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whats going on? Whats been withdrawn?


title of book: morderstwo
author name: Dahlia Johnson
subtitle (not required): Doradzamy, że pozostają wewnątrz po godzinach trzy godziny.
description (2-3 sentences): The book is about a Polish serial killer who crushes on one of his victims and just ends up killing more and more people. The novel is meant to be in the killer’s point of view(and In Polish). Its going to be a multi-book story so I might come back for more covers.
ideas for cover/things you would like to see: I’d like to see maybe the victim he crushes on to be in the front. The model I chose for him was Maurice Sinclaire so hopefully, that’s alright.
anything else I should know (font/font color/image/any design preference/really anything else): Keep a dark undertone to the cover.
example: I’m afriad I have none.


if you need the description of the story I can translate it for you


Title of book: Lost Soul
Author name: @TockAC
Subtitle: I’m sailing my soul
Description: Lost Soul is a poetry collection that talks about life, love and sometimes heartbreak.
Ideas for cover/things you would like to see: I would love a picture of girl on the beach standing in the water.
Anything else I should know: I would like the font to be in white and in cursive writing.
Example: I want it to look something like this:



Hi, I’ve completed my payment in full now! Look forward to receiving my cover. Thank you very much in advance!

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