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Wow, awesome! I’ll be sure to reciprocate very soon.




Okay, I currently think I have finished everyone’s requests right now, so if you don’t have a comment or PM from me, speak up or forever hold your peace. This includes re-requesters and read for reads.


Please review my short story for class


Um… do you have a link and title?


Hello fellow wattpad users!

It’s Monday which means once again it’s time for my Feature of the Week, where I go through all my review requests and pick a story I was particularly impressed with to give the author some much needed publicity.

This week’s feature is a short story called “A Cockroach in Brooklyn” by @sooppastar. If someone would have just told me the plot and said it was an amazing story, I admit I would have been skeptical so give me a second to explain. It’s a story of a woman who sort of befriends a cockroach in her New York apartment. No, the cockroach is not magical nor does it talk, nor is it a sign that the woman belongs in a mental asylum it just… it’s actually really hard to explain but what I want to unambiguously express is it was a hilarious joy to read. This is definitely a character driven narrative but the character voice is developed beautifully.

I think the moment I really decided I had to finish reading this entire short story was at the part in the first chapter where the narrator describes her epiphany that she had discovered a cockroach possibly worth befriending, after spending the entirety of the chapter calling them disgusting vermin. It definitely took me off guard and, given the colorful voice throughout, I definitely had to see how this would end.

This isn’t anything dramatic with some epic story arc yet I found that at the end of the day, I really went on an emotional rollercoaster with the author as she befriended and coexisted with her new cockroach roommate. My words really can’t do it much justice so I’ll stop babbling now and just leave the link below.


Hello! I will totally read 10 chapters of your story in exchange for 10 of mine (The Four Chimes).


Okay. I’ll have the first chapter assessment up within 24 hours, as well as any further assessments as you read my chapters :slight_smile:


Title: The spot
link: cant post it


Hi Andy, wondering if you would take a look at chapter 1 of a new story I just started?


Hey Andyjo1,

Your critique services appear to be just what I need. I’m interested in a 10-chapter critique with the hope of an eventual beta read. Your terms and payment request are acceptable; however, I note your asexuality and would prefer to gauge your comfort level with reading a book like mine before asking for a full read. It’s my experience that the very best critique can sometimes be less useful when the reviewer isn’t able to connect with the subject.

My book LEAD ME ASTRAY is a polyamorous paranormal romance featuring three main characters who navigate mutual attraction while solving a murder. It features pansexual, intersex and transgender characters and is multi-ethnic. This story is plot-driven (and could use someone familiar with world-building, as it’s my weakness but a major point of the narrative.) As such, there are no intimacy scenes within the main book b/c the sex isn’t the point. I separate out sex in a companion book.

Please let me know if you’ll accept LEAD ME ASTRAY for a 10-chapter critique with potential full read if you honestly connect with the material. Please also note that “honestly connect” is not a euphemism for “love the writing and want to stroke my ego more.” Rather, it means if you’re not completely turned off by the book and in danger of giving it a bad review b/c it’s not something you like reading.

I look forward the complimentary Chapter 1 Analysis. I will begin payment for 10 chapters. I hope you will message me with regard to your ability to critique more of LEAD ME ASTRAY once you have read enough to assess whether or not an objective full beta read is possible. Thanks so much for your time! #HappyWriting


Accepted! Due to some logistical limitations (I’m a full time student XD) I’ll probably only be able to review an additional 2-4 chapters a day.

As for the asexuality… I’ll mostly focus on plot and worldbuilding as I don’t want to sound off too much on something I have little expertise in. I’ll also be looking at character development because I do believe that is important regardless of sexuality or gender.

Anyway, I noticed you went through my first chapter so thank you! I’ll try and get through your first two chapters very soon.


I’d be happy to do a read for read with my first chapter of “The Blood of Queens.”


Works for me! Just finished chapter 1. Very interesting. Well done!

Would you be interested in doing a read for read for Minerva Prophecy?


Sure! I’ll be sure to also have read up on your new chapter within the next 24 hours.


Thanks Andy. I got your feedback and it was really helpful. Was already a bit unsure about chapter 1 so your comment helped me decide to just take out chapter 1 and move chapter 2 as chapter 1. Would you mind taking a look at it again? It’s really short.

Can we do a read for read for The Minerva Prophecy chapters 5 and 6? I can continue reading The Blood of Queens or let me know what you would prefer. Thanks!


Hello! So I can’t post the like here because of ‘rules’ or whatever but I was wondering if you would take a look at my story “Because I Can”. It is intended for a younger audience so dont be alarmed but I wanted to see if it was even worth continuing because I wrote it yeeeaaarrrsss ago. Thank you :slight_smile:


A standard read for read works for me. And thanks so much for your feedback as well!


Wait. I’m confused. (btw you’re accepted, I’ll get to your story within 24 hours of your request)
You say your story’s for a younger audience but I see it’s tagged mature and the first few lines of your first chapter have a lot of swearing. I’m 24 so I don’t care but I’m wondering… do I have the right story?


Hello again! I’d like to request a review for 2 more chapters of my story The World Changer, if that’s alright :slight_smile:.