Any LGBT+ Writers Out There?

No, but I am in the midst of writing a romance story where two men (one is transgender) escape an asylum.

I’m currently posting one LGBTQ+ focusing on a relation between 2 males

Thank you! Taking a bit of a gamble by not going full science fiction or full contemporary. I’m hoping to just write it well enough to pull it off.

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ME :smiley:

Yes! Tell me about this romance of yours.

I’m planning for a visual novel script; I always find myself annoyed at how poorly they’re written. I figure if you want something done, do it yourself, so I’ve made a big cast and now I’m going to have the protag date them all. Here’s the intro post I made for it on my tumblr, which is legal, because it’s social media and doesn’t link to Wattpad.

What’s planning involve for you? I like to plot out the entire thing in advance…

Well, it actually comes from me wanting to mash two aesthetics together: antifa punk (20M) and pastel goth (20NB). The book delves into a few political themes (immigration, sexuality and gender, leftist politics), but also focuses on the developing romance between the two main characters. Antifa as he starts to fall in love with the NB character and learns more about his own goals and desires, and Pastel Goth as they become more comfortable in themselves and who they are. In the background, the country is falling apart around their ears - a coup occurs in the opening chapters of the novel, and there’s the constant threat of further unrest throughout the novel with a rise of nationalism. It’s my way of dealing with living in the UK right now.

It’s also kind of my ‘coming out’ narrative in a way, as it’ll be my first time explicitly writing about my own journey to non-binary. Probably going to ask more questions than it answers due to how I feel about things right now.

That visual novel looks amazing. I’ve gotta say that Clem is the pathway I’d be wandering towards the hardest. Their beanie won me over! (And I love softboys).

Planning for me? It involves a shit ton of stuff. I won’t be using all that for this, as I already developed the fictional country that it all takes place in, but most of it will be done over the next few weeks.

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That sounds beautiful. Pastel goth… punk… leftist politics… please! I’m definitely up for reading more from UK writers’ perspective; from my American Last-Week-Tonight viewpoint it looks like an absolute mess. Best of luck, I say, knowing full well that my situation is just as bad. Solidarity!

Also very happy to hear about another narrative involving ownvoices nonbinary characters.

That’s sweet! I think Clem is probably a lot of fun to play. You just get increasingly flirty and he starts Googling things like “how to know if someone likes you” and “should i tell this vampire hunter they’re cute even if they probably hate my guts help???” Of course, I have to write all that… I’m starting with Arbor’s route, and I can officially let you know that writing sucks sometimes. It just sucks.

…My God that’s beautiful. I’m a little inspired? I kind of want to make my own…

I hope you don’t mind if I show you a screenshot of my outline document:

I just got sick of looking at the same old white/black combo. I hate it. It burns my eyes. This helps me get into the mood…

Here’s what I use for another work: image

I love formatting things. Very calming.

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Thanks. Things are a complete shit show here at the moment and I want to write about how it feels when the “big boys” play with the lives of ordinary people and how that can ripple down in the most insidious of ways.

:slight_smile: I don’t know how I feel about the NB label yet. I’m still very much in the early stages with this weird “gender adventure” as I’m calling it. But I’m hoping writing it out might help in a way.

I. Am. In. Love. Omg. I knew it was the right route for me. I love that type of character.

Oh same. I think Fray has seen what my actual writing documents look like. I use yellow page backgrounds and a dyslexia font just to give me a bit of a rest for the old eyes.

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Right—and I’m glad to see more openly political fiction recently. I’m tired of pseudo-woke accidental messages in writing; say what you mean and think it through.

Completely alright! Lots of words out there to use instead. Personally, I like ‘nonbinary’ because I don’t have to get specific. “So what percent female and what percent male are you?” I don’t know! That’s why I’m keeping it vague!

Honestly, I wrote all the characters as types that I have. Clem is a complete mess. He seems like the type to pull his beanie down over his face when he gets embarrassed. Wow, this is giving me writing ideas… But yes, an ode to the character I always pick—soft, kind, anxious guy. I’m bisexual; what can I do about it.

Right; yellow- or pink-tinged pages seem to work best for me. Just easier to stare at. Oddly, I seem to be the one person for whom Comic Sans isn’t readable—I know a lot of people use it for that reason, but it just kills me. It distracts me, somehow. Worse than Papyrus.

I mean, I do that. But mostly because I don’t realise how radical what seems to be the most basic writing about queer experience can be to basic readers.

For me, I felt instantly more comfortable being They/Them than I did with She/Her pronouns. Until the crippling doubt set in haha. I’m just a big queer mess, that’s how I identify I think.

I am sooooo here for this. I can’t wait to see this!!! He sounds adorable.

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Hi! I’m an LGBT+ writer, feel free to message me anytime.

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Hey everyone <3. I’m an LGBT+ writing. :slight_smile: I mainly write f/f but I like to have a colorful cast as well (aromantic, pansexual, trans, etc). Nice to meet you all!

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Definitely gonna check it out!

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Oh, you know what I mean—things like… hm… Harry Potter, I suppose. It’s objectively political, and not always in good ways—but Rowling likes to avoid talking about that. A lot of dystopian/sci-fi for kids is objectively political, but nobody wants to think beyond the aesthetic. And, of course, you’ve got your medieval monarchies that don’t take a second to recall that you need slaves for those. Metaphorically or literally. Someone’s got to be at the bottom—can you feel okay with that, morally? I just wish we’d think about what we wrote.

I also feel that way; they/them is… comforting, almost. Like coming back to a home I didn’t know I had after a long day in the cold.

Just trying to make myself think of writing the game as playing the game… ha ha, what joy!

Hi! My name is Emily. I’m new here. I just started my first story. I would like to meet you and read your stories. :rainbow::two_hearts:

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It’s nice to meet you, Emily! What kind of romance do you like to write/read? Any favorite tropes?


Who here writes lesbian romances? Feed me! Feed us all!

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hello! im nb and trying very hard to say gay and trans rights through my writing haha



very cool, thank you

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