Any Five Nights at Freddy's or Undertale fans here?

I have a couple of novels that re-create the story of these two video game franchises, but it doesn’t seem they’re getting much attention, even here in the forums where I’ve shared them in a share forum.


It’s been a while since I’ve touched FNAF, but I enjoyed it when I did. And Undertale is cute.

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I am a huge fan of undertale and Fnaf

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Oh yeah! I’ve got my own superseries of Undertale fanfics. Can’t say i played FNAF without going insane but Undertale is a huge love of mine.

Is anyone even using this thread anymore? :joy:

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I still get notifications for it, so…shrugs


hell yay i need to read more undertale fan stroys and i hop that you guys will read my story genomode and part 2 and 3 are way better than the first one

I miss the days when fandoms didn’t destroy everyrithing they touched, those were so great games back in the day

I love Undertale! <3 The characters and the music will always be close to my heart. There’s also some pretty awesome fanfics out there, once you dig past all the shipping ones xP

Yeah I like the FNAF lore and story (watched game theory lol) and undertale music is LIT.

Im a BIG FNAF fan

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Dude, FNAF is awesome. I’ve watched all the Game Theories about it on youtube. Has anyone played the new vr game? How is it?

Yay! One of us! One of us! :smile:

I don’t have the stuff to be able to play it, but Markiplier and DanTDM have played it. I’m pretty sure Jackscepticeye has played it too.
As for theories…I have some of my own:
*The crying child from FNaF 4 is afraid of specifically the animatronics before the incident not because of the purple guy, but because he saw what happened to Elizabeth
*Mike from Sister Location and Mike Schmidt from FNaF 1 are one and the same; Mike Schmidt is Ennard trying to get closer to the animatronics as to tamper with them.

GT (game theory) live has also played it.