Another question about the policy of Wattpad

Hi, everyone. I had posted a question about the policy about political issue before. It was a great help! Now I have another question regarding using Wattpad as story background.

I have a fictional story that happens in Wattpad society. The story is very mild. Just about one of my fans sending me messages and leaving comments from Wattpad, then I start to know her better. There is no romance, no violence in it. And “the fan” will be a fictional character with a fake username.

However, I want to make the story seems as real as possible. So I would really like to use Wattpad as the background. Of course I can use a fake website like or something, but I really love to use Wattpad as the platform. I am not even planning to get reads for this novel. It’s just something I like to write out.

So now my question is, will Wattpad allow writers to use it as a communication platform in a fiction? Of course I will never put this website in a bad way. I am just considering the copyright or trademark issues. Anyone has advice for this? Thank you!

I have no bearing on Wattpad’s decisions, so take this with a grain of salt.

I don’t see why not. As long as you aren’t planning on publishing it on a different platform and aren’t slandering it in any way. My friend @eliyeda write’s a romance that starts on Wattpad and I’ve seen a few stories here and there that use Wattpad as a platform in their novels.

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Appreciate your answer! I only read one novel like that by AliciaM22, and she’s an ambassador. So I am not sure if what I am about to do is OK or not. Now I know there are others doing the same. I feel much more at ease!

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I personally don’t think you’ll have any issues since my friend hasn’t, and stories like My Wattpad Love have over 40 million views and I’m sure HQ has seen that one around given it’s popularity.

Though if you ever planned to publish it, it’d probably be relatively easy to just go and search + replace Wattpad with some fictional website.

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Haha! I really love the idea of a story happens here, because I like this community and people in it. A replaceable website simply sounds really sour for me.
You know, when a good idea comes out while staring at the Wattpad webpages, I really want to present it as the way I had thought.
:hot_face:40 million views?! Wow! I will count myself lucky for this to have 400 views.

That stories been up for YEARS, though. Granted, I noticed a user that joined four months ago and has a million reads. Witchcraft, I tell ya.

As long as it’s kept on Wattpad, you’ll be fine, I think.

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Like what @witchoria said. I don’t think you’ll haveva problem. In my story, my MCs meet through a thread in the forums and continue a good part of it talking through wattpad chats. Then they even publish a book together on Wattpad and such. And i haven’t been reported or anything, but then again, this story only makes sense in Wattpad world, so I don’t plan on publishing it somewhere else. Overall I’m pretty sure you’re fine.

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Wow! Thank you for explaining it in details! Now I have quite a lot of confidence to just write the story out. :smile:
This community is so unique and friendly. I don’t really want this story happens in any other platforms.

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You won’t have any issue unless you try to publish for real, then you may need to contact HQ for written permission. As long as it’s posted on Wattpad you’ll be fine. There’s been several stories over the years set in Wattpad, a couple that HQ at the time was even reading, so you’ll be fine. Well unless you try to make Wattpad the devil or some other mean entity. Then they might get upset.


You won’t have this kind of issue from me. Instead I want to tell everyone how lovely the Wattpad community is. It has a major plot point that everyone in Wattpad organize some sort of charity.

Then I have no doubt in my mind you’ll be fine.


There’s been stories before on Wattpad that involves Wattpad that get really popular.

But I don’t think Wattpad would be too welcoming of a story that you’ve heavily based off of someone you know, on Wattpad. You’re essentially trying to plagiarizing her as a person, into a character. You know exactly who I am talking about and you absolutely need to stop harassing her. Stop PMing her friends about her if you’re muted. Stop pretending you’re looking out for her because you’re only making her more scared. This won’t make sense to anyone else who doesn’t know what’s going on–but you understand perfectly well what I mean.

You said you’d leave her alone, so stay true to your word and leave her and her friends alone, and don’t write a story about her like she’s some doll you can do whatever you want with. Writing a character where there’s clear evidence that she’s based off of someone real is also grounds for suing.

There’s a fine line between fan and creep. A very fine line. And you’ve gone beyond the point where anyone should bother being “polite” and not air this for everyone to see. Your behavior’s asked for it.


I am so glad that you are telling me this! And thank you for choosing this thread as the place to talk!

I am leaving her alone. I think I already made it very very obvious. I will keep that promise and stay well away from her. You can relax.

Yeah, you are correct about the names issue. Right now I see it’s too obvious. So I changed all the names. Do I have more to change?

Actually the story itself has nothing to do with her. I am not using her as a model. I don’t really know her. I just feel kinda funny to put the names there. At that time it seems a good idea. Of course now it seems very sour. Well, but the character is my own creation! You are just being too sensitive about it. Sue me all your want, there is no base at all !

I really don’t see any similarity between my character and her besides the age, unless she’s really dying?
Do I have to stop writing all teenager girls?

So you want her to stay in the la-la land? You want to let her wandering in a dark jungle and not knowing beasts are lurking around? I mean, I see them and I think I have the duty of warning her. That’s what a friend is supposed to do, right? Maybe she’s scared, but it’s better than falling into a trap.

You made it very obvious that you said you were going to leave her alone. You’re right!

And then you didn’t. You continued to PM her and ask for ‘help’. And then talk about her ‘subtly’ in other threads, and drop in on her thread to shove your story that was about her, in her face. You can’t even keep to your own word. But, sure, keep denying that your brilliant idea has nothing to do with her.

Have you ever once considered you’re the type of predator you’re trying to “warn” her about? Calling her special, obsessively trying to keep in contact with her, complimenting her nonstop, PMing her, and then PMing her friends? You’re the trap. I don’t care what your intentions were nor have been. Your behavior is what matters, and your behavior points to you being the predator. Does this sound out of context? I bet it does. And ironically enough, taking it out of context like this makes it sound much better than everything you’ve been doing in detail.

I won’t comment on this further because I know WP is going to want to deal with it themselves, and I sure hope they do. You should be banned. Muting does not go far enough with you.

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Like I said in the last message, I received mix signals, and I thought everything is back to normal. I didn’t know the whole grudging is still there, just by posting a message?

The ‘help’ is just getting a first name, which you can do in 5 seconds. Can that really count that as “harassment”? That’s so new for me.

Plus, the ‘help’ was asked before I knew she’s pissed. If I knew that, I wouldn’t have asked for it.

Once again, the story has nothing to do with her. I gave the name like that just out of convenience and fun.
The whole thing goes sour only because now you and she are pissed. When you are angry with someone, you will see things way way over blown.

Maybe you don’t know the details. After I told her I will stay away from her. She broke the silence and sent me a PM thanking me, and say she wishes to see me in the Wattpad in another time. Reading that message I thought she’s no longer angry at me. I thought the whole issue was passed. That’s why I post new messages in her thread. If she doesn’t want to talk to me, why she sent me the PM?
I was ready to stay away from her in the first message already. It was her new PM made me come back. Otherwise why would I bother?

If she’s not special, why you are even talking to me here? You have the same kind of mindset, or maybe even worse. I have done nothing wrong. All my behavior is just. And “complementing her nonstop” is not the truth. I got in this big trouble because I criticize her work, she got angry and now the whole thing blows up in my face.

Well, you don’t want to talk about your own obsession? Fine, but I don’t think I will get banned because you are so jealous. Relax, pal, how many times I have to say I will stay away from her?

You are so delusional. “If she’s not special, why are you even talking to me here?” She’s a human being and a teenaged girl. When people see cases like this, they don’t jump in because the subject of harassment is special. The behavior you’re putting out is that of a predator. It’s that simple. The piece in part one of your new story is literally what you sent her, and based off of all of that, and the PMS you’ve sent her regarding names and such, the story is based off the interactions you’ve had with her. You’re not able to get your fantasy here on Wattpad with her, so you’re going to write it into your story?

You didn’t get into this trouble because you criticized her work. She was uncomfortable with the idea of sharing her story with someone else from the get-go, but you were adamant. And instead of being a productive co-writer, you found ways to critique her story—something she was never open to. The problem is that you think this is all because you criticized her story when the real issue is that you are clearly not right in the head, knowing this teenager is in a vulnerable time of her life and may be easily swayed by older men such as yourself.

There is no obsession here. There are people actually concerned about protecting her from creeps instead of feigning worry because they’re actually obsessed. Jealousy has nothing to do with it; this is about protecting a minor. I hope you understand what that word means, pal, because this is serious shit. It’s concerning that you think none of your behavior is wrong, and if WP doesn’t ban you, I do hope you come to your senses and stay away from teenage girls.

Thank you! You seems more a reasonable person here, and your words do have the merits. I am reading it carefully and trying to find out the issue I am having.
I hope you and I have a lot more to talk about this. Please don’t just go away.

I told her some info about my part 1. What’s wrong with that? I mean I had a new story in my mind, and I shared the rough idea with my friend. Is this violating any rules in Wattpad? I think the only problem is that I didn’t know my friend was already angry with me. So anything I sent to her becomes a harassment.

I only know she’s so angry this morning. Before that, I was thinking from a friend’s angle.

The PM is just about getting a first name, which I don’t really care. It can be anything, but since it’s I thought I was still friends with her, so I asked her about giving me a first name. I don’t really see anything wrong with it.

The story is not based on the interaction with her. It’s the interaction between a cancer patient and a writer. This cancer patient thinks things in a much more mature way. She’s very strong, and she’s not moody. The character is completely not the same.

Also, why it’s not OK to write things base on what I see and what I read on the forum? Are those interactions all trademarked and copyright protected? Like someone said, “XDDDD”, then I cannot use it? I was doing the teenager research, and everyone, including her, should already know about it.
They should know that I might write the interactions in my novel. I claimed so openly about this. Now you are telling me I cannot use any of those interaction? Based on what rule? Why I cannot write any teenage girl if she’s similar to anyone on the forum? Also, you do need to provide the similarity to prove your point. I failed to see any similarity besides the age.

Too bad you haven’t read further into the new novel. This is not a fantasy for her. This is a fantasy between me and my readers, which she never is.

You think this is the real issue? Then you don’t really know the whole thing. You are just adding your own imagination to it.
She’s uncomfortable for that idea, so I did apologize profusely for that, and she forgave me. I am not holding any grudge over that. I was thinking “it could be a good idea. If not, well, I have other things to write.”
Later I criticize her work, because it was something I had for a long time, ever since the first chapter I wanted to tell her the problem. It’s just the timing is very bad, and as your said, “teenager is vulnerable”. What I didn’t expect is that she is THIS vulnerable. Well, again, that is a bitter lesson I learned.

Guys. I think that’s enough.

Let HQ do its thing and we’ll go from there.
And let me clarify some things before everything gets more wild:

You could’ve just asked and I don’t know how many times I’ve emphasized that I needed space. And I was nice enough to reply to you at the end because I wanted to end a good note. I didn’t want to seem like I just left you on read.

You knew that I didn’t like critiques before you even mentioned about William because of my past with them. Why didn’t you just respect that?

You should’ve asked how I felt. Then maybe, this whole thing wouldn’t have been like this.

And apologies might’ve been ok, but it wasn’t enough at that point and it definitely isn’t enough at this point. I hope you understand the stress that I have went through this past week.

But that novel that you wrote, it’s definitely not a coincidence anymore. Sorry to put that out there and now, I’m terrified.

This is so strange! What is the reason you feel terrified? I am just writing a story that I felt deeply moving. It literately have nothing to do with you at all.

It’s so strange that when I am writing a story praising Wattpad community is a nice place and filled with hope and friendship, then this kind of weird accusations just piled up at me. It makes the feeling so sour!

but you’re using my name

like, why?