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alright it’s the second time I’m doing this. haven’t made graphics on wattpad in about half a year since my last shop closed, but I’m here again even though the timing for myself is awful because I’m still a full-time student. anyway.

Yes, covers and banners are free until I can come up with a payment . The only requirement is that you must credit me for the cover/banner.

Warning: I am actually somewhat busy outside of this, so it may take me a while to get to your request. It also depends on the number of requests I’m working on at once. Also, be aware that I may use some stock images and nonstock images so you shouldn’t be making any money off my covers/banners. If you do want me to only use stock images in your cover/banner for any reason other than monetary gain, just let me know.

Your story doesn’t have to be posted but if I have requests for stories that are already posted, I’ll probably give that priority.

I might be a bit picky with which requests I accept because I’m also a full time student. That being said, I might be somewhat arbitrarily accepting/denying requests depending on my mood, but the reason will tend to be if I’m feeling inspired after looking over your request or not.

With all of that out of the way, here are my examples.



*everything on the form is technically optional to fill out but generally the more information, the better. I may have to work with you on some compromises though. Feel free to add whatever else you want to specify at the end of the form.

mmmkay thanks bye


Does the story need to be posted?

would be preferred but no.
(gonna add this to my first post)
if i have requests for stories that are already posted, I’ll probably give that priority though.


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Hello, i was wondering if you’d be able to two covers for me. They’re both from the same series and id like for them to have a similar look to each other, if that makes sense. If you’re able to do this then thank you so much!

title: Sacredly Pure

author: Charlize Gilkison

mood/genre: Fantasy

faceclaims: I dont have any face claims but i do have a description of the characters.
Noen: Noen is an Alpha Lycan, He is very tall and muscular. Noen has dark hair, golden eyes and is tan. He loves to dress in black. (If you cant get golden eyes then thats fine.)
Lena: Lena is a werewolf, she is around 5’6 and is slim. She has long black hair with blue eyes. Lena has light skin.

summary: Lena is the Alpha’s sister, she grew up strong and determined. At a meeting with all the alphas of the northern region, the Lycan Kings messenger interrupts with an annoucement that the King is holding a mating trial, one women from each pack will be selected. Lena’s cousin Ruby gets selected and wins the mating trails.
3 weeks before the bonding ceremony of Ruby and the King, Lena is to take the pack warriors to the Kings kingdom for new training. During her stay at the Kings kingdom she runs into the King and they realize that they’re mates. Not wanting to hurt her cousin, Lena runs away from her mate and avoids him until their could no longer be ignored.

title: Foreign Hope

author: Charlize Gilkison

mood/genre: Fantasy

character descriptions:
Nathan: He is Noen’s younger brother. Like Noen, Nathan is tall and muscular but not as muscular and Noen. Nathan has green eyes and dark hair, he is also tan like Noen.
Hope: Hope is a shy 5’4 18 year old werewolf. She has light blonde hair and grey eyes, she is also tan like Nathan.

summary: Hope is an 18 year old girl who attends Moon Falls High school with other werewolves and humans. Nathan King is the younger brother of the Lycan king. The king instructs for Nathan to go to Moon Falls and do an inspection to make sure everything is running smoothly. When Nathan sees Hope and realizes she is his mate he decides to stick around as the schools new history teacher.
Hope’s problem with Nathan being her mate is that Hope already has a werewolf mate, making the situation more complicated.

I like the similarities of the covers and how the moon stays consistent which id like on my covers.
image image

I like how the couple in this cover is positioned with the man in front and the woman behind him.

Thank you for your time!

text: E D W A R D
Sub: Thank You For Reading

images/ideas: I really like your banner “Ocean Eyes” and was hoping to get something similar; but have different versions of Harry Styles on the banner, have maybe a dark alleyway or just a cool background like “Ocean Eyes”. I don’t have any preference for the photos but I know I want pictures of Harry Without the beard and mustache but not too young. I would like yellow, black, and white incorporated into the background. The subtitle should be above the title.

mood/colors: Gloomy/Dark

accepted! I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible

hi! I’ll accept your request but i forgot to add this on the form (i’m putting it in now): do you need the banner to be any specific size/ratio?

Nope. Any size works

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Thank you so much!!

title: Hate To See Your Heart Break

subtitle: A Harry Styles Fanfiction

author: Laura Ann Lee


faceclaims: Harry Styles

pictures/ideas/inspo: I was thinking the cover could be something along the lines of this or this, with Harry on it (preferably a recent picture of Harry but remove the facial hair). Or something like this, which I made and is pretty crappy I only want Harry on the cover.

summary: A friend whose in love with her best friend who was just broken up with.

Thank you. Could I possibly get a matching banner with the title and authors name too. I’ll do extra payment.

i was able to do the first one I’m iffy on the faceclaims but i couldn’t find good stock pictures

Thank you!

Title: Wielders
Subtite: Everything has a price
author: Arcticwolf354
mood/genre: magic/fantasy, maybe set at night?
faceclaims: None, but description: Teen boy, dirty brown hair, medium build. His sister is 2 years older with long brown hair
pictures/ideas/inspo: Not really anything concrete, but maybe a a dark hooded man overlooking a city with the teen boy standing on the street, and the sister kinda faded on the side? I don’t really know what I want
Summary: James is hiding his magic from the government, as they hunt down Wielders to use in their wars or missions, but he is also hiding from another group, someone who is trying to assassinate every Wielder in the world. He get’s caught up in a hidden war, and has to choose what to do.

My book isn’t currently on wattpad, but will be hopefully within the next month or so.

sorry don’t think i’ll do this one

and here’s the second one
btw i did update the first one just a little bit so it matches more (i just moved over where the moon was. link should still be the same)

Didnt mean to skip over yours, but accepted

It’s okay. And thank you!

That’s a beautiful cover :heart_eyes:
May I ask what font you used for the title?

thanks! the font i used is called amethyst

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