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I would appreciate if you checked my story:


If the synopsis and the tags catch your curiosity, give it a try. It’s in its first chapters.
Thank you for your time.


Hi! I’d love for you to give your honest feedback on my story. It’s a Werewolf/Fantasy story.

Imperial Moon

Thank you!


I believe that the forum exists as a separate entity to the main site. Unless users have linked their wattpad account, you can’t access it without searching. I’ve linked my page in the website section of my profile. Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I would love it if you could critique my story. It’s an horror anthology called The Dark. If you can read it that would be amazing.


Thanks. All the more reason It’d be helpful if everyone leaves a link. Odds are low but there is a chance, depending on the time of day, that I’ll search and comment on the completely wrong story. There are lots of similar sounding stories and profiles out there in wattpad-land.


Hi. I would really appreciate it if you read my book, Murderborne, and let me know what you think.

Thanks for offering this!


Hi. I would really appreciate it if you read my book, Honor Bound, and let me know what you think.

hope you enjoy


Hiya, I just started this story and am not sure if it is something that will grab someone’s attention. I would appreciate it if you would look over this book:


I have a dark fantasy (loosely based on Peter Pan) that I am wanting to edit, and would love some feedback!


Hey. Um, I have a fantasy I’d love for you to review for me. It’s called The Crimson Cloak. Let me know when you get this if you will please?
Thank you. :slight_smile:


I always respond within a 24 hour period. That being said, I would appreciate if you left a link here in the thread.


Sure thing.
I’m not great with computers though so I hope I did this right.


I got it. You’re on the list. And yes, I really do always finish the review in 24 hours. I speed read, but I get enough of an idea to come up with a one page analysis.


ive made some changes and i wanted a fresh opinon on me taking out 2 chapters to make the story more interesting.


I’m really curious about the overall quality of my writing, but the subject I’ve chosen for my story is very dark and I’d understand if no one here would want to touch it. If you’re uncomfortable with an emotional account of a severely abusive relationship between a father and daughter and the prevalence of cyclical sexual abuse between multiple generations in a family, just let me know if it’s too disturbing to read for you.

Name Of Story: Closing the Distance

Genre: Dark Psychological Horror/Thriller

Chapters: 6 (92 completed, have not posted to this specific site yet)

Ongoing /completed: Ongoing

Link to story:


I revel in the blackest pits of evil! :smiling_imp:

Yes, I’m sane. No, the voices in my head are not telling me to murder anyone… yet.


Oh, wonderful! I hope you find my depiction of human suffering palatable, then.


Look at my own work (no, this is not a self promotion, I’m just making a point). Everytime I make a character I pretty much doom them to all kinds of misery.


I would love some feedback on the first chapter of my Robin Hood retelling Immune!
Thank you!


Hi! I would love some feedback on my story ‘Never Ending Circles’ which only has 1 chapter up at the moment (which is convenient for you, haha)
Could you possibly provide the feedback through private messaging rather than commenting on the story (that way I can take the improvements on board)


Thank you so much!