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'ello. Thank you for your help! I would like only the first chapter assessed, please. Take care.


Hey Andy, if you don’t mind could you please review the prologue of a book I’m doing for the Open Novella Contest?
I’ll also totally do the same for your book, I already saved it in my library. :blush:


Hello everyone!

It’s Monday, which means it’s once again time for a Feature of the Week, where I take review requests both through my PMs and this thread to showcase a story with a first chapter I really liked. I do this so that I can help talented authors who might not have the publicity they deserve.

This week’s Feature is titled “Merisma Gibborim” by @Xenostory. It’s a sci fi story about two warring factions: the planets Gan Eden and Mayim Tachtonim. That’s just background because much of the first chapter is a simple narrative following the protagonist Liane, a soldier of the Gan Eden.

The information presented in the first chapter is sporadic and incomplete, which I actually like since it kept the narrative from turning into an info dump. Instead, the focus is on Liane, who wakes up a prisoner of her enemy, and must focus on escaping. What I liked about the way the simple struggle is framed is just that: it’s simple. At the same time, it is seamlessly organized into a much larger picture. The way the conversations between her and the enemy soldiers refer to the general plot while also staying focused on the much tighter narrative helps me both invest in Liane’s immediate plight and the war she’s a part of. World building and character development are two hefty things to juggle at the same time but I liked how @Xenostory handles it.

Anyway, check it out. Link to the first chapter can be found here:


Alright folks, it’s the weekend which means I should have a much faster response time to any requests I may get.



Could you take a look at the prologue of my story, The Guardian of Katafigo?


Yep. 24 hours or less I’ll have it analyzed.


Hi! Could you take a look at the prologue of Sidhe, please?




Thank you!


Hey so sorry to everyone following this thread for the lack of a Feature of the Week. It’s been an exhausting and rough week but I hope things will have calmed down by next week for business to resume. Rest assured, my publishing schedule and review services are still up, it’s just there’s a lot of stuff to juggle for me right now.

Anyway, apologies for the disappointing announcement but hopefully everything will be back on track by next week.


Hey there! I would love it if you could check out my story Danger Lingers in the Heart. There’s only one chapter up.

I’d appreciate it!


No problem! Expect that within 24 hours.


Hi would you be willing to read poetry? If so here is the link to my book it has 12 chapters but feel free to read any of them you choose (except my into). Thanks in advance if you decide to read it!


Hey, I would love it if you could give me some feedback on my book.

Title: Secretly Filmed

Being filmed during sex should be done by consenting adults who trust each other. But unfortunately for Zara, that is not the case. She is filmed by an unknown man who had the audacity to put it online for the world to see.

But Zara can’t let this go without gaining some justice. With the help of her best friend Kizzy, she begins her journey in discovering the true identity of the man and fighting to make sure he pays for violating her in such a hideous way.

Thank you in advance if you take up my request.


Hello! I’d love it if you could read the first chapter of my book! Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the long and detailed feedback! I appreciate your comments and will work on better improving my future works :slight_smile:


can i request for a critique?


Title: Leather Feather
User: RashidPrime
Genre: Science Fiction
Intro: What happens when a young bat falls in the middle of an intergalactic war between birds and rodents? Not even Pat himself can determine such fate. Good and evil. Bucks and Beaks. Fur and Feather? Those are the symbols of a conflict that spanned our eternal universe. But only one faction will prevail…

Hello! I’m new around here too! :see_no_evil: Please give this story a read you won’t regret it! It is just the two chapters. so far… I’d like everyone to join my little corner and read my stories, see my comics ,and also see my illustrations that I post in my chapters. I post weekly. I’ll read your story too no probs
Please give my first chapter a read.
I’d truly appreciate it :smile:
Link 1:
Link 2:

Note: can’t seem to upload the cover sorry :heart:




Hey there! I would like you to check out the first chapter of my book, “HIs Eternal Muse.”


Thank youu so much for doing this! :slight_smile: