Angel's Cliche Story Game (Clickbait? Oh, just get your butt inside and see!)

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The story Once upon a time, there was a Ambassador named Angel. She was part of the thread ‘Polls for Fun’ just to ease her mind and can’t get away her addictions of polls (really, they’re so good for anything). One day, she wanted to try something because even though she knew she has other stuff to do and done with, she just stacked more things on her plate and it’s her fault for missing on some things–which let’s be honest, even before she had this idea, she was already got stuff not done. (OTL)

She asked the people if they want to do a Cliche story with the poll as result. Majority said ‘yes’, some say ‘no’, some hesitate with ‘I guess?’, and some question if I was ‘Jigsaw’ :eyes:

The link is here.

And thus started the game.

But not just a game.

It was a Twisted Cliche game!

So by the time she kept making the stories (and frankly being more productive on this than her own dusty old works that are forever incomplete), a user named Lumi (@astrophile) suggested to try in the Story Games section which Angel was indecisive (and majority of the poll said ‘I stay here’) and had to think all night (no joke. Like I don’t know why my head had to think this all night but eh :woman_shrugging:). After thinking, she accepted their suggestion and here it is!

TL;DR Angel made a game, she kept going, Lumi suggested the Story game section, she thought about it and decided.

Game parts

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20



Tie breaker(s)


To start off, need a few questions answered.

1. Pick your Cliche choice

  • The guns and funds and inescapable aka Mafia
  • Konichiwa, Anime! (if you’re a fellow otaku then you know some anime trope)
  • I pick on only you aka Bully
  • I pick you to be The Chosen One

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2. Should I…

  • Pick one story based on majority votes and go crazy making new topic for each different story
  • Pick two by majority of votes
  • Don’t know (please don’t pick this or I’m gonna have a tough time XD))

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Time to unleash the power of my inner weeb (lol jk)

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Pfft, oh it’s either true or not. (Also you should comment in the chat thread than here.)

Oops heading there now

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(Not sure if I should post this on the chat thread or not, so I’ll just post it here)

We can get some really cheesy anime cliche for the lulz :joy:

For example we can mix these tropes:

  • New transfer student at school

  • Senpai kouhai

  • MC is secretly super OP

  • MC is building harem without knowing

  • Isekai genre

  • Legal loli

  • Traps

  • Neko (and such kemonomimi)

  • MC suddenly gain new power



Since majority picked me doing two stories in this thread (sorry for the confusion as I see that I messed up a bit…), the Cliche story we’re about to do is The Chosen One and since there was a tie I’m the tiebreaker (for now. Will ask in the chats later) sooo Anime!

Thank you for voting and participating this game. Let’s start now…

Chosen One: Once upon a time…

  • No! No more Once upon a time!
  • Yes, go on. What happens next?
  • Raises hands and ask questions like a little kids

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Anime!: You’re a normal, ORDINARY, new high school student because you and your family moved into a new city. The sound of the sweet alarm clock woke you up as it’s a brand new day.

But wait!

Your eyes were wide, veins popping out in shock as you’re late on your first day! After a quick shower and dressed in your uniform, you rushed downstairs like Sonic and without giving a simple ‘good morning’ to your parents, you only grabbed and put the toast in your mouth and head outside.

Your running was like those titan from Attack on Titan (which is weird for a human teen to run like that but whatever) and once in awhile checked your watch for the time

Oh no, I’m lateu! You thought. Now I will get bad marks from sensei and minna (meaning ‘everyone’ in Japanese) will pick on me and I won’t experience doki doki from my future waifu/husbando!

What the f- Nevermind!

Reaching the crosswalk which is the halfway point to school, the walking signal was red. There was no pedestrians in sight except a person who came rushing in a hurry. Leading to danger or an immediate death by your stupid carelessness, you dropped your toast in the middle of the street and since to you it’s more important THAN YOUR LIFE, you gasped and dusted off your bread.

‘Oh no, breadu, are you okay?!’

Honk honk!

Suddenly, a truck was coming and the driver couldn’t swerve or put the full brakes in time. Body freezing, your head had a lot of thoughts and all of them were full of questions. Maybe because you weren’t early that gave you bad luck? Maybe you didn’t say your morning greetings to your folks and other people you’ve passed by? Or maybe because of your dumb weeaboo speech that someone wants to kill you-

Coming close, you…

  • Got rescued by someone
  • Stop the truck yourself 'cause turns out you either have secret powers or someone is inside you
  • Get hit by a truck and restart the game (wait, you’re living in a video game world?)
  • Get hit by a truck and died but doesn’t mean it’s the end as the story continues on but might be a paranormal type anime story

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Chosen One: Settle down, I haven’t even started the story! Sheesh! :expressionless: Would you please let me continue and whoever is in the back, I can see you you know!


ONCE. UPON. A. TIME. (Watches the audience before continuing) There was a village named Non Savior: home of the unlucky ones and the not chosen ones where you’re a laughingstock to the other lands! (For a small village, they sure have a long name :roll_eyes:)

The place was filled with poor peasants, malnourished livestock but fresh veggies and plants along with good water-even though the soil is rough and bad, I don’t get how they’re fresh and edible-and what’s a land without it’s monarch! Oh, and also Starblocks (can’t say Starbucks for copyright purpose), a good expensive cup of coffee in the worst time of your day!

You are a citizen of this cruddy ‘home’ for two years and you’ve been living your life as…

  • Just a dirt poor peasant
  • Starblocks employee (can I get discounts?)
  • A high class job like the royal family’s guard or their hunter (or whatever you want. Comment in the Chat thread)
  • Secret spy/assassin hired by a different kingdom

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Anime!: In a flash, someone came swooping and rescued you. Both you and the truck are safe but the driver shouted profanity words that had to be censored before disappearing.

‘Are you alright?’ Your eyes was closed the whole time and when you slowly opened them, heart eyes had formed as the person who saved your life was a good looking masked boy. No, he’s not Tuxedo Mask and yes, I just ruined your childhood crush. This boy here is just a student from the same school you’re going to. How do I know? He only wore the mask but the rest of his outfit is the uniform, so it’s not really a secret.

The sad thing is, those heart eyes and these bubbles and sparkles and the sexy ‘ooooh, aaaah!’ in the background have blinded your vision and you hit your head too which I’m concern that you need to go to the hospital. :eyes:

‘Hello?’ The masked boy put you down, waving your face. ‘Ooookkkk… Uh, so I got to go and maybe we might again, princess.’

He kissed your hand and you…

  • Still have heart eyes and you’re blind (are you really ok? I think you really need to go to the hospital)
  • Blush and not say anything
  • Say your thanks and give him something in return (comment what kind of gift. Can be anything and I mean really, anything in the Chat thread)
  • Gasp and your focus change to rushing to school on time (which we all know you’re already too late and dead anyway but I guess only I’m the one who knows)

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@matzeztam @calmwolf @dystopial @LigerCat @LuthienSeregon @Oblivionyx

(Those who are confused about the StarBucks, the Chat thread has the reason)

Chosen one: A Starblocks employee. Serving coffees and tasty treats fresh on the place! In a apron, you start sorting the foods on the table and filled each cups a hot steaming coffee.

Everyday, it starts with a long line of costumers ordering and leaving while you manage the money and the food. (How does these villagers have money anyway? Why did you never hire people to work for you? It’s not like there’s any rich people or higher class in this village and you’re not that fast so- You want me to shut up? Fine, fine.) By the time when the sun sets, you usually grab a spear, jab at them in a threatening manner (but you kind of killed some in the past by accident), and announce the closing.

For those two years, you despised your job so much that you wished coffee didn’t existed or known in the world (monster!).The obsession for adventure always occupied your mind. Seeking what the other towns are like, any dragons or creatures lurking as those storytellers told, bloods and stabs and tearing off skin and bones- Whoa, too far!

Sighing, you slapped your face as a wake up call. You asked yourself why even make this business in the first place and coffee instead of tea (or whatever drinks you loved). The answer was obvious, cowardice and money to pay off your living.

‘Oi! Is it open?!’ Someone behind the door yelled.

You grimaced at the voice but quickly put on a fake smile, spear in your hand, and opened the door, revealing a big crowd outside (wow, the coffee must be that good huh?). ‘Yes it is! Welcome to Starblocks!’

A roar of applause from the crowd just made your ears hurt but among the group, you notice some guys pushing and shoving at each other then more came to join which was alarming as it could mean a fight!


  • Yelling loud at everyone ‘Shut up!’
  • Run with spear in your hand and prevent the fight
  • Stop them by killing (which may get you arrested or not)
  • Join the men but make it into a mosh pit

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Anime!: The kiss made you blush, stunned by the action that no words could form from your mouth.

‘See ya!’ The masked guy saluted and run off, ninja style, to the direction at the school where you’re suppose to be right now!

Who is that boy? Kawaii desu! It’s official, he is to be my husbando and no one can have him other than me or I will find a way to kill them!

Oookkayyyy, your thoughts went a full yandere mode for a moment which I can’t decide if this is going to a anime story or a yandere fanfic…

‘Oh, I forgot! Aish!’ You cursed in Korean (what?) and also run to the same direction where the masked boy went. After you FINALLY made it, the entrance gate was already barred meaning it was too late. Slumping down, jaw dropping as your soul left your body, you cried like a baby.

Waaaaaah! My life is over! Otou-san and Okaa-san will be disappointed in me! Baka, baka, baka!

You wailed more and began to roll around the street, giving up so easily that you never bother to search the backside of the school. Did you hear me? Backside of the school!

You kept crying and crying and crying and…

  • And crying (endlessly)
  • Paused and have a light bulb moment
  • Someone interrupted because of your whining noise
  • Suck it up and try to go over the gate

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@matzeztam @calmwolf @dystopial @LigerCat @LuthienSeregon @Oblivionyx @LostNeverland4

don’t call trans women traps. it’s very transphobic and bad

Traps are NOT the same as trans! People need to stop saying traps is transphobic. Many men would love to be traps but we are NOT trans and don’t want to be associated like that.

i’m confused

Why confused? It’s a simple fact.

Traps are not equal to trans! The two are entirely different.

People are keep saying traps is transphobic and that’s bad. Many femboys identified as traps and they’re upset that people keep comparing them to trans when they’re NOT trans.

define trap then

(Moved to the chat thread)


Please keep it civil and chat goes in Chat thread

Thanks :smiley:

Chosen one: Hate list number 2. You can’t stand the commotion or fights going at your business or home. The nights you tried to sleep, your neighbor’s bickering or…lovemaking forced you to stay awake, not even giving a spare minute chance of snoozing.

Gripping your spear, you charged through the crowd which they make way for you in order not to get killed. The shoving men saw and also break away from each other, avoiding the sharp blade.

‘Listen up!’ You said, head held high with your spear standing tall. ‘I don’t like a ruckus in front of me and if I see anyone, I repeat, ANYONE, start something then take it somewhere else or you’re forbidden to buy my coffee for life!’

The men…

  • Laughed and put their fists up (this may get into a blood fight and possible deaths. If you want this choice then go ahead and click this)
  • Continue their fight somewhere as you ordered
  • Pretend to hug and make up (bromance! XD)
  • Beg on their knees and plead for your forgiveness

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Anime!: ‘What is going on?!’

Pausing and standing up straight, you was astounded that in front of you appeared a stern but beautiful lady that had sweet big boobs.

(If you got pervy eyes, don’t stare or I’ll kick your butt)

‘Adjhkjf8iedhsm!’ Your malfunctioning brain gave a bad impression to the lady.

‘Who are you young man/lady?’ She scanned you, head to toe, noticing the clothes you’re wearing. Hold up, is her boobs growing bigger? Maybe I need my eyes checked. ‘Hmmm, judging your uniform and not recognizing your face, you must be the new student I assume?’

You bowed. ‘Ni hao and hai! Are you my sensei, ajumma?’ Now you’re mixing up different languages?! The heck is wrong with you?!

‘Speak proper Japanese!’ The woman glared. Seriously, her boobs are growing bigger again and it’s not my eye problem! ‘I can’t understand what you’re saying but yes, I am your teacher here and seeing you’re very late, let’s go to the office shall we?’ Pulling your ear, you were getting dragged by your teacher which her boobs are the size of a big watermelon. Like what is this world!

Next scene

‘First and last name, age, and tell exactly what you did wrong to earn a bad mark?’ Both you and the teacher-who has now giant yoga ball boobs-are at the teacher’s office, getting punished on your first day, congrats! You told everything to her with your head down in shame. ‘There’s no second chances Mister/Miss (insert your last name) and let that be a lesson.’

‘Yes, sensei.’


Unexpectedly, a huge explosion inside the building had you screamed in terror. Where did it come from? Who did it?

It was…

  • The teacher’s boobs being popped
  • From a classroom you don’t know
  • Outside
  • Your head (why? I don’t know)

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@matzeztam @calmwolf @dystopial @LigerCat @LuthienSeregon @Oblivionyx @LostNeverland4

Chosen one: Laughing, sound of bunch of hyenas from the men irritated you. They pointed fingers, mock your words, and continued to laugh more, the crowd couldn’t resist and now you’re surrounded by loud jeers at you.

‘That’s cute,’ One of the men said as he wiped his tear. ‘But you know, you shouldn’t threaten your buyers like that or else.’

‘Or else what?’ You questioned coldly.

‘Or else you’re gonna regret it, little man/girl.’ The man put his fist up and so did the others. Some people was worried, knowing what happens next but most of the groups were excited and had enough of your past attack–and revenge for the murders you did (I know it was an accident but they don’t!).

‘We’ll see about that!’ Knees bent, you put your spear pointing at your opponents, predicting who’s first to come. One of the guy came forward with only his bare fist, aiming for your face. You dodged so easily and punch his belly with your free hand, the impact had the guy fall onto the ground. Your body may looked scrawny- Ok, lanky- No? Bony, gaunt? Alright, how about skinny?! Good? Ok!

Your body may looked skinny but no one should underestimate by one’s outer appearance. Thanks to your neighbors, you self trained every night through morning and also read books for knowledge which if this was a video game, your stats would’ve been great or at least no need to defeat level 1 slime over and over!

‘Come on! Who’s next?!’ You shouted. Everyone (including you) had adrenaline pumping in their blood. There was no main target now. Anyone who’s next to the person gets beaten or stabbed and even if the person’s a innocent bystander, sorry but you just fell into your doom :woman_shrugging:

So much blood, bruises, small fires (don’t ask me how and why 'cause even I don’t know the answer to that), and er…guts spreading around the area that it had to be censored and blurred, Look, there’s even some dead bodies piling here and there and we’re just at the beginning of the story!

‘What in blazes is happening here?!’ A guard, the royal guard, along with his small troop was shocked then turn outraged after witnessing the scene. ‘Men, stop the fight at once!’

The guards complied to his orders. They jumped in and prevented the fight by knocking out some to unconscious, put their hands behind their backs or grab by the shirt and toss them in the chariot prison (100% sturdy metal!). While almost complete, you and the taunting guy was still in a one-on-one duel. The guy had multiple stab wounds all over his chest with some blood spilling out, yet, he’s strong (zombie?). You on the other hand is frightening. Your eyes was red but so was your body and head all covered in blood.

With the last of his strength, the zombie guy swing his fist and you…

  • Dodge
  • Give a final stab (but know that you choose this then you’re gonna get arrested and end up in jail)
  • Give in and accept his attack

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Anime!: ‘What now?’ Your teacher was starting to get annoyed by you.

‘Didn’t you hear-’ You didn’t finish your sentence as you realized the teacher’s boobs reverted back to normal. So does that mean the explosion from a few seconds ago was from her???

‘Mister/Miss (insert last name)! Why are you staring at my chest? Would you like to be expelled or do you like me to call the cops for sexual harassment?’

You shake your head and jumped out the room. ‘Gomenasai sensei! I promise it won’t happen again but only when you become my waifu.’

‘Excuse me, what did you say?’

‘Uh… Nothing!’ You quickly zoomed out in a blur, leaving your teacher confused.

As a new student, without a doubt, you’re lost in the directions. I would say to look up the map in the ‘Menu’ or follow the arrows that leads to your main objection but I don’t want to and you’re not listening to me are you. :expressionless:

Each door you open leads to the wrong room. So far it was empty, clubs, a seance room, a portal to unknown, restrooms, creepy basement, library with a ghost lurking… What did I just say??? :flushed:

You thought to go crybaby mode again for all hope was lost to you but then your ears perked up because there was a distant sound. You followed to it and the closer you reached, it was music. A god awful music. Who is playing this?! :scream:

Meeting the door, you looked up at the room sign and read Music.

‘Piece of junk!’

Someone must be inside the classroom which piqued your interest who the person was that made that sweet, beautiful melody- Are you high? No, for real are you really alright or are you on drugs?

You opened the door and the person was…

  • A Emo kid
  • A Loli(?)
  • A troublemaker kid (maybe future Yakuza if you’re into that)

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@matzeztam @calmwolf @dystopial @LigerCat @LuthienSeregon @Oblivionyx @LostNeverland4

Chosen one: You dodged the guy’s fist, missing your pretty (and bloody) face. Note only you’ve been practicing attack moves but also defensive too, thus making you a strong and smart opponent.

The man growled but slumped down in defeat, not because of you but by blood loss. I mean he resisted but come on, he’s human not a zombie but I’m surprised he ain’t dead yet.

You came over to the man and a smirk brought up on your face, feeling victorious. Your head was planning to stab the guy (no, I’m not making you a murderous monster, pfft!) but as you caught your sight on the guard, you stopped yourself and just stood still.

‘Did you murder this man?’ The guard asked when he came towards you. You shook your head as response but the guard, though covered in a knight helmet, was incredulous. 'Really? ‘Cause the way I see is a bloody boy/girl with a weapon in his/her hand and standing on top of a corpse.’

‘Check his body, sir. He. Ain’t. Dead.’ You stressed the words.

The guard kneel down and turn over the injured guy’s body to the front. He inspected the wounds but more importantly checked the pulse and breathing. As I said before, I’m surprised he’s not dead. The man is greatly injured and needs medical attention but his pulse, though nonrhythmic, still stable.

‘Ok, I believe you. But…’

  • ‘You’re going to prison still’
  • ‘How is he still alive?’
  • ‘What happened?’
  • ‘Can I get a coffee?’

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Anime!: A troublemaker kid- THAT’S NOT A KID!

A blush appeared on your face. Your vision saw bubble and sparkles and ‘ooh, aah!’ background again because it was love at…what, third sight? The student is…a older man with flashy clothes and thick sponge roll hair (don’t laugh 'cause I don’t know the correct term for that style). It makes you wonder how this gangster came inside this school or is he even a student or maybe a teacher?

(Your another love interest)

‘Um…’ You caught the guy’s attention and received a deadliest glare in return.

‘What do you want?’

‘A-a-a-are you m-m-m-my sen-senpai?’ Your stuttering didn’t mean you’re afraid. You were just shy that’s all. Shy at a yakuza- student, teacher, whatever!

‘Maybe, what’s it to you?’


  • ‘Want an arm wrestle! Come on!’
  • ‘Am in love with you so be my парень (russian for boyfriend. Hope I got it right)!’
  • ‘Need to know your age and where do you live, what’s your favoriteu and dislikeu food and what sizu do you’ (this choice means you want ‘yourself’ to be a stalker)
  • ‘Am lost and can’t find my class. Me baka desu so can senpai help me, nya!’

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