Any LGBT+ Writers Out There?

very cool, thank you

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Hey everyone, my name is Eliza,
I am writing a story with many different POVs
One chapter has smut in it between two girls, my question is - do I put the hashtag of LGBT?
The girls will be part of the book but they aren’t the main characters.

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Not if at least half the book is their relationship; that’s my opinion.

Hi! I am a lesbian and I just wrote my first lesbian story. I’ll follow everyone on this thread.


me! just posted my first

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Me! :joy: Hey!

Awesome. I am going to check it out.


Might as well say hello.
Back in the day I wrote a lot of F/F and M/M stories that did decently on other sites. I mostly write heterosexual romance these days but pretty much all my characters default to bi/pan sexual, I don’t think I’ve ever written an exclusively straight character.

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Anyone writing Paranormal?

I finished draft one for a story now writing another while the 1st cools.

How is everyone?


I’m currently writing a “paranormal” story, and it’s my first fully-fledged LGBT+ story! I’m so excited because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

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Ooh do tell!

Whats it about?


I do! Some of it is historical, some set in modern times. I also have a haunted house horror.

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Hey I’m writing an LGBTQ+ story and am Bisexual :smile:

dancing ferret


…Actually, I don’t remember if I posted to this thread before. Anyway, I’m Fixa, lesbian, I write short stories, mostly paranormal and historical, with the occasional sci-fi and crime fiction.

Oh! Does it require massive research?

Oh yeah, and you can’t even completely prepare for it beforehand. Like you’ll be going along, you want your character to pick up a newspaper… but hold up, were daily printed newspapers a thing then??? :sweat_smile: But it’s fun and interesting. :blush:

Calculating travel times is a b*tch though.

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