Another idea for a supervillain (may need help)

I was thinking of someone sorta conspiratorial like Amon from The Legend of Korra or Screenslaver from Incredibles 2, but I can’t come up with a name/power. I was thinking of a giant fan-wielding villain named “The Fan”, but that might be too silly.

I wouldn’t say that fans are necessarily silly, particularly the metal sort that create massive gusts of wind and cut people in half. I would, however, consider coming up with a new name. What are your villains goals? Perhaps they are derived fromt that (like screen-slaver) or just their real name/alias like Amon.

That being said, while giant fans can be cool, I"m not sure if that’s what I’d go for if I was making a more conspiracy/rebel character. Something like power-stealing, shape-shifting mind control, body control (Villain controls their body, but they are aware what is happening), or Gravity Manipulation might be cool.

Well I WAS thinking of Fangirl, but that would just be WAY too silly and on-the-nose.

Have her be a Kung-fu type villain and her fan be one of the weapons.

Here’s what I do in my book of powers:

    Select one power from the list

    Use this to help you come up with the character name.