Any fantasy reading betas available for even a few chapters?

Henlo frens, I’m looking for someone to beta read Psychic. It’s had lots of reads but I’ve gotten no real feedback on most of the story.

It’s a lengthy book so even if you just want to read one or two chapters and give feedback on those, that’d be super helpful.

Title: Psychic
Genre and sub-genres: Fantasy, Adventure
When children are kidnapped from a young woman’s community, her telekinetic powers make her the ideal candidate to bring them home. Having never ventured from home on her own before, she’ll need help. Some pirates, a former enemy and the last person she ever expected, will lend their skills to bring the children home.

In this world, much of the wilderness is still untouched. It holds bizarre and sometimes dangerous secrets. Some groups have managed to create small communities like towns and camps with running water. Meanwhile, those with the resources and connections have built massive modern cities with towering buildings.

Our characters will have to navigate that world. To some of them, it’s just home and to others, it’s completely alien.

Length: 55 chapters, 225 pages

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This sounds really interesting! I would be fine if it’s only for a few chapters.

Sounds good. I’m not expecting anyone to stick around for all 55. Most of my readers are people I know irl and they’re usually not willing to give honest feedback.

I’ll have a read through! It sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

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I’ll give some feedback, sure! What are you looking for in terms of feedback? Plot structure? Prose editing? Something else?

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Mostly grammar and plot holes or continuity things. It’s gone through some heavy edits and I want to make sure nothing was missed.

Happy to help! Finals are over (well, they will be in two days) and I’m back on Wattpad after a few years off, so I’d love to get back to Beta reading! I can do maybe a few chapters, however.

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That’s cool with me.

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