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i’m confused

Why confused? It’s a simple fact.

Traps are not equal to trans! The two are entirely different.

People are keep saying traps is transphobic and that’s bad. Many femboys identified as traps and they’re upset that people keep comparing them to trans when they’re NOT trans.

define trap then

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Chosen one: Hate list number 2. You can’t stand the commotion or fights going at your business or home. The nights you tried to sleep, your neighbor’s bickering or…lovemaking forced you to stay awake, not even giving a spare minute chance of snoozing.

Gripping your spear, you charged through the crowd which they make way for you in order not to get killed. The shoving men saw and also break away from each other, avoiding the sharp blade.

‘Listen up!’ You said, head held high with your spear standing tall. ‘I don’t like a ruckus in front of me and if I see anyone, I repeat, ANYONE, start something then take it somewhere else or you’re forbidden to buy my coffee for life!’

The men…

  • Laughed and put their fists up (this may get into a blood fight and possible deaths. If you want this choice then go ahead and click this)
  • Continue their fight somewhere as you ordered
  • Pretend to hug and make up (bromance! XD)
  • Beg on their knees and plead for your forgiveness

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Anime!: ‘What is going on?!’

Pausing and standing up straight, you was astounded that in front of you appeared a stern but beautiful lady that had sweet big boobs.

(If you got pervy eyes, don’t stare or I’ll kick your butt)

‘Adjhkjf8iedhsm!’ Your malfunctioning brain gave a bad impression to the lady.

‘Who are you young man/lady?’ She scanned you, head to toe, noticing the clothes you’re wearing. Hold up, is her boobs growing bigger? Maybe I need my eyes checked. ‘Hmmm, judging your uniform and not recognizing your face, you must be the new student I assume?’

You bowed. ‘Ni hao and hai! Are you my sensei, ajumma?’ Now you’re mixing up different languages?! The heck is wrong with you?!

‘Speak proper Japanese!’ The woman glared. Seriously, her boobs are growing bigger again and it’s not my eye problem! ‘I can’t understand what you’re saying but yes, I am your teacher here and seeing you’re very late, let’s go to the office shall we?’ Pulling your ear, you were getting dragged by your teacher which her boobs are the size of a big watermelon. Like what is this world!

Next scene

‘First and last name, age, and tell exactly what you did wrong to earn a bad mark?’ Both you and the teacher-who has now giant yoga ball boobs-are at the teacher’s office, getting punished on your first day, congrats! You told everything to her with your head down in shame. ‘There’s no second chances Mister/Miss (insert your last name) and let that be a lesson.’

‘Yes, sensei.’


Unexpectedly, a huge explosion inside the building had you screamed in terror. Where did it come from? Who did it?

It was…

  • The teacher’s boobs being popped
  • From a classroom you don’t know
  • Outside
  • Your head (why? I don’t know)

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Chosen one: Laughing, sound of bunch of hyenas from the men irritated you. They pointed fingers, mock your words, and continued to laugh more, the crowd couldn’t resist and now you’re surrounded by loud jeers at you.

‘That’s cute,’ One of the men said as he wiped his tear. ‘But you know, you shouldn’t threaten your buyers like that or else.’

‘Or else what?’ You questioned coldly.

‘Or else you’re gonna regret it, little man/girl.’ The man put his fist up and so did the others. Some people was worried, knowing what happens next but most of the groups were excited and had enough of your past attack–and revenge for the murders you did (I know it was an accident but they don’t!).

‘We’ll see about that!’ Knees bent, you put your spear pointing at your opponents, predicting who’s first to come. One of the guy came forward with only his bare fist, aiming for your face. You dodged so easily and punch his belly with your free hand, the impact had the guy fall onto the ground. Your body may looked scrawny- Ok, lanky- No? Bony, gaunt? Alright, how about skinny?! Good? Ok!

Your body may looked skinny but no one should underestimate by one’s outer appearance. Thanks to your neighbors, you self trained every night through morning and also read books for knowledge which if this was a video game, your stats would’ve been great or at least no need to defeat level 1 slime over and over!

‘Come on! Who’s next?!’ You shouted. Everyone (including you) had adrenaline pumping in their blood. There was no main target now. Anyone who’s next to the person gets beaten or stabbed and even if the person’s a innocent bystander, sorry but you just fell into your doom :woman_shrugging:

So much blood, bruises, small fires (don’t ask me how and why 'cause even I don’t know the answer to that), and er…guts spreading around the area that it had to be censored and blurred, Look, there’s even some dead bodies piling here and there and we’re just at the beginning of the story!

‘What in blazes is happening here?!’ A guard, the royal guard, along with his small troop was shocked then turn outraged after witnessing the scene. ‘Men, stop the fight at once!’

The guards complied to his orders. They jumped in and prevented the fight by knocking out some to unconscious, put their hands behind their backs or grab by the shirt and toss them in the chariot prison (100% sturdy metal!). While almost complete, you and the taunting guy was still in a one-on-one duel. The guy had multiple stab wounds all over his chest with some blood spilling out, yet, he’s strong (zombie?). You on the other hand is frightening. Your eyes was red but so was your body and head all covered in blood.

With the last of his strength, the zombie guy swing his fist and you…

  • Dodge
  • Give a final stab (but know that you choose this then you’re gonna get arrested and end up in jail)
  • Give in and accept his attack

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Anime!: ‘What now?’ Your teacher was starting to get annoyed by you.

‘Didn’t you hear-’ You didn’t finish your sentence as you realized the teacher’s boobs reverted back to normal. So does that mean the explosion from a few seconds ago was from her???

‘Mister/Miss (insert last name)! Why are you staring at my chest? Would you like to be expelled or do you like me to call the cops for sexual harassment?’

You shake your head and jumped out the room. ‘Gomenasai sensei! I promise it won’t happen again but only when you become my waifu.’

‘Excuse me, what did you say?’

‘Uh… Nothing!’ You quickly zoomed out in a blur, leaving your teacher confused.

As a new student, without a doubt, you’re lost in the directions. I would say to look up the map in the ‘Menu’ or follow the arrows that leads to your main objection but I don’t want to and you’re not listening to me are you. :expressionless:

Each door you open leads to the wrong room. So far it was empty, clubs, a seance room, a portal to unknown, restrooms, creepy basement, library with a ghost lurking… What did I just say??? :flushed:

You thought to go crybaby mode again for all hope was lost to you but then your ears perked up because there was a distant sound. You followed to it and the closer you reached, it was music. A god awful music. Who is playing this?! :scream:

Meeting the door, you looked up at the room sign and read Music.

‘Piece of junk!’

Someone must be inside the classroom which piqued your interest who the person was that made that sweet, beautiful melody- Are you high? No, for real are you really alright or are you on drugs?

You opened the door and the person was…

  • A Emo kid
  • A Loli(?)
  • A troublemaker kid (maybe future Yakuza if you’re into that)

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Chosen one: You dodged the guy’s fist, missing your pretty (and bloody) face. Note only you’ve been practicing attack moves but also defensive too, thus making you a strong and smart opponent.

The man growled but slumped down in defeat, not because of you but by blood loss. I mean he resisted but come on, he’s human not a zombie but I’m surprised he ain’t dead yet.

You came over to the man and a smirk brought up on your face, feeling victorious. Your head was planning to stab the guy (no, I’m not making you a murderous monster, pfft!) but as you caught your sight on the guard, you stopped yourself and just stood still.

‘Did you murder this man?’ The guard asked when he came towards you. You shook your head as response but the guard, though covered in a knight helmet, was incredulous. 'Really? ‘Cause the way I see is a bloody boy/girl with a weapon in his/her hand and standing on top of a corpse.’

‘Check his body, sir. He. Ain’t. Dead.’ You stressed the words.

The guard kneel down and turn over the injured guy’s body to the front. He inspected the wounds but more importantly checked the pulse and breathing. As I said before, I’m surprised he’s not dead. The man is greatly injured and needs medical attention but his pulse, though nonrhythmic, still stable.

‘Ok, I believe you. But…’

  • ‘You’re going to prison still’
  • ‘How is he still alive?’
  • ‘What happened?’
  • ‘Can I get a coffee?’

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Anime!: A troublemaker kid- THAT’S NOT A KID!

A blush appeared on your face. Your vision saw bubble and sparkles and ‘ooh, aah!’ background again because it was love at…what, third sight? The student is…a older man with flashy clothes and thick sponge roll hair (don’t laugh 'cause I don’t know the correct term for that style). It makes you wonder how this gangster came inside this school or is he even a student or maybe a teacher?

(Your another love interest)

‘Um…’ You caught the guy’s attention and received a deadliest glare in return.

‘What do you want?’

‘A-a-a-are you m-m-m-my sen-senpai?’ Your stuttering didn’t mean you’re afraid. You were just shy that’s all. Shy at a yakuza- student, teacher, whatever!

‘Maybe, what’s it to you?’


  • ‘Want an arm wrestle! Come on!’
  • ‘Am in love with you so be my парень (russian for boyfriend. Hope I got it right)!’
  • ‘Need to know your age and where do you live, what’s your favoriteu and dislikeu food and what sizu do you’ (this choice means you want ‘yourself’ to be a stalker)
  • ‘Am lost and can’t find my class. Me baka desu so can senpai help me, nya!’

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Chosen one: ‘Can I get a coffee?’

Hate list number 3. You despised someone who comes to you and always end up asking for coffee. This is why coffee is your number one anti drink to you. It makes no sense since we already talk about how you chose it for business so you’re to be blamed but alright.

Gritting your teeth, you answered in a tight voice, ‘No, sorry. Due to the ruckus I’m not open to serve coffee today.’

‘That’s a shame.’ The guard said, sadly. ‘Well, you’re under arrest anyway.’

‘Wait, what?! How!’ You’re outrage didn’t change the guard’s attitude. He just shrugged and replied back, ‘For battling in the public and not giving coffee to the guard.’

‘Wha- This is preposterous!’ You protested. The guard grabbed your hands and locked behind your back in his grip, leaving your spear behind. He pushed you to move forward until reaching the chariot prison where the capacity inside was a bit full but enough space for one more person. The people in the chariot glared straight into your eyes, blaming for the whole cause and not giving what their caffeine addiction needs.

Twisting and turning to no use, you…

  • Still got moves and beat the guard
  • Try to bribe the guard for a get out of jail free card
  • Stop resisting and go inside the chariot prison

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Anime!: ‘I…am lost and can’t find my class. Me baka desu so can senpai help me, nya!’

The gang- student gave a look of disgust at your improper words. Everyone hates your weeaboo speech so can you just- Hey, listen to me! :rage:

‘Will you help me, nya?’ You ignored someone and advanced your flirtatious moves. With a brave heart, you nudged and snuggled against the student’s arm, acting of a cute cat.

‘Fine but,’ The student pulled away, feeling sick. ‘Keep your boundaries you weirdo. Now what class are you going?’ You told him the class name. He nodded and lead you to it…next door. Turns out your class was right by the music class all along! ‘Ok, bye!’

Before he was about to leave, you forced him back to stay. ‘Wait, senpai, help me!’

‘What now? I’m busy!’

‘Noooo! I need you to threaten these students so they won’t pick on the late new kid!’

‘You do know threatening and blackmail is forbidden in school right?’

‘But I don’t want to get bully!’

The gang- student, student! sighed. ‘Fineeeee! Let’s get this over with.’ As soon he forced open the door, hard (poor door), you took a glimpse at what your class was like and it looked…

  • Normal (what did you expect really?)
  • A place where delinquents are
  • Damaged 'cause there’s a showdown going on!

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Chosen one: ‘Hey.’ You whispered.


‘Get me out and I’ll give you as many coffee you want.’



… Ha, you thought picking this will get you somewhere! :rofl:

(Meaning game over. Pick again)

  • Pick the same option (maybe the 2nd time might be different)
  • Still got moves and beat the guard
  • Stop resisting and go inside the chariot prison

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Anime!: I don’t know what you were expecting but the class is just a class. You know, teacher giving lessons, students sitting and studying or some dozing off, a normal class? You’re just a normal boy/girl anyway. :roll_eyes:

‘Oi!’ The student grabbed the entire class’s attention. They turned their heads including the teacher and continued speaking. ‘Sorry for interrupting but I want to give a quick notice. Here’s this new transfer student, uh… What’s your name?’ He whispered to you which you answered back your name. ‘(Insert full name)! And (insert full name) here doesn’t like bullies or threats so if I see anyone here doing bad things to him/her, you’re dead to me got it?’

The air turned a quick chill, students were frightened or screaming, except for the teacher.

(Whoa, hello sir- I mean pic of the teacher)

‘Well, well, what do we have here? Two late students. Ones a delinquent, the other a newbie. Such a shame for you Mister/Miss (insert last name).’

‘Oh shut your mouth, Hideki. Nobody wants a captain obvious here.’

‘When will you learn Koutarou.’ Your teacher, Hideki, shook his head while Koutarou shoot daggers at him. ‘Rude, dumb guys like you will never graduate this school if they kept this up.’

‘Funny, you were once like them too, but I guess loyalty didn’t mean anything. It’s too bad you became a rotten piece of :poop: (censoring for the viewers. Wait, what viewers?)’

I don’t know about you but am I the only one who caught the informality between these guys? Oh right, how could I forget, IT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE THE SAME AGE! I KNEW HE’S NOT A KID! Hello? Anyone hear me? Seriously? You all gonna pretend Koutarou is a teen? :woman_facepalming:

Hideki wasn’t fazed at all. Ignoring Koutarou, he changed his gaze to you, expressionless on his face that you don’t know what his feelings are but felt your legs quivering. ‘Mister/Miss (insert last name), why are just you standing there? Do I need to order you to come and introduce yourself?’


  • Apologize and make introduction
  • Felt another love , adding him to your future harem
  • Defy him and stand by Koutarou side (yeah, no, or otherwise you’ll never graduate either but if loyalty is more important then be my guest)

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Chosen one: Are you sure you want that choice? You can pick the bribe option again and it’ll be different. What do you say? :wink: I got :cookie:

  • Accept the cookie and choose the bribe option again
  • Reject the Author, hard!

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Anime!: And here’s lover number 4 to your harem collection! The expressionless, cool headed teacher, Kenji Hideki!

You witnessed another background change and sound around him (who keeps saying ‘ohhh, aahhh!’ here?), thinking your teacher is hot with the way he acted.

‘Hey!’ A chubby guy shouted to you. He’s a student but what you didn’t realize is that he’s a Fudanshi (a fan boy for BL stuff) not those typical fan boys who like skimpy outfit wearing cute girls (but there is a manga club here and you don’t want to join…), and at the moment he ships Hideki and Koutarou until he noticed you’re a ship blocker. ‘Get your butt in here and do as the teacher says!’

You’re offended by his way of talking and don’t know what his problem was. Entering while glaring at the boy, you make an introduction in your weeaboo talk (I’m not gonna type your dialogue), resulting everyone giving the disgusted reaction you really need. 'Cause it’s a sign that no one loves weeaboos!

(Your classmates’ faces)

‘Now that you ruined this lovely world,’ Oh snap, did your teacher just burned you?! ‘Take your empty seat please.’


  • Take the back seat by the window (because every anime/manga does that as it’s easy when drawing and shadowing)
  • Sit in the center (but know you’re neighbors with the Fudanshi guy)
  • Tell the teacher there’s no vacant spot

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Chosen one: Here’s a :cookie:


But… I have some bad news for you…

You Died!

What did you expect it turn out?! :rofl:

Go ahead, try again!

  • Try again (3rd times the charm!)
  • Bring weapon and kill the Author
  • Pick resist option
  • Pick beat guard option

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Anime!: You scanned and not a single empty chair was there. No, wait! There’s- Aw damn it, that’s Koutarou’s seat. Stop, you cannot sit on his lap even if you want to!

Pouting (not sure to me or because of no place to sit), you called your teacher and explained.

‘Is that so? Hmm… Does anyone here like to share with Mister/Miss (insert last name)?’

The moment Hideki said it, your classmates had this dark aura around them. The Fudanshi hold up a written note saying, Stay away Bitch!. Koutarou apologetically mouthed ‘sorry’ as he refused to share. A loli had a knife up while a shota had his head upside down.

I’m sorry, a loli? Shouta? In high school? Also why is a shouta’s head upside down? Is he like possessed or something? Anyway…

You seem to understand that everyone wasn’t willing to share seats with you but doesn’t get the reason (for real? :woman_facepalming:)

‘I’ll share with him/her, sensei.’ Someone in the back raised their hand. For a second, you were happy but frowned afterwards since the person was some depressed looking girl in a hooded robe. I know I said that everyone had this dark aura around them but for hoodie girl, her aura is legit dark, pure one hundred percent :ok_hand:

‘Glad to see a volunteer.’ Indifferent, Hideki turned to you. ‘Take a seat with miss Ito or do you prefer the floors?’


  • Decided to sit on the floor because in no way you’re gonna sit with creepy girl!
  • Take a chance and sit with Ito
  • Convince your teacher for something else

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Chosen one: What is that? Why do you have a weapon in your-

We’re sorry folks for the interruption. I’m the new Author here since the old one is…resting. Don’t mind looking similar as the old one as we’re not related. (Giggling)

Where were we? Aah right, you’re going to the prison chariot. Mind choosing the option again and don’t worry, no bribing option this time :blush:

  • Still got moves and beat the guard
  • Stop resisting and go inside the prison chariot

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(This time I’m serious so we can move on. Plus I’m dead anyway since you guys killed me)

Anime!: You winced at your decision but didn’t had a choice because you dislike sitting on the floors (except your own house) as you thought there’s germs, dirt, maybe some bugs-doesn’t mean you have mysophobia. Sometimes you think highly of yourself and worth to be in quality places and things… :unamused:

‘I’ll…s-s-sit with Ito.’ You stuttered. Taking your time, you walked slower and slower, crying internally that today wasn’t your lucky day at all.

Hellloooo friend~’ Ito greeted as you finally sit with her. '‘My name is Misa Ito! What’s your name?

You gave your full name in a shaky voice which made Misa cackle like a villainous witch.

That’s a beautiful name and I’m delighted you came to this schooooool. You see, no one bother to sit with me nor they want to be friends. Are you my frienddddd~ ?


  • ‘Hell no!’ (in a deep man’s voice. Don’t ask)
  • ‘Sure???’ (Confused but goes along)
  • ‘Yeah. No. I mean yes!’ (Panic because you’re scared)
  • Calls out teacher and accuse your shady classmate

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Chosen one: Well done! Do you want a :star:? Everyone gets a :star:! :smiley:

You conserved your energy and let the guard put you in the prison chariot, thinking maybe when the timing is right you’ll use your strength and escape. At least the guard was a gentleman. He didn’t push or throw, instead he lend a hand and pat your back in comfort once you squeezed inside.

While moving, you sat at the corner and met many glaring eyes looking right into your soul. You weren’t scared but not feeling proud either.

‘I hope you rot in jail.’ One spoke.

‘I wish you go die in a fire or get executed.’ Another said.

‘I hope you get tortured in thousand needles, piercing your body and never see the sun! Then when you get lonely and starving, you can hear raging spirits screaming at your ears, haunting in your dreams and see the might dark lord conquering this world… What?’ This one came from a little boy. He’s saying like this because you let him consume too much coffee. Yes, you sold coffee to him. Don’t you remember? :confused:

The people paused but quickly ignored and return their hatred to you.


  • Try to make peace
  • Give a finger and say ‘Suck it!’
  • Put on a disguise and fool them (don’t ask. Magic)
  • Be silent and let them verbally hurt you

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Anime!: You didn’t have time to consider but answered in a unsure tone, ‘Sure???’

Misa, who was still cackling, stopped and twisted her neck towards you. ‘Youuuu… You want to be my friendddddd~ ?’ You nodded. ‘I-I-I… I’m so… Happy!

I’m not sure what just happened but there’s a bright light glowing behind Misa. The light was so huge it blinded your eyes and you swore you heard some students crying their own eyes in pain. After adjusting (and wiping off blood tears… Blood tears? :flushed:) your vision, you gasped in shock and compelled at your new friend.

She was beautiful, stunning, an angel that fell from heaven! Considering that maybe the decision ain’t so bad, you were wrong. The glow had faded as she start giggling like a manic…

Do you want to join my club and be my boyfriend/girlfrienddddddd~ ?


  • Accept both (because you’re afraid she’ll do something to you if reject)
  • Accept the club but reject her love (but keep in mind she won’t be your harem collection)
  • Accept her love but reject the club
  • Reject both (it might lead to danger though…)

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Chosen one: You shouldn’t aggravate them. Tsk, tsk, being rude won’t get you anything nice in return! :wink:

You gave a finger in front of everyone’s faces and sneered. ‘Suck it!’

The people were going to jump at you but suddenly, the ride stopped. ‘Whoa lady! There there, you did a fine job.’ The driver, another guard who patted the horse, got off and went to the backside, opening the door. ‘Everyone, go in line and come out!’

You and the people obeyed. Being last behind, there’s a chance that you can run and escape as fast until you’re out of this dreadful place.

Think carefully


  • Try your luck and run
  • Not yet the time and just quietly follow them

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Anime!: ‘Um yeah… I’ll join your club. But,’ You added. ‘sumimasen, I don’t daisuki you so let’s just stay in the friend zone. ok?’ You couldn’t see nor tell Misa’s expression since her robe covered her entire face.

Am I not good enough for your haremmmmm~ ?’ Oh :poop:, she knows!

‘Nani?! I mean what harem?’ You felt the sweats raining down from your forehead.

Never mind. Please forget what I saiddddd~’ She lifted her head and you find it chilling when she gave a creepy smile to you. ‘Though it’s a pleasure and can’t wait for you to officially join usssss~

Do you regret your decision? Was it a good choice? Nothing came to your mind while your body froze, nothing was functional. It was like Misa had some power or she was Medusa…

What are you talking about! This is school, not some fantasy world. I think you just watched too much anime or comics you silly boy/girl! :rofl:

‘Pay attention Mister/Miss (insert your last name)!’ As if like magic, you turned your attention but got hit with a chalk.

(pretend Hideki threw it like that)

Hooray, you’re dead- Oh, you’re not dead :frowning: I mean thank god :eyes:


  • Demand your teacher why Misa doesn’t get punished
  • Explain Misa’s weirdness
  • Make excuse to go to the nurse’s office
  • Accept the pain and focus on the lesson

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Sorry and thanks :woman_facepalming: (take in chat thread :stuck_out_tongue: )

Chosen one: You thought it wasn’t the right time yet and kept quiet, following them. The guard tied the rope on the prisoners’ hands and pulled, getting yours and their feet moving at a same pace.

Do you need bandage? Or water? Here, let me cuddle you- No? Continue the story? But why? (Gasp and pouts)

‘You guys don’t want to sing or anything?’ The guard asked. Silence ensued as no one was in any mood. ‘Wow, of all the prisoners we arrested, you guys are just sad. Lucky for you, we made to the dungeon folks!’ He looked behind to check any signs of fear or screams but turns out, as true what the guard stated, all the prisoners weren’t impressed. Some wished to get it over with and indifferent weather they die or not. ‘Now you guys are scaring me! Eek!’

He opened the door and on the right, another guard sitting with a table was awaiting them.

‘Welcome to the Dungeon! How may we torture you? Whipping, stretching, burn with fire, isolation? Unless if you’re a loner we got the party and crowd who really loves for a good ol chat!’

‘Hi Bob.’ Your guard greeted.

‘Hello Arthur. I see you got quite a handful here.’ The guard, Bob, noticed.

‘Yeah and they seem…bad company. Literally, they’re not really great for being prisoners.’

‘We got some new torture devices if you want.’

‘Nah, I just want each of them locked up in the normal cells except,’ Arthur pointed at you. ‘that one! You can have him/her put whichever torture room you choose.’


  • Protest the unfairness
  • Accept it because you can handle the pain!
  • Take the chance to escape, NOW!

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Anime!: There’s a mark on your forehead; the speed and force from a small chalk made it red but also swollen to the size of a ant hill. Never mess with Hideki and his power of the booty!

‘This shall not repeat again or you’ll end up expelled, permanently.’ Hideki stressed. The entire class sniggered at you but you didn’t pay mind to it. You were actually conflicted between not getting into trouble again or get away from Misa who’s emitting a dark laugh right now.

Baka, think! You thought. Oh, I got it!

‘Sensei!’ You shouted while raising your hand straight. ‘I got a boo-boo and needs treatu! So may I have your permission to go to the nurse’s office?’

‘Please sensei, let him/her go!’

‘Yeah, we don’t want this weeaboo crap!’

‘For the love of god, help me!’

Hideki watched his students’ misery (you just came here for a short time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Though I can understand them) and nodded. ‘Alright, you may leave. However, I expect you to be here in exactly thirty minutes.’

‘Hai! Arigatou sensei!’ You bowed and jumped out of class. Muffled cheers was heard after you left but you was cheering yourself inside your mind and didn’t notice. Somehow, you know the way to the Nurse’s office and with a big smile, you opened and say, ‘Konichiwa Sakura-san!’

How do you know her name? How do you even know the Nurse’s office? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We’ll talk about that later. Anyway, you greeted with a loud voice and you saw…

  • A battle happening!
  • Nurse with another student
  • Nurse murdered (this one came up just random)

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Chosen one: You took the cue to escape outside but Arthur pulled you back, making you fall on the floor.

‘Really mate? You’re gonna escape with your hands tied? I’m disappointed in you.’ He picked and carried you on his shoulder with ease. Moving in that position, he led the prisoners to their own cell, locked with one hand, leaving just you and Arthur. ‘Sorry for giving the ‘special treatment’ but you started it and hearing from William, you caused plenty of death tolls.’

‘Oh come on!’ You yelled.

‘Ok, tell you what,’ The guard just dropped you which your butt received pain. ‘I’m gonna let you free and you can get out.’ He opened the door, revealing outside. It seemed suspicious to you. Why would the guard let a criminal (but you’re not a criminal) free? ‘Go on, out you go.’

Even you were cautious and didn’t trust the guard, you took his offer and ran. As you run, trees and more trees were the only things surrounding the area. You couldn’t believe it was the forest since you have to be out of town to go there and the dungeon isn’t even close to the outer line!

Woof woof!

Your ears perked up, alarmed. You knew this was a trap and this was a hunting game. The dogs were very far but anytime soon they would catch up and mauled you to pieces. Cursing, you went left, right, straight, rounding in circles but to no avail there wasn’t a way to freedom.

Sighing, you…

  • Grab a stick and fight the dogs
  • Try running again
  • Climb a tree
  • Let the dogs kill you

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Anime!: The nurse murdered! :scream:

What? Don’t look at me! Maybe it was you! How? Well you know the nurse and where the office is! It can’t be a coincidence- Wait, shh!

Listening carefully, somewhere in this room you can hear a chuckle. Behind the curtain, there’s a silhouette figure and judging by it you thought it could be a boy. Not wanting to be guilty, you slide the curtain in one swift movement, revealing a boy on the bed!

He was holding a bitten apple- Apple? Oh no…

‘Oh? You found me! Congrats (insert first name)-san. Care for a apple?’ He handed you the bitten one, hoping you accept.

No! Slap it away! Don’t take any of his ‘apples’! Good, good, listen to me.

‘Aww, why did you slap a perfectly delicious fruit? Maybe you knew it was a Death apple?’

The boy’s crazy laugh gave you chills but not much scarier than Misa’s. In fact, it kind of made you annoyed. ‘After being betrayed by my brother, the Kurosaki clan are all dead. I’m the only flesh and blood to redeem the name back! But how you may ask? I had help with me and after dealing with the devil, he gave me the ultimate weapon- No, weapons to kill my targets. Like this Death apple, Death album which I composed and sang and Death headphones, the only tool you can listen to my song!’


  • Counterattack with your horrible life and evil plan
  • Give a thumbs up
  • Join his revenge
  • Slap him

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Chosen one: You climbed a tree and waited for the dogs. Night had befall and here came the dogs!

Awww, they’re so cute! Come and pet them (insert your name)! What, I’m crazy? But doggies :frowning: Ohhhh, you’re a cat person! Got it :wink: Why are you facepalming? :confused:

There were so many barking, and jumping to reach for their meat. You try to guess if you could jump to the next tree but chances are either success or slip and become meal for them. Not taking the risk, you shouted at the sky in frustration. The loud echo could have frighten these mutts away but they were indifferent.

Exhausted, tired, upset, many mixed emotions overwhelmed you as tears welled up your eyes.

This doesn’t mean the story ends you know :wink: Let kind Author give some support!

And like magic, a earthquake began rumbling. The brave dogs still didn’t run away but the tree was growing. You held onto the branch and waited 'til it stopped. When it was over, opening one eye, you peeked down and…nothing changed.

‘What in the…world?’ While the bottom was same, the tree top grew taller with more branches spurting out. Your jaw dropped and slapped your face to see if it was a dream. Magic was impossible in Non Savior. It wasn’t because it was cursed or the village forbid sorcery-in fact, they welcome them-and detest witches or warlocks. It was more of how unlucky it was that one time a person tried magic, end up backfired and killed. Even a small magic ruined someone too :smiley: (Don’t smile? Sorry)

Climb young one~

Caught off guard, you nearly was off balanced. A unrecognizable female voice spoke into your head.


  • Talk back to the voice
  • Try to solve how the lady got into your head through the next day
  • Climb as the lady told you to do

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Anime!: ‘I want to join your revenge! MUHAHAHAHA! KEKEKEKE!’

The evil boy stopped his laugh and grimaced at you. ‘What the hell is that? First, your laugh is distasteful and you can’t be my accomplice nor you’re not evil enough to be a top anime villain.’


  • Counterattack your evil life
  • Give a thumbs up
  • Slap him

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