Any book trailer designers accepting requests?

Just as the title says. I really want two trailers.( it’s been a while since I posted on here. So I’m sorry if this is not allowed :pleading_face:) one is Dark Fantasy and the other is horror. Of course I can fill out forms supplied to me and do any payment necessary. It’s just been a while since I ordered any graphic so I cannot think of one. If you’re taking requests pls let me know :blush: thank you and have a good day!

Ops, I would love to see some examples please!

Here it goes :sweat:

Hi! I don’t personally make trailers, though I know of a few good trailer makers here on Wattpad (I linked the trailer books, where people can request)!

  1. T R A I L E R S H O P new open free (teasers and trailers)
  2. AnJayy Films (full/mid length trailers)
  3. Wavy Trailers (teasers and trailers- closed for catch up right now)
  4. Kissing Flames Trailer Shop (in the MDC)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you, it’s better than nothing . I’ll definitely check them out! :blush:

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Just my genre :blush: I’m offering a free one on this thread here if it peaks my interest, because I need new examples to showcase.

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Which one is your genre? Also nice! I’ll definitely go and fill out a form! :blush:

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Both of them :slight_smile: dark fantasy/paranormal/horror is the genre that I write, so it’s usually the style I feel most comfortable with doing for trailers

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Bloop! I’m currently trying to find faceclaims once I get that I’ll feel out the forms!


Just to let you know, posting request threads in the MDC isn’t allowed!

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Yeah, it’s been a while… since I’ve remembered all the rules for the threads. My bad. I’ve on the old thread. But even than I couldn’t remember. Thank you for letting know though :blush: