Any advice on uploading chapters?

Hello, first off thanks for taking the time to help me out!

I’m currently writing a Fantasy (teen fiction) story that has 3000+ words (not over 4000) per chapter and I’ve also written quite a bit ahead and figured every Fridays would be a good upload day but now I’m wondering if I should up upload sooner or keep it the way it is.

It might be me getting giddy trying to get my starter chapters out but I don’t know. In the perspective of a reader please give me what would keep you interested and what’s preferable.

Thanks so much!


I think once a week is great! Your chapters are decently lengthy, too so they won’t feel robbed!

I post two chapters every Monday, but that’s because my word count is 1500-2000 Per chapter, usually.


The thing that matters the most when uploading serially is consistency not frequency. So once a week, twice a week, thrice, doesn’t matter so long as you’re always doing it, without fail.


I agree with Nick. As long as you are consistently updating, your readers will be happy.


Seeing as how the target audience is teens, I think Friday (or Saturday) would be fine. Especially if you try to get them out around 3 PM your time Friday, or around noon your time on Saturdays.