Any K-pop FanFiction writers around town??!!

Any K-pop fans here? Any K-pop fanfiction writers here? Or maybe even readers? Or maybe even BOTH?! Well if so don’t forget to share us with you fav fanfictions, or recommendations, and what your story is all about, your plot twists, cliff hangers, you fav idol and so on. Just anything related to K-pop and fanfictions.

Also pls refrain your self from self advertising and sharing links. I thought of creating this topic for feedback and to offer help by answering your questions if you have any problems in writing your story :innocent:

Well I’ll go first.

My story is a BTS JJK vampire ff. It’s about Jungkook flashing through his 1000 yr old past memories after meeting a certain familiar girl in the present. That girl is apparently his soulmate whom he fell in love a thousand years ago. The girl apperently took her own life due to some unavoidable circumstances back then. He had been waiting for her since. The thing he didn’t know was…even though the girl was a normal person in her past life, she’s vampire hunter this life.

So what do you think about having a plot like this? Would it be interesting for other readers to read?


hi, my story is about when Jin moves to the same town as Namjoon (and the rest of them) then his parents (well his mom) gets killed, so he goes and lives with the rest of BTS when Namjoon keeps giving him the cold shoulder and Jin can’t figure out why, so then Namjoon challenges his ability to navigate a buildin without ever being in it before, then Namjoon gets shot and that’s when Jin realizes that he has feelings for Namjoon, and then namjoon dies… jk haha everyone thinks he does though, and then he doesn’t and he comes back from the hospital and then Jin decides that he sould leave because the rest of the boys are like a family and he’s just there and also because he thinks that they killed his family, but then Namjoon comes in and tells him everything… turns out that Namjoon has loved Jin since the seventh grade and then he was recruited to the FBI along with the rest of BTS and Jin was supposed to be recurited but his mom kept running away so he never was…

Hi, if you plan on ever reading my story then I wouldn’t read that summary but here is the official blurb;
Moving is hard, no one knows this better than Kim Seokjin.

In Jin’s new highschool there are six boys that seem to be running the school. he finds something strange about said boys. Soon after joining the school and becoming acquainted with the boy’s something is taken from him, and he believes the boys are to blame. So he decided to keep his friends close and his enemies closer, in doing so he finds unexpected love and new information.


Your story sounds nice but please be more specific in describing it plz. :grin:


who, me or @Lee_Melan?

Hi! The oneshot and ff are Yoongi x Reader. I plan to upload another chapter soon. The ff is an mafia au :smile:You can ask me about it if you wnt :heart: I’m not very good at spoiling so sorry :sweat_smile:

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Hi there @Lee_Melan , I think your story seems like it has an interesting plot, but I’ve seen different stories based on a vampire/vampire hunter relationship. Maybe as a suggestion, maybe you can include some kind of different plot twist in comparison to the stories similar to yours. I’m not an army, but hopefully this helps xx.

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Thanks for your feedback it was really helpfull! But there r a few twists and all, just didn’t want to spoil it lol.

I’m a kpop fan/writer/reader :smiley:

@Lee_Melan I like your idea! In general, I’m a fan of stories that play around with the idea of soulmates. Maybe it’s just me but I really enjoy topics like that.

As for me, I just started working on my new fanfic story (it’s been a while since I wrote within this genre) and it’s an OT7 BTS fanfic. The main character is a girl who bumps into her old friend after many years and learns that he has changed a lot since they last met. I don’t want to say too much because like you, I don’t want to spoil anything. Plus, I’m still working out the details. I only have a couple of chapters up so far.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

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I love those types of stories. I’m absolutely obsessed with those “girl meets her old best friend” and like reunions. They make me really happy tbh

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Oohh can u tell me the name of your book?

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Aww thank you! I really like the concept too, even though it’s not really popular. I’m happy to meet someone who also likes it. :smiley:

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Sure! It’s called The Gentlemen’s Club. If you can recognize who’s on the cover I will give you a free bagel :wink: :laughing:

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Okkkkk😂 wait lemme check

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Ikr, I feel really sad that people don’t like it as much

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Waittt isn’t that Jungkook???

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Congratulations! You get a free bagel :bagel: :laughing:

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:rofl::rofl: thankss

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HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I got this idea at like 3am :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: and i decided to write a dark mafia au fanfiction. I think taegguk were the first ones in my mind when i thought of it. So it’s like Jeongguk is running and ends up getting involvd with mafia boss Taehyung. I haven’t thought of any plot yet but i m still going good with the flow. :weary: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
ps: i can’t get jeongguk’s personality write i m struggling :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Hello. I would like to share my story too. It’s an ATEEZ fanfiction though and I started about a week ago, anyways it’s about a college student who finds out that her father used to be in a gang and stuff, and now his former boss wants her dead because of something her father did, anyways the plot kinda sucks but hopefully it will get better. Thank you!


I’ll share mine!

I started this book back in 2018 i believe and went on a hiatus after alot happened personally. Now i’m back to continue it! its a BTS fanfiction.

The story is called Whirlwind and follows a girl named Jae who hadn’t spoken to Yoongi since high school when he cheated, or so she thought. Yoongi sells himself to the press and gets into contact with Jae to get her to help him, and also for him to try to win back the one he loved. Alot happens thats for sure.

That’s probably my favorite one I have so far, I have a BTS - horse related one I just begun so it doesn’t have much.