but are you still accepting new requests?


If so, could I have the first chapter of my story Zeitgeist critiqued?


Hello! I hope you give my story a shot, checking out the first chapter. It’s not romance itself, you’ll notice once reading it. I need to fix the summary, it does the story no justice. Thank you!
I’ll make sure to check out your story :slight_smile:


//Hazel eyes open, searching for my own. Brown against hazel, mine and his. I could stay like this forever.

Mates are a curse for the ones like me.

From sin made, sinful will remain.

Whatever curse I have, I don’t care, I don’t even care about feeding, or breathing. All I care about is those hazel eyes, and the werewolf they belong to. He’s mine. //

Cleo is a death Witch. Merciless, powerful, greedy , passionate. A Huntress capable of getting any prey she desires.
Malik is a werewolf who gave into his wolf for far too long.
Both lost in their own wild nature.
But be aware that if one of them falls, so does the other, for the biggest of blessings is their curse.
The Huntress and the Beast are meant to be.
Let the Hunt begin.


Just Survive
Science Fiction
Summary: It’s the end of the world and Mara and Aris are alone and barely surviving. In the beginning, Mara and her mother spent months behind the safe walls of an abandoned school, but with overpopulation, their safe haven turned into a war zone. Though Mara doesn’t know how things went down after she escaped, she knows that her mother never found her like she had promised. Aris, however, spent his first few months in solitude with his younger brother Isaac, but when times became rough, he too lost someone he loves. As they fight internal and external battles, they learn that moving on is the only option, but how will this align with the world of which they live? Can they overcome the obstacles they face as they fight to survive, or will the world break them before they get the chance?

10 chapters


Could the review be sent through PM please? x




Accepted! I’ll get to work on the first chapter right now since it’s free. Subsequent chapter analyses will be made available within 24 hours of the appropriate payment.


Hey there! I would love it if you could check out the first chapter of my story RISE! I don’t mind if the review is sent through comments :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I’ll get to work on the payment as soon as possible!


Please check out my book’s chapters also. I have 7 so far.


I don’t know if I posted here before, but I would love some feedback on my story (if you’ve already commented on my first two chapters, you can review the next one!)

Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess


I’m pretty sure I’ve reviewed upwards of 3-4. Can’t remember to be exact. Either way, I accept read for reads after the first chapter so I’ll be happy to keep reading within 24 hours of payment.


Accepted. I’ll start on the free first chapter assessment. Subsequent chapter analyses will be given within 24 hours of payment.


@Andyjo1 would you be willing to look at a ~500 word prologue?


Sure. Though keep in mind if it’s that short I might not use my normal template, especially if it’s for a story I’ve already reviewed. My template doesn’t really work past my first impression assessment.


Itt’s fine. it’s a familiar book but new content I wrote yesterday



Ok. But in return, I would appreciate it if you’d read and comment on my own work in progress “The Blood of Queens.” I’m getting too many requests lately to just hand out reads to everyone for free.


payment completed (4 chapters reviewed)