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@Andyjo1 Thank you for your feedback on my story! Even though there wasn’t a lot, I appreciated you writing down your first impressions and where a part was confusing. I was looking for that kind of feedback because I didn’t really know if my concept came across well in the chapter. The suggestions you gave, I will definitely be incorporating. Thank you again, for giving such great feedback and for getting the critique done so quickly. I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


If you’re still open and interested, I was hoping to put my name down on this. I have a YA fantasy and can never have too much feedback in this stage!

Any insights would be helpful. The first chapter is here:
Let me know if you’d like me to look at anything in return, even though you list this thread as free!


I always accept reads and comments on my stories as a donation. But I want it clear there’s no actual obligation, it’s just something I think would be nice.




Hi there! We’d like it very much if you could take a look at our first published story. It’s a fantasy adventure. So far we have published the prologue and the first chapter. If you have the time, you could read the prologue and if it hooks you in, give the first chapter a read too :blush:

Title is Dark Woods

Here’s a summary: Traumatised by recent attack and the loss of her family, she has given up. A chance meeting in the woods with a hunter will temporarily save her life but the question remains - will she give up for good or will she overcome her trials and turbulations and avenge her loved ones?

And here’s the link:

Thank you in advance!


Hi Andyjo1. If you are still offering this service could you please read and review my first chapter? I have a prologue posted that you can skip if you want too because it’s pretty short or you could just review the prologue. Thank you.
My short is a YA Fantasy about Asgardian Half Bloods who are dealing with the politics of the worlds changing. The first chapters are actually my own take on Norse Mythology of how the 9 Realms came to be so it’s not as interesting as the later chapters but any feedback would be great. Thank you.


Hello, I was wondering if you could take a look at my first chapter for me. Thanks!

“Dear God, help me.” I whispered in between breaths.

" No God can help you now. You belong to me." His demonic eyes bore into mine and caused a shiver down my spine. Within seconds his mouth captured mine and the flames of hell poured down my throat.


Could you review the first chapter of my story? Its called Embers and its a mystery-thriller + romance novel, and I would love to hear some honest feedback. In comments preferably. Thank you so much <3


Thank you for your review!


Hey there!
Could you review my book please? Its called ‘Incandescent’ and its a romance novel.Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Title: Renegades
Genre: Science Fiction


Hey! I’m new to Wattpad, and this book is brand-new and my first attempt at fantasy! I’d love some feedback on it :slight_smile:

Title: Daya: Eternal Pursuit
Genre: Dark fantasy


Hey everyone,

As a reminder, a heart by me on your comment means I’ve added your story to my queue and will get back to you within 24 hours of your post.

As well, it would be very helpful if when you submit a request you leave a link for your story in this thread for easy access. Thank you so much. You guys are some talented and creative writers!



Would love some feedback on the first chapter of my book, ‘Life, Love And A Little Coffee’.

Though it is a romance, it focuses on their friendship for the first twenty or so chapters, so there’s nothing ‘lovey’ at all in the first chapter.


Hey! My book is called Tainted if you could check it out it’d be great!


I’d love if you took a look at the first chapter of Grounding the Storm! I would like to have a PM please :slight_smile: Thank you for being so generous to the Wattpad community
This novel is fantasy by the way! It is also rated Mature due to violence and profanity


Of course! Also, thank you for leaving the link in the thread.

Speaking of which, as a reminder to everyone else, I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but I would really appreciate it if everyone with a request would leave a link to their story right here in this thread. It doesn’t take long and it lets me get through everyone’s requests significantly faster.


No problem! Anything to make it easier for you


Alright, I recognize this is probably a really dumb question but… how do I access someone’s author profile from the community site? I can see people’s Forum profile but I have to separately open wattpad and search out authors and their stories through the search tab if I don’t have a link.

Yeah, I’m new here. I don’t really know all that many ins or outs.


I’d love it if you looked at the first chapter of The Princess’s Price. It’s a short story about a princess who is pressured to marry but is pretty opposed to the idea.

Blurb: Princess Elcimna’s life of leisure comes to a screeching halt when she discovers war on the horizon, her hand in marriage the key. Forced to face what she’s avoided forever, she has to make a choice.'s-price

Thank you so much!