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Hi! I’d love if you could check out the short and sweet prologue on my story! I’ve just started sharing my writing here again, so a critique to get me inspired would really help. It’s not a ton to go off of since I wanted to keep the prologue short, but I hope you’ll have some positive things to say, and ways I could maybe improve it! If I like what you have to say, I’ll keep you other offers in mind later when I have more chapters up on wattpad :blush:


I would like it if you read the first chapter of my novel, The book.
I’m having severe writers block right now so any suggestions are welcome. @Andyjo1


Greetings fellow wattpad users! It’s Monday which means it’s time for another Feature of the Week, where I go through review requests from both this thread and PMs and showcase a story with a first chapter that particularly impressed me. The purpose of this is to give some much needed publicity to some authors who may not have the attention they deserve.

This week’s feature is titled “Lead Me Astray” by @lesserknown1. The story centers on Aurie, a girl who is sucked into a supernatural underground in the city of New Orleans. What really pulled me into the story here was the vividness with which the author described Aurie’s thoughts and feelings. The story manages to reveal an extensive amount of information through fun, personality filled dialogue which definitely kept it from being slow or info dumpy, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the mechanics of the supernatural universe which was set up for it.

Anyway, this is admittedly a shorter feature than usual but I honestly cannot do this story justice with my words. Without further ado, below is the link:


It has come to my attention that, due to a combination of high request volumes and some business IRL, I’ve probably let several additional chapter review requests lapse past the 24 hour period I’m supposed to guarantee. I’d like to think I have everyone accounted for but just in case, if you offered payment for any service of mine and it’s been more than 24 hours, please please do not hesitate to PM me so I can make sure everyone gets what they requested. The last thing I want to do is accidentally stiff anyone a review when I specifically promised one.

Anyway, have a good day everyone!


I would love it if you would critique my first chapter of Love & Murder I noticed in my analytics most people don’t finish the first chapter, and I need to figure out why. (Don’t worry the first chapter is no love and all murder)


hi it would be super awesome if you could look at my first chapter!! it’s a teen fiction book so might not be your style but i’m mostly looking to improve my technical skills so it would still be great if you could help


Hey everyone! Before anyone else submits requests, please read the updated terms of this thread, specifically my new policy on the paid services. Thank you and have a great day!


Announcement: I was away on a business trip this past week necessitating me closing this thread and delaying several reviews. However, that trip is over so I’m happy to announce this thread is once again open for business. I will be organizing my paid service reading list to help me avoid all the delays and absences that have been plaguing me in the past. Due to high demand, my new policy is at most, I will review 1-2 chapters for 5 stories per day with the stories at the top of the list rotating each day so that no writer will have to wait longer than 5 days tops to get feedback from me.

As I had closed this thread all week, I have no feature of the week but I promise you there will be one next week! Thank you, you are all amazing writers and people. I hope you all are having a wonderful day.


Hi there! I’d love you to check out the first chapter of my Open Novella Contest entry :hearts:'tis-the-season


Hello! Would you mind reading my first chapter? Thank you so much! (I only have one chapter so far)


Hi -
I have two chapters of a new story. It’s a YA humor/adventure called Lenny Lance and the Curse of the Substitute Teacher.

I’d be happy to read and comment on two chapters of your story; just let me know.
Thanks -


Attention! I have finished all outstanding first chapter requests and have gone through the daily queue of ongoing critiques for the day. If there’s anyone here who’s already paid/requested my additional chapters service, please check my critique list (found here: and make sure you are on it. If you are not on it, you must have slipped through the cracks. Do not hesitate to PM me or just reply on this thread so I can get everyone added and worked through in as timely a fashion as my hectic life allows.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Are you doing more free critiques?


I am! Unless the banner says closed, this thread’s always open by default :slight_smile:


Hello @Andyjo1! I was wondering if you could read the first chapter of Guilt Beyond Measure. It’s a bit long so I apologize if that sorta seems like I’m “getting around” your 1 free chapter system, but I promise it’s not that at all. I’m writing this story with the express purpose of publishing in the future, and figured that most traditionally published books aren’t 1-2 page chapters lol.

But that’s among other things, like tonal choices, recurring themes, and sorta of book-ending a chapter like an episode of a television show or something.

I digress. I’m eager to hear your thoughts (if’n you’re not too busy today!) and would appreciate them PM’d to me on Wattpad. Thank you!

EDIT: BTW, it’s a fantasy with that has been tagged as mature. It’s not erotica but it does start out a bit rough with some content. Just felt it was important to give you that forewarning so you can properly discern if it’s something you would be willing to read.


No problem! And I’m fine with longer first chapters. If it’s written well and thematically coherent, make it as long as you want.


Hello, if it’s not a bother could you check out the first chapter of my fantasy story? :slightly_smiling_face:

Void Bound




Greetings fellow wattpad users!

There was an interruption last week but rest assured I still am going through stories taken from this review thread as well as PM requests to offer up a Feature of the Week, which is my chance to offer a small shout out for a story I was impressed with and felt doesn’t quite have the publicity it deserves. Think of it as my way of saying thank you to everyone who offers me the chance to review a story and meet incredible authors.

This week’s feature is titled “Please, Heal the Children” by @Circlesarcastic. The story is a story of a good hearted doctor serving a village with more than a few dirty secrets. The first chapter is slower and primarily seems to serve as character development but those are some of my favorite stories. It’s hard to care about the plot if you haven’t gotten the chance to be properly introduced to a character and I’m happy to say in this story, you get a proper character introduction.

Finley isn’t exactly the loudest, strongest, or larger than life type of character but I think that adds to his realistic charm. He’s conversational with the minor characters in the story and he actively makes the plot happen with his curiosity and drive to do good, whatever it may take in his shady village.

Anyway, I think that’s enough yapping for me. You can find the link for the story here:


Weekend bump! I should have more time to do some critiques now that the school week is over.