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To be honest, I wouldn’t let it bother you that much. If they feel good about their own writing and create fake accounts to amp up their reads, fine. Personally I don’t want to trick myself like that. My first and only book has recently hit 1K reads and none of them are my own. And I can be proud of it. It is all because people liked it enough to start and maybe even finish it. And not because I faked the whole thing.

So, in my opnion. One can only be truly proud on their achievements if they haven’t cheated on their numbers :wink:

But everyone can do what they want ofcourse.


no doubt people do- but also I don’t think it’s worth the energy to care

They’ll always know their own reads were from themselves. You can feel better knowing you work was actually read and enjoyed by people.


I too have noticed weird instances and it’s annoying, but I see stuff that shouldn’t be happening all over the place. I guess at the end of the day, you’re spending your time promoting your book and growing organically while others are wasting their time reading and voting for their work off of several accounts instead of cultivating new readership. I guess that says something about their confidence. It’s sad for them, but I think that’s the extent of it.


I was wondering about that too!
Not that it matters, but I do think it’s a little funny. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


First I’m hearing of this, but honestly I’m not surprised. It’s so hard to break through to an audience here, no wonder folks are desperate.


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Yeah, I think you guys are totally right. It shouldn’t really affect my own confidence. I am sad though because I feel like that’s probably affected the discoverability of some of my fave buddies here! I’ll just have to show extra love to my favorite stories and books


True! There’s a lot of competition out there.


I understand. It’s unfair. I can think of a couple books and authors who have recognition because of questionable/“illegal” tactics they use to promote their own work and it does annoy me because i can’t speak for my own work—I’m obviously biased, but I know sooo many writers out there who deserve the kind of recognition these books are getting through doing things they shouldn’t even be doing on the platform and it annoys me because I wished things were fair for the people who play by the rules and make great content.
But it be that way sometimes


Amen. It really do be like that sometimes.

I do wonder if there’s any way Wattpad could tell that 40 different profiles are coming from the same computer, but I’m secretly a grandpa in a 22-year-old female body, so I don’t know anything about computers/if that’s possible.


Lol Me too too sis big mood.

Can you kids use your fancy gadgets to catch these wattpad cRIMINALS?!?! shakes cane in the air


They probably could, but also I don’t think Wattpad would care enough, since they aren’t directly paying us or anything like that. What do they care if you spend 8 hours a day giving yourself reads of 40 accounts.


They could also promote their stories through sys threads. It may go slower but that is how I did it. Lots of patience and being active


How petty, and embarrassing! To craft a fake account t to talk to yourself and big up your own work…

Personally I find that lame. I also find it shameless to craft a dummy account then ask people to follow them, but then ask you not to follow the following dummy account, but to follow the real one. Thus proving that they have zero interest in you, your work or your updates, they just want real follows and fake fame.

Honestly, I have not time for that, nor am I so egotistical as to make fake accounts and use them as listed above…its just sad.

I want REAL fellow weirdos to read my stuff, and I want to see updates of the people I want to follow. Anything else is just pathetic.

The only way to get more readers, is to write better content, and to interface with your genre community.


I have another account but it’s solely for fanfiction. I don’t use it to boost reads (I have no books up atm, but that’s not the point). I didn’t want to clutter this account with fanfictions and original books and I like the system I have for each account. Some people have other accounts for their different genres but idk if they use them to boost reads on their separate account.


It’s possible to detect whether activity is coming from the same device (via things like IP, cookies, device name & specs, etc.), but it’s unreliable. Even then, you might get one person using multiple devices (like switching between a computer and a phone) or multiple people sharing the same device. So even if you could track activity across multiple accounts from a single device, you can’t reliably say that activity is the same person.

If Wattpad tried to block multiple accounts on a single device, it would be easy for cheaters to get around (IPs and cookies are easy to subvert, and while device specs are harder to spoof, they’re also harder to collect, and I doubt anybody would use Wattpad if you had to install any more complex sort of tracking software). Blocking X number of accounts on any one device (assuming you could even do that) would hurt people who share a device, either at home or at work, school, the library, etc. Making logging in harder in order to deter people from rapidly changing accounts would also annoy every other user trying to log in. Similarly, any other easy solution would annoy normal users and not really solve the problem.

TLDR: from the opinion of someone who’s worked with tech stuff, there’s not an easy solution to this problem. IDK if that’s unnecessary info, but hopefully that answers your question.


That does answer my question, thank you! :slight_smile:


Omg I actually laughed. There’s one thing to make a fake account and give yourself votes, but it takes a whole other kind of desperate to have a conversation with yourself about your own book :joy:

Tbh I don’t think you should worry about it as much. There are so many books on Wattpad to be discovered, with so many different ranks. No one has the time or patience to create multiple accounts that would get their story any more than 100 reads.

And if they do have the time and patience then… :grimacing:


This isn’t surprising at all. People will do anything for reads. :roll_eyes: Even something as lame as this.


To be very honest, I’ve seen a plenty. Even I’ve people who only follow me and read my books but, they’re someone whom I personally know also, there are many whom I have no idea about. It’s very strange and gets me real bad because I’ve been bullied by such accounts too.

There are authors who do that to increase their followers, comments, and votes. I wish there was something we could do about it because it’s kind of getting out of hands with those awards that are based on readers votes.

People make fake profiles to bully the person they don’t like, it has happened to me too! It’s makes me sick to see such things.

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