Angel Covers - OPEN



Hi angels! I’ve been getting the hang on photoshop and I wanna make some covers for you guys. Heres some of my examples:

So if you want a nice cover I’m your gal! Take a look at my other covers to get an idea of what I can do.

Complete the payment after accepted
*If you no longer want the cover, just tell me and I’ll turn it into a premade
*I reserve the right to deny any request

*if you don’t use the cover in a week I take it back

payment for customs
*a comment on any chapter of my story “Heroic”
*add the book to any reading list that’s public
*follow and/or chapter dedication

cover form
title of book:
author name:
subtitle (not required):
description (2-3 sentences):
ideas for cover/things you would like to see:
anything else I should know (font/font color/image/any design preference/really anything else):


Title of book: The Great Game
Author name: Sam Murphy
Subtitle: Will they be able to survive the great game of war?
Description: Three college students and a college professor are dragged in the world of the United States Military by General Jack Fulsang to track down a man who claims to have a few lines of complex computer code. The man wishes to sell it to the highest bidder. Alongside Sergeant Jeff Prescott, they must take him down before the man can sell the key.
Ideas: Something that is kinda mysterious
Anything else: Not really, surprise me
Example: I really don’t have one besides the cover I have now


get it done as soon as I can!!!


Title: Meet you in Paradise
Author name: Anonymous
Subtitle: Not required
Description: 5 years after the death of her brother Daniel who was shot for being gay. Rebecca receives a phone call from Olivia bell, the mother of Daniel’s boyfriend asking her to take Nate’s journals. The journal takes to a journey a beautiful yet tragic story of two lovers.
Ideas for cover: Actually I’ll be tagging a picture below. I hope you can write the title in that in maybe cursive or something.
anything else I should know (font/font color/image/any design preference/really anything else): Nothing specific, maybe the font color could go well with the background.


cover form
title of book: Fighting Our Flames
author name: Lightness
subtitle (not required):
description (2-3 sentences): sequel to Through My Eyes, a historical romance. The daughter of a Duchess has lost her title after running away with her servant, the sequel follows their story and her struggle as a single mother in the 18th century.
ideas for cover/things you would like to see: if possible, a similar design to Through My Eyes cover (it’s not letting me post the link to the image, you can click on my profile to see, sorry for the inconvenience)
anything else I should know (font/font color/image/any design preference/really anything else):

Thank you!


I’m actually obsessed with Supernatural so I’m excited to read Heroic, not gonna lie



@sammurphy3 use this one. improved it a bit more. Thanks so much for requesting. If you would like any changed let me know


accepted! if you want me to make another cover as well like without this picture I can do that as well!


accepted, it’ll be done as soon as possible


I really like it, thank you so much


if you’d like any changes let me know or a redo


I really like it so I can’t think of anything


make sure to dedicate me for the cover in your book! Thanks x


I will


thanks. i hv no problem, if u hv a better idea then go for it



heres the changed version sorry.Hope this is okay, if you want a redo or you want me to use your image I can. @AD-2104


thanks i love it


if you would like a redo or something please let me know! Don’t forget to credit me


Title of book: What Is Love?
Author name: @TockAC
Description: This book will teach you everything that you need to know about love, relationships and so much more.
Ideas for cover: I want a picture of two hands in the shape of a heart
Anything else: Can you add a sunset background to the cover?



Thank you!