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Hiya! This seems great, my favorite feedback is the sort that offers me honesty and you seem like that’s what you’d do. It’s a romance, and I did see your note about being asexual, but I wonder if that might actually give you an advantage. More than romance, the book is about people. It’s got a literary undercurrent in that the plot is less important than characters.

These two people need more than romance-- they need friendship and I think if you are someone better able to look past the romance aspect and see them purely from a humanistic POV, that could be great feedback for me. Also, public comments are fine.

Anyway, thanks for your consideration, and here’s the link: The Romancing of Tuesday Dennings


Hey there, love! I’d love if you could check out my story Haunted Rayne.

I have a short prologue (less than 1000 words), and a first chapter (1800 words). If you could check out both for your analysis, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, then please only read the first chapter haha, because the character in the prologue is supposed to feel like a prop (…at first, anyway…:smirk: she loops back around later…)

But anyways, my main character is actually introduced in chapter 1.

Haunted Rayne is a Paranormal Mystery, and I would love your input on the 3 things that you mentioned! Please let me know if you’re down <3



Hey, I noticed you had a glossary for Korean terms. As it so happens, I speak Korean so I’ll just say good job! I’d just make one more entry right below sshi (respectful suffix) add neem (님) which is what you’d use a suffix for a boss or superior. It’s also part of the way you address ‘teacher’ for that reason.


Wow… I know 3 words of Korean…




Hi! Sadly I don’t think that was me! I would love to say I know Korean, but unfortunately I do not :frowning:


oops… I think I replied to the wrong person… That’s embarrassing :confused:


Haha no! I wish I knew Koren!


was it me?


Title: Descent Into Madness
Genre: open fanfiction/sci-fi/horror

There’s a prologue, but the main character of the story isn’t in the prologue, and the prologue’s written in a different style than the rest of it.


I can skip straight to Chapter 1 if you want.


Sure. Thanks.


I mean I wouldn’t say I’m clueless at romance. I’ve versed myself in it for similar reasons a country might stockpile nuclear weapons even if they like avoiding the apocalypse…

I get told by others I have strange analogies for sex and romance and I suppose I made my point. I just end up getting bored by stories that try making it all about that subject. If it’s a background event… whatever, it’s just another relationship and character aspect. It’d be like reading an entire book about making a ham sandwich and passing it off as some spiritual and emotional pinnacle of life. Concepts like “love at first site” or “immediate physical attraction” are just bizarre abstracts I have to take at others’ words.


Thank you very much for that great feedback! I had a little of a time issue the last days, but it was really helpful and I hope I could also answer your questions.

I have one question though - how come you picked me in all these great people/stories in this thread? :slight_smile: especially because this was your first vamp book.


@Andyjo1 I hope to improve once I get your feedback.

Title: Connie Supernatural Friends
Genre: Supernatural dark comedy

It’s my first time writing this kind of genre.


Hello Andyjo 1, this would be a great help to me. I would love some feedback to a small excerpt I have published from a novel I have been working on. I know that it isn’t much, but I would still like some feedback to make sure I am on the right track. It is a Star Wars Novel, so you have been warned. Thanks again, I appreciate any and all feedback.


I think you gave me the wrong link. It just takes me to the wattpad home page.


Ugh, I have no idea how to get a link. :woman_facepalming:


I’ll just read them both. I’ve been given “chapters” of 5,000 words so those two should be more than manageable.


I hope that it is okay.