Any marketing advice for unknown author who just published her first book?


The review was from April 2018, so I don’t think it refers to the published version.


Um It’s showing up recently for me.



That’s so odd. Mine shows as April 15, 2018:



Maybe that reviewer posted that originally and posted it again when the author published the book. Maybe without reading this new version of the book. :laughing:


I saw that timestamp on the web but on my phone it said it was published Monday. A theory like @Kepler-62e suggested is probably what happened, especially considering some of the comments made in the review.

That and, this is the first time I’ve seen a review that wasn’t the one who didn’t like Schuyler bashing critics. The reviewer probably rated it preemptively and then actually reviewed it once they had read it.

I should add we’re also just. Doing the thing Schuyler wants us to do which is make the thread all about him. I realized a bit too late last night and thus went back to topic. Perhaps we should do the same.


Oh wow. I had no idea so much has been added to this thread since I last checked in. I do thank all of you for your input. Your opinions don’t always agree, but they are all very informative to me. I’m sorry I can’t reply to each post, but rest assured that I read them and will study them once again as I put together an action plan, hopefully sometime soon. :smiley:


I really wanted to price my book at 99 cents, but somehow convinced myself that enrolling with KDP Select was the best course. I’ve gone past the cancellation period (3 days after publication, I believe). The book’s already a week in, and I’ve used the Free Book Promo feature besides, so I guess I have to wait 90 days before I can change the price.

Thanks for the advice on the cover. I used Adobe Spark for the new one. It would probably still look homemade, but hopefully better than the first one (which I put together using Kindle Cover Creator). I changed a bunch of things, including the title, the subtitle, and the blurb. I also really wanted to put the book under Clean and Wholesome Romance instead of Romantic Comedy, but it wasn’t available to me.

I told myself that the first book was mostly an experiment, so I was prepared to just learn from my mistakes and just apply the lessons on my next book, but I’d definitely be happy to fix whatever can be corrected at this point. :slight_smile:


You can change the price at anytime, including dropping it down to $0.99 – Kindle Select or not. The only thing you can’t do it making it permafree (though there are even ways around that) and change the price 30 days before a Kindle Countdown. Everything else is totally up to you. Just keep in mind the different royalty structures (35% for anything priced $0.99 to $2.98 and 70% for everything over $2.99) when you run ads since that impacts your ROI.

The new cover is better, but still doesn’t give off a real professional vibe. Have you looked at pre-made ones? They generally don’t brake the bank and still follow genre rules. Covers are the key to success. If your cover doesn’t cut it, most readers will click away from your Amazon page without even looking at the blurb.

As to the blurb, you should write that in present tense. That’s the standard way to do it. You need some sort of tag line to draw readers in. Also consider dropping the last two sentences and change it to a call of action. Make sure you add somewhere it’s clean and wholesome (probably as part of the tag line) – that will avoid reader disappointment for those who are looking for steam and will attract the readers on a lookout for clean and wholesome. The category is definitely trending at the moment, so there’s a market there.

If you didn’t get the categories you want, you need to contact Kindle Support and request the exact path you want to switch to (there’s a special format to follow – it’s outlined in their help section). They do that for you within a few hours. Some categories require you to use certain keywords, so make sure those are covered if that applies to your category.

One pre-made site my friend uses is quite good: . I just quickly surfed around and envision something more like this for your book:

I would stay away from kissing couples and half dressed men since that could raise the wrong reader expectation. As you can see, those covers are fairly reasonable and I highly suggest the investment since it will make a huge difference in the end.


Before you change the price, give it a little time to see how it does at this price. Yes, it’s steep for a novella, but it’s a long novella, and you’ll get hit with a cut to the royalty percentage if you drop to 99 cents.


I’m so glad I posted here. There’s so much to learn. Thank you so much for the tips. They’re truly invaluable.

I’ll check out the pre-made covers site. If it’s not that expensive, I’ll definitely use the service. I’m wondering though if this is why so many ebooks have the same models/cover.


You also have a new review written yesterday, so you are definitely getting reviews. Whether you use GR or not, people are reading the book and using GR to rate it and write reviews. You might want to check them out! I looked at them and both new ones say pretty much the same thing, so you might learn something valuable by listening to problems more than one person is having with the book! Just a thought :blush:


You always run into that problem even if you commission original work. Someone might love your cover and decides to steal the concept with a different stock photo, others might use the same stock photo with a different concept. The only way to get around that is if you commission actual designer graphic, and even then, some style similarities will always be prominent.

The good pre-made sites at least only sell each pre-made cover once. Of course they use the same stock photos but no cover is 100% identical. If you use a really terrible pre-made site, they sell the same cover over and over again and you could end up with one identical as another author. I saw this happening before. Same if you use the pre-made Canva covers. If I have to see the one with the couple in the rain one more time, I scream, lol


I don’t think doing free promotions, or paid marketing is the right approach. What you need more than anything is more content. So I’d spend 90 - 95% of time working on book #2. For that 5% - 10% of the time that you are doing marketing, I’d be on goodreads trying to find people to offer review copies in the HOPES of (not in exchange for. Reviews. Here’s some links that should help.

I hope these will help.


If you are going to be a professional writer (and hope to make money from your writing) then you absolutely should be on Goodreads. It’s been a major contributor to my sucess.


Just because you abandoned Goodreads, doesn’t mean readers will as well. It’s a great site to talk to readers, I highly recommend you learn how to utilize it to your advantage.


Gee, thanks for all the good information on here. I haven’t finished my book yet. After reading this, think I’ll just write the whole series first and THEN worry about all this.


That’s certainly a valid approach. I wish you great success.