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My first love I could honestly say ruined me. He broke me and made me feel the lowest any one could ever feel. Around the time I got into drugs, fell into depression & so much more. I started letting my feelings out into my writing so I could feel somewhat relieved I suppose. He betrayed me with the one person I thought I could trust but at the end of the day nobody is trustworthy.

All of that he put me through taught me so much which led me to write “Unforgettable Heartbreak” because I feel that there are people out there that can relate to myself story. Nobody deserves to get mistreated. NOBODY deserves to feel like they aren’t enough or don’t deserve love. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.


If it’s not too much to ask, would you mind critiquing a few more of my chapters?




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No Problem at all! I am a very patient person. It’s one of those stories I’m writing to get some anger out lol


Hello! I would love for you to read and critique the first 3 parts. In return I would also return the favor by reading yours! I know you are not that interested in romance. There is romance in my story but it is only a faction and not the primary point of focus. If you read it and end up enjoying it, I would definitely love to continue trading reads back and forth as I post. I know you have lots of requests!

Title: The Fall of Mangiatorvi

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Blurb: Gemma spent the majority of her life feeling like an outcast, hiding her gifts from those around her. Then in a whirlwind of violence and heartbreak, she is recruited to Mangiatorvi University for the Gifted in a Magical Realm. She falls under the mentorship of both the crown prince and the most gifted fighter in the realm. They earn her trust and she earns their loyalty, but can she chance her heart again? Tensions are rising in the government as the country is on the brink of both civil war and war with the bordering state. Gemma struggles to navigate a new world, searching for normalcy amongst friendships, romance, and politics.



Accepted! The first chapter review is free so you’d just need to owe me two chapters of reads in return. I do guarantee free initial assessments regardless of whether you read my work or not so just expect that within 24 hours.


Haha will do, that’s so sweet of you to give everyone a chapter free! If possible I’d prefer the assessments to be in the comments of the story! i will be heading off to read yours now :blush: