Any fantasy or survival/apocalypse stories?

No problems!! I’ll give feedback to every suggested story I get here ^^

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Thanks a lot for shating! ^^ (I have already heard of the book The Virus Within, I haven’t started reading it yet…)

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Thank you for giving this story a try :heart:

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You should totally read it! It’s awesome. Anything by Crystal is awesome, to be honest

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Awesome! :smile:

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Thank you :blush:

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Hmm, a wee book of mine does tick the checklist for fantasy, medieval, and has a heavy survival theme
there is a little bit of romance though, which hopefully won’t dominate much of the plot (it’s a wip)
Ah, and a kissing scene which might be awkward to read in work…

Okay, it might not be your cup of tea at all :joy: might be someone’s though?

For Vaun, roaming the land, spreading stories of wonder and mystery, is the highest form of freedom one could have. When a foreign power invades with a strict regime, not only is his way of life endangered, but he begins to lose everything he held dear. In a desperate attempt to flee his oppressors and fight for survival, he journeys to the magical city of old, now a barren wasteland of toxicity. With the magic wrongly believed to be extinct, this new adventure will prove to be a story that he’ll never forget.

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If you don’t mind me recommending my own book, I think my current project Nightfire is a fairly good match for what you’re looking for :smile: It’s currently at 18 posted chapters and is ongoing (updated every week). There is romance but it’s low-key and not part of the main plot. There are three main PoV characters, and one of the main threads follows someone from 21st century earth, with magical potential, in an unfamiliar world (which has a medieval feel to it, though does differ since it is alternate world). No worries if it’s not your kind of thing, but I thought I’d put it forward since it seems to match your criteria :blush:

Fear the dark. Bar the doors. Don’t breathe a word. Wait for the Hooded Men to save you.

The people of Nictaven live in fear of the night; governed by magic no one save a few can control, in a land plagued by demons and cannibal tribes, and isolated from all other worlds for centuries, they’re right to. Only the Unspoken, a secretive guild of warriors linked with the land and its magic, provide any safety when darkness falls. For centuries, it has stayed like this.

But in an abandoned crypt worlds away, Jordan Haverford is about to change that.

It wasn’t quite the holiday he had been hoping for.

Plunged into a world where who you are and what you believe can kill you, a world of demons and myths made real and knives in the dark and wars fought from behind the doors of the rich, Jordan’s gentle Oxford upbringing isn’t quite sufficient preparation. Instantly a pawn in a political game, he finds himself in the company of an Unspoken who has an uncanny knack for finding the Gifted - and Jordan can’t seem to get rid of him.

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Hi! My story is high fantasy with medieval inspired setting, currently has 4 parts with 28 chapters on Wattpad, 3 main MCs in the chapters on Wattpad (soon to introduce another 1 or 2, and another MC in the distant future), and romance does not take a big part in the story (although love is a strong motivation for one of the MCs, but no lovey-dovey/smut/romance).

Title: The Sun’s Tears
Short summary: Laelia Darkwood, princess of the elves of ArBrae, has always heard about the cursed human princess Aebbé who lived more than a millennium before Laelia was born and then vanished without a trace. Although very few facts were known about the lost princess, Laelia thought of her as a heroine: strong, independent, and kind. Join Laelia as she goes on an unexpected journey that would expose the mystery of the lost human princess’ disappearance and take her world closer to the brink of a dooming war.

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@colourthestars is the author

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Title: A World Untold
Author: Mystique Shadow
Summary: An eighteen-year-old girl transmigrated in a different body and in a different world.
Genre: Fantasy

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Before Noon is a great apocalyptic book set in current times.

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If you like fantasy and post-apocalyptic stories, you might like my novel.
Title: The Blue Empire
Chapters: 14 (but I have already written all of it, I am just now adding the story to Wattpad as I edit)
Summary: Finnian Andrews lives in a world that is overrun with people’s nightmares come to life. His purpose is to fight those nightmares and to kill the Blue Wolves who create them. Suddenly, his life changes dramatically, and he discovers the world isn’t just overrun by nightmares; it is overrun with dangerous secrets.
Please check it out :slight_smile:

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Hey! Someone tagged me here and so I thought I’d share my book, Rich Kids and Zombies :slight_smile:

Title: Rich Kids and Zombies
Chapters: 8
Summary: When America is suddenly hit by a mysterious virus that turns all the infected into mindless, flesh-eating zombies, no one is more surprised than eight of the richest, snobbiest, and most incapable kids you’ll ever meet.

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This is the life of Nesryn, sixth daughter of the Faxum’s kin, both Cold and Beast, female of the Mountains.

This story isn’t about love.
It’s about blood dying the snow,
The whiteness of Winter,
The solitude of broken hearts,
And the tearing from inside out.
But it’s also about orange moments,
Lavender scents,
The blooming of tulips,
And the flowing of ice cold water cleaning fresh wounds.
The Blues came to take the Redness away.

They say that at the beginning of it all, there were three Moons -the Blood, the Pure and the Wild-. By himself, the Sun had created humans, a weak race that filled his land. Once mated to the Blood, they gave life to a new race, the Colds, who fed on blood of any kind to live; they erased most humans, so the Sun banished them from his sight, leaving them only to walk when their Moon is up. After her, he mated the Pure, she gave him a breed like no other, bound to be human on his watch, and Beast under hers; werewolves, werebears, werefoxes and others, half human yet half Beast.
While the Sun was busy mating with his Moons, the third one, the Wild, watched from afar. She had fallen for the Sun before all her sisters mated him, she had been there for him every single step of the way, yet he didn’t even spare her a glance. Under the influence of envy and hatred, the Wild started behaving with malice, creating different breeds who lived little to no time. She needed something better if she wanted to call the Suns attention, so she mated the Night. The ruthless and savage Night, he raped and mended the Wild to his wants and needs, all under the Suns watch who couldn’t care less about her.
Broken as she was, the Wild took her own life, finding her long awaited peace in the arms of Death. But not before giving the Night many breeds, born from their malice, ruthless and savage ways. This the Sun noticed, so he ordered his own to fight for him, but they couldn’t, most of them died during those years. That’s why the Colds live in the deep South were the winter never ends, while the Beasts live near the Sea or over the Mountains with the humans. That’s the only way they can survive, away from the sons of the Night and the Wild.

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Hi! Can you give me the link?

I think this might be something. :smiley:

Title: The Rebellion
The Rebellion consists of young outcasts trying to save a world slowly destroying itself.

By the age of eighteen you’re injected by a so called “cure”, killing the part of your brain that makes you able to feel emotions such as love.
Some people are lucky enough to escape it, but for how long and for what cost?

Abigail once lived with her family who is very respected and wealthy, all because of her father. Now she roams the streets, making deals for a living.

Colin is the current leader of the rebellion. He grew up on the streets with his older brother who was killed by a guard. Now he has sworn revenge.

Josh is Colin’s right hand man, knowing a thing or two about bombs. He escaped before he was injected, leaving behind his poor family struggling to have food on the table. He tries to help them while hiding in the shadows.

Vanessa is the president’s daughter but now she works for the rebellion. A spy and a shadow out for revenge.

Jackie was abandoned by her family, she now works as a dancer while trying to survive. It does help that she is a excellent thief.

Elliot is a sharpshooter, working and living with Abigail who is like a sister to him. He is lucky to still be alive after the day he lost his family.

This is no life to live, but how do you change the world?


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Title: 6 Days 'Till Reckoning
genre: Dark, dystopian, fiction, tragedy
descroption: Then, on the 6th day the world came to an end. June 16th, year 2132, humans were exposed to the ‘mist,’ Most of humanity was wiped out, but those who remained were granted with what they believed to be immortality. The world was rid from war and death and the people have abandoned God. Follow the story of Yuuma, an immortal human, on his journey of his last days before ‘The Reckoning’ It’s time to count down the final hours of humanity…
I don’t meet the 10 chapter requirement :0

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Hey there, I’m currently working on a zombie original fiction set in our current time. It’s currently at 5 chapters (6 including prolouge) and there are multiple main characters. Hope it fits your bill.
Title: Dead Air (Book 1 of the Biohazard Saga)
Story link:
At 33,000 feet, something has gone terribly wrong aboard VTA Air Flight 267 and an outbreak is quickly spreading through the plane. Nightmarish creatures are rampaging with a hunger for human flesh. With nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide, a group of passengers must band together and fight for survival if they ever hope to step foot on solid ground once more. The battle between the living and the dead erupts in the air over the coast of the Malaysian Peninsula as the passengers brace themselves to land in a new and frightening world…

(I can promise a new chapter every weekend )

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